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Red Bumps on Child's Arms... Could It Be Chicken Pox or Something Else?

My almost 8 month old daughter has four red bumps on her arms. One by her wrist which is the largest maybe this size of a small pearl, another on the underside of that arm and then two on the other arm on each side of the elbow (these ones are smaller but the same type of bump). This will be her third day with them. Could they be chicken pox... or something else? I am not aware that she has been around anyone with chicken pox and other than these bumps she is happy and healthy... Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Well I appreciate all of your advice. I am sure going to check her bed for spiders. We just got her room all redecorated and bedding set up and etc... so I thought things were pretty good there, but always worth a check. She still has the four bumps this this is going on a few more days now (making something like six days) but they haven't really changed for the worst, they have gotten a little better. She actually did come down with a low fever on the 4th morning and she has a runny nose. The fever was very short lived and is gone and the bumps are getting better it looks like. My guess, if they are not bites (my two year old also takes a long time to heal from things like bug bites) is that she has just run into a little virus. It seems very mild though, so I am not too worried any more. Hopefully we will see things wrap themselves up in another few days and then we will know she was just experiencing a little virus. Thanks so much for all of your responses. I appreciate it. Thanks!

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I would hazard the guess that they are bug bites of some sort. Spider bites are usually a few smaller bites in a group, and sometimes they can be a single and can pretty big and irritated. I've never seen a recluse bite, but I've heard they get ugly fast,*as well as bed bug bites) so if it's been 3 days or so then that's not a concern.
Could be mosquito bites, if she sleeps with her arms out from under the covers.
If she is itching you can use Benadryl cream on them and itch goes away pretty fast.
I'm thinking if she had chicken pox that the ones she has would already be blistering, and she would have LOADS more on her torso and body creases. Measles are probably also out, unless she hasn't gotten her immunizations yet.
One suggestion, strip her bed down and wash all the bedclothes. including blankets. while that stuff is washinf flip the mattress and look for spider webs, and such. Clear all that out, and you should be good to go.
Good Luck

Sounds like it may either be mosquito bites or even ezcema. My daughter has suffered from ezcema since she was little and she is almost 8 now. She also usually got TONS of mosquito bites and even without scratching at them, they would get really red and swollen and actually caused her pain. She has had the vaccination for chicken pox but I know that she can still get them.. I wouldn't mind if she got the chicken pox but I have heard that they are linked to shingles and in talking to my sister, shingles is very very painful. I would just watch her over the next few days and if she is going anything out of the ordinary that concerns you, then take her in. Otherwise, try not to worry to much.

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I bet she got bitten by something. Mosquito, spider, something like that. If they don't spread or get worse, I would just watch them.

Is it possible they could be bites, possibly from a spider or ant or something of that nature? I know my daughter was getting bites on her legs from her daycare.

If they don't seem to be itching her or no fever it is probably kerotosis (I think that is the name of them). This is a normal breakout due to heat and lack of moisture. Take her to the Dr if you are truly concerned by try keeping aqua phor on them to help them. My daughter gets them on the backs of her arms and upper thighs.

Any chance they are just mosquito bites?

To me they sound like bites. Chicken pox almost always starts on a warm place on your body, such as your belly and spreads fairly rapidly. My DD had chicken pox when she was 6 months old and it didn't take long for her whole body to be covered.

If they are just bumps, I'm not sure, but if they blister, it could be hand, foot and mouth disease. My 15-month-old just got over a very mild case of it. She only got blisters on her feet and a few very small ones on her legs, but they can also get them on their face, in their throat, on their hands, feet, & arms.

My gut instinct would be to be very diligent about washing hands during the day and especially diaper changes. Beyond that, if she is happy and has no fever, I wouldn't take her to the doctor. Just keep and eye on her and try to keep her away from other kids as much as possible. My decision about the doctor is how my kids are acting. If they act sick, they always are. When they don't act sick, they don't usually need any intervention. My doc has always agreed with my instincts so far. Hope your bub is up and around soon.

Best of luck,

ps - Regarding the comment that children cannot get chickenpox if they are vaccinated... this is NOT true. In fact, most of the recent outbreaks have occured among the vaccinated population. This vaccine has only been administered in the US for about 20 years, so they are still experimenting on dosage, how many boosters, etc. If your child get the vaccine they have a reduced chance of getting chickenpox, and if they do get it, it is more likely to be a mild case, but there is not guarantee that they are 100% protected.

My 7 month old had a red rash with some of them larger than others. It didn't seem to bother her, just me. Didn't seem to be a heat rash so I took her to the doctor. Turns out, after a doctor visit, it is a virus that caused the rash. The skin is not contagious, but feces are so have to wash hands thoroughly after each diaper change. the doctor said it would take 2 weeks to run its course. He told me not to put anything on it.


If you do find out it is chicken pox, will you PLEASE, PLEASE let me know so I can bring my son over and get it? I am extremely hesitant to use the vaccine for chicken pox (as everything I've read says it's only good for 20 years!! - if they don't get re-vaccinated, they can get it as adults, and it's much more severe as an adult) and I'd much rather my son get it naturally.

My email is ____@____.com - please let me know if this does turn into chicken pox!


Son is 19 months and I've been avoiding getting this round of vaccines specifically becuase of the chicken pox...

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