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Rate for Babysitters

I am having a babysitter for the first time and I'm wondering what the "going rate" is for a babysitter. Also, what rate would you pay if you were there the entire time, but were working? Same?

Does the rate change based on age? College Student?

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We pay $10/hr for our sitters.

It really depends on where you are located. I have heard everything from $85 weekly to $175 weekly. It really depends on the hours etc. For full time weekly I would say $125 would be great especially if you are there. Otherwise I would say $150. If you are going to only need her a few hours then anywhere from $8-12 hourly. Hope this helps!

I was paying $10 an hour for a college student, which I found out is pretty much the going rate. She actually only stayed with him for about 30 minutes and he was asleep the rest of time so it still may be the same even though you are at home. If she would actually be watching the baby while you work.

I'm a new family home daycare provider and I have learned that such pay (atleast for providers) is based on where one lives. For instance, I'm in a rural town in Georgia, so I cannot charge what providers in much larger areas charge. What would you be expecting in a babysitter? Just someone who will feed, change, and watch the baby, or someone to cater to the child's developmental needs? As for age of the caregiver, if the person provides what you are looking then (I think) pay should be based on quality care-not age, after all, you are seeking someone to guard and protect your most precious jewel!

Here in a military town i pay between 10-40 bucks for a cpl of hrs but i have 5 kids. If i had 1 it would be a flat 50 bucks a week. Bills are insane and so is gas. A high school teenager can walk usually to your home and you can drive them back when they are finished plus usually most people say "make yourself at home" which then means eats my chip and drink my coke...so your feeding the babysitter too. It really depends on the area and your siutation. But thats just me

We pay $10/hour, whether we're here or not. The person is still putting in the same amount of time and work, so I wouldn't change the rate. We were lucky that the lady we found only charges $10/hour - most in our area charge between $12 and $16 an hour.

For a teenager for evening/weekend hours, the rate would be lower. I have a 14 year old niece who I'd probably pay $6/hour. I'd pay a highschooler about $8/hour. But then again, I'd only expect them to "babysit" and not necessarily be required to "teach" them anything (as I would a daytime nanny).

Hope this helps some!

The normal rate is anywhere from 7 to 10 an hour but for one child and you being there I would stay on the lower scale. Also, you would not need to pay a teenager who is not paying for gas as much as you would a cooage student who is.It amazes me how some poeple dont even want to pay minimum wage for taking care of their most prized posesion. As someone who has done a lot of babysitting ( for a living) That is what I would suggest.

My babysitter said that average is about $10-12 per hour.
She tends to charge more if there are multiple children or if she doesn't like the family. (she is brutally honest!)

I am not sure about if you are there working, but would be inclined to say the same.

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