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Removing Crayon Marks on Wooden Toys?


I've purchased some wooden blocks and other wooden toys that have crayon marks on them. Before I attempt to clean them, I was curious if anyone has successfully cleaned them? Its not that big a deal but I don't want to put ideas in my kids heads and have them coloring on toys.

Also, I'm curious of the best way to clean mega blocks and lego duplo blocks (suds in the sink, dishwasher).

Thanks in advance for your advice!

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Hi J.,
I've used a dab of cooking oil on a rag to clean off wooden toys. It worked well and didn't harm toy or child!
Personally, I love the top rack of my dishwasher for disinfecting plastic toys!

Magic eraser would get them off.

I wouldn't put legos in the dishwasher... they may melt. I'd just soak in a sink full of hot soapy waster them swish them around every once and a while.

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I've actually had pretty good luck with just baking soda and a little water. I've also used DeSolvIt with good luck. I got that at BiMart.

Hi J.,
I've used a dab of cooking oil on a rag to clean off wooden toys. It worked well and didn't harm toy or child!
Personally, I love the top rack of my dishwasher for disinfecting plastic toys!

as for the legos...I put a huge amount of Legos in a pillow case (tied tightly at the open end) and ran them through a gentle cycle in my washing machine.

I read your post and had to smile. Your kids won't need to see the crayon marks to get the idea of drawing on their toys with crayons. They will come up with that idea over and over just on their own.

I'd imagine it would be nearly impossible to get a waxy type of material like crayon off of wood, but I hope you get some good ideas... honestly though - seeing crayon marks on most things is just part of the job description. I'm constantly trying to teach my kids what they may and may not color on.

Good Luck.

If the wood is unfinished, there may be little you can do, because the wax gets right into the fibers. And so will any commercial cleaner you use, which can then dissolve into your children's mouths when they later chew on the toys.

If the toys have a hard, shiny finish, you can safely try baking soda or vinegar. These clean safely, and you can slightly moisten dry baking soda to use as a scrub to remove wax from the surface. Just rinse either of these with plain water.

Whatever you try, please DO NOT USE CHLORINE BLEACH on wood. This creates dioxins, which are some of the most toxic and enduring chemicals on the planet, believed to cause cancer and contribute to a lot of other disorders as well.

Try the Magic Erasers....I think Mr. Clean makes them but many stores have their version that works just as good and is less expensive.
Mega blocks - fill tub or sink with a little dish soap and a little bleach. Let soak for an hour or two, then rinse.
:-) If you prefer something less toxic, use vinegar...

you can get crayon off with an eraser. my mom used to make us clean up after ourselves when we'd do artwork on the wall. i don't have experience with getting it off wood but it's worth a shot :)

Put them in the oven at 175 degrees. Line the shelf with a thick pad of newspaper and the wax will melt onto the paper. Wipe dry of remaining wax when blocks are still hot with paper towel. Wear protective gloves on your hands.

Your own idea of putting the plastic blocks in the dishwasher is the best method. If dirt remains around the raised portions use a toothpick and alcohol to remove.

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