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Seeking Advice on Cleaning/deodorizing Hockey Equipment

Hi fellow hockey moms out there. I have two boys that play hockey, one being a goalie and the equipment is very foul smelling, especially the goalie chest protector and gloves. We lay the equipment out afterwards to dry and my husband just bought a deodorizer spray from the hockey store that we haven't tried yet. Has anyone tried washing the equipment or having it dry cleaned? I don't want to ruin the equipment because it's so expensive, but something has to be done. Please help me out with any advice. Thank You.

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Hi T..

My son ans my husband are both ex hockey players and we have NEVER put the equipment in the washer. I would be afraid to ruin it and it is VERY expensive as you know. We always layed it out to dry in the garage. Then we would spray it with frebreeze and put it back in the hockey bag with some fabric softener sheets. It did help lessen the smell.I don't think there is anything that will take the smell completely out. That would be a miracle. Good Luck and enjoy the games. I really miss watching my son play, he's all grown up now.

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Hi, T. ~
I have used Young Living Essential Oils blend called "Thieves" or "Purification" either mixed with plain water OR a solution of their Thieves Household Cleaner plus essential oils.

This doesn't just deoderize but it kills the bacteria & fungi that reproduce in the materials that CAUSE the odors.

I love their products so much that I bought in as a Distributor, so you can call me to order the stuff online or you can order it yourself using my YLEO DIST # 678260.

God Bless you in your adventure of raising your beautiful family!

K. B

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I have friends who played hockey (one was a goalie) and his tips were drying the stuff out after each game, getting a very large bag with a zipper to transport it to/from the game (to contain the smell) and don't ever bring it in the house.

Aside from that, he said you can't really wash it but I wonder if you could hand wash with a mild anti-bacterial soap - something that wouldn't harm the foam padding and then let it air dry (similar to how you clean car seat covers that are not machine washable.) Just don't soak it and you should be okay. If anything, maybe the soap smell will mask the odor somehow. Also maybe line the bag with bounce sheets that are changed weekly? When contained, they pack a powerful punch.

He said he used to use an entire bottle of fabreeze on his pads and it never did anything except waste fabreeze. I guess it's destined to smell and be gross. Good luck!

My husband plays hockey - he is a goalie. Good luck with getting rid of the smell. It just comes with the game. We keep all of his equipment in the garage - it is NEVER allowed anywhere else. And the rule is it must come out of the car right away. We do lay the equipment out in the sun to air it often.

I am interested in any responses you receive. My son is only 4 months old right now but there are big dreams of him being a hockey player in this house.

My husband has played for over 10 years & there's no worse smell than worn hockey gear! Your best bet for all pads is to soak them in the bathtub in soapy water, let them air dry, and spray them with Febreeze. The gloves you really cannot do anything with because they're leather. My husband's gloves either stay in the laundry room or the garage.
Good luck and I hope they enjoy it!

My husband plays soccer, and his gloves radiated odor. The smell was foul and made me want to hurl from 3 ft away. One trick I learned was socks, baking soda and a towel. Put baking soda into a dry sock and put it inside the glove. It absorbs some of the odor and moisture from the inside. I also wrapped the gloves in a towel to dry it more. The gloves no longer radiated odor after about a day but the smell was not completely gone. To get rid of the smell, instead of febreezing it (which only masks the odor), I replaced the baking soda socks with ground coffee inside dry socks. The 2nd round, continues to dry the gloves and gives it a great coffee smell. (The reason for the 2 different things, is because i found baking soda to be cheaper than ground coffee and you really do need a couple rounds of deodorizing socks to get rid of the smell.)

Hello! It's that time of year again. Yes, I have washed the equipment in the washer...shoulder/chest pads, knee/shin pads, pants...I may have even washed the gloves too. I usually add some baking soda to the wash water to help with the odors. Make sure to have all of the velcro secured. I have also heard of people who have put the helmets in the dishwasher to clean them, but I have not tried that myself. Good luck...

I never thought a 4-year old could smell so bad, but hockey has definitely turned my "little angel" into a smelly animal! We have started to keep Febreeze in the bag and spray the bag and the equipment down after every wearing. While it's still nice out, I've been spraying it down and letting it sit outside to air out. It's helped, but there's still some foulness. Plus, once it's cold out I won't be able to put it outside.

My husband just ordered a new hockey bag that has a dryer/ionizer from hockeygiant.com. It's made by Shock Doctor. I don't know if it will work, but it was worth a try! I'll let you know once we try it.

I'm not sure how I"m going to deal with my little girl smelling so bad since she seems to want to do everything her big brother does!

Vinegar kills mold, bacteria, and germs (these things cause odor), is safe, and cheap! Fill a spray bottle with vinegar & spritz the equipment. The vinegar smell is completely gone once it is dry. Sunlight also kills mold, bacteria, and germs, but may fade the equipment in time.

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