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Seeking Advice for Bath Time for 10 Month Old.

Up until about a month ago, we have been using a newborn/infant bath tub and setting it on the bathroom counter to bathe my daughter. She used to love bath time and would stay in the tub for as long as we would let her. She loved looking in the mirror and being able to play with us up close. Because she outgrew that bath tub, we upgraded to a larger toddler bath tub. We place this bath tub within our jacuzzi whirlpool tub now. Ever since making the transition, my now 10 month old daughter hates bath time. She is constantly trying to climb out of the tub and hardly stays in the tub long enough to wash her. I bought some new bath toys and have tried everything I can think of to make bath time enjoyable again. I would appreciate any advice you have about helping my daughter like bath time again.

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Hi S.,

She probably misses being up high on the counter and doesn't like the new perspective. I would say at 10 months, she can just go in the regular bathtub, if you have one. Just fill it a few inches and kneel on the floor so you are eye level with her and wash her.

My son has never played in the bathtub or been in there for any length of time. I can have him in and out of the tub in literally 4-5 minutes. Why prolong it if you don't have to. They just need to get clean. They have all day to play. ;-)

My son did the same thing at 10 months :). The only thing we can do is have either me or my husband take a bath with him so we can wash him without a big struggle. Good luck!

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the only thing that worked for my son during the transition was to be in the bath with him. he LOVED it and to this day he loves being in the bath.

it can be scary to be in the water alone. and especially with girls, sometimes soap can irritate their bottoms, so try doing a shower instead (though they usually dont like water running over their face)
anyway, try that. this isnt the time to be all shy that your baby sees you naked, my 2 1/2 year old son still does and its not like its wierd or something (yet) - so just relax and help your baby enjoy the bath by being with her! :D good luck!

My daughter HATED the infant bath so we switched pretty early on to the regular bath tub with one of those plastic bath tub rings you can sit them in. I'm not sure if they make them anymore I got ours from a garage sale. My daughter is 8mos.old and sits in her ring and splashes and plays and loves it. You could also try a laundry basket in the shower while you shower she can sit in the basket with toys or in the tub too. Try and make bathtime fun. We use alot of water so it's almost like my baby is swimming.

My son did the same thing at 10 months :). The only thing we can do is have either me or my husband take a bath with him so we can wash him without a big struggle. Good luck!

Get in the bath with her - Make it a play/cuddle time for both of you.
Good luck.

Join her in the tub! Make it a fun, close time for both of you. No need for a special tub for her when you are there to hold her. I, or her big sister (17 years older!) took baths with my daughter all the time, until we were almost too big to fit in the tub together (never had a big tub).

I have put my son in the regular tub since he was 4 or 5 months old. I would just fill the tub up a little bit and put him tub on his tummy.He loves it. He now love to play in the shower when I get out.

My son was always in the regular tub with a little mesh bed like thing from 3 months on and LOVED it, but around 7 months he started hating the tub he screamed and cried and we switched him over to showering with us and tried the tub now and then but he still wanted nothing to do with it until he was 14 months old. Now if he gets into the bathroom he climbs right into the tub with or without water. We tried toys too, but with no improvement. We were fine switching tot he shower, you could try getting a nice tub mat if you just have tub treads and put her in the tub with out the baby tub. If you have a shower it worked great for us. Maybe she will go back to baths at a later time!

Change the venue: let her take a bath in the kitchen sink. Provide for her toys like measuring cups, a smallish plastic funnel, a few small sponges, and a cup with a spout. Do not put soap in until she is about done bathing, at which time you can wash her hair and body just before lifting her out to dry her off etc. Of course, constant supervision needs to be provided for her safety just like it would be needed in a regular bathtub.

Eventually, she will be fine bathing in the bathtub without any accessories other than some bath toys and of course, your lifeguarding skills.

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