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Rash on Back Leg Behind Knee

Hi moms, My son has what looks like a rash on the back of his leg behind his knee. It started on one side and I put some ointment on it. After a couple of days it looked and felt as though it had dried up and was going away. Just today I noticed it back again and now it is on the other leg. The second leg is redder and smaller, but I'm worried it will get worse. Does anyone know what this might be? What can I do to treat it? Thanks!

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Thank you so much for the advice. I have put aquaphor on it for about two days now and it is almost completely gone. It looks almost like it was never there. I'm hoping that will continue to do the trick, but will ask the doctor about it at our next appointment.

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Hi My son (5) has it, and the doc said that it's from dryness and scratching. If we remember to put lotion on him after bath, the rash disappears after a couple of days.

Sounds like excema. It usually appears behind the knees, ankles, elbows, etc. My son used to get patches behind the knees when he was a baby. All you can really do is keep applying lotions and creams--sometimes it takes trying a few before you find one that works. Aveeno Baby seemed to work best for my little guy and he eventually grew out of it. There is lots of info out there about excema, the causes, treatments, etc. Good luck!

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Hi N.,
When my daughter was 4 in preschool she got a rash behind her knee as well. I soon discovered she would sit cross legged during circle time and shove her hands there in order to keep her hands still during circle. Her dirty fingers would rub with the sweat and create the rash. Simple solution after months of heartache.
Good Luck,

It sounds like your child ha eczema. You may need to consult a doctor regarding this. Sometimes it can be painful if not treated properly. I had eczema and it was not chronic, but I have seen some children and it is all over the entire body and I have lived in the same apartment building as these children for years. The eczema never changed it was all over her entire body for years. Luckily my mom treated my eczema properly and that limited the break outs.

I also say eczema. Good luck!

Hi My son (5) has it, and the doc said that it's from dryness and scratching. If we remember to put lotion on him after bath, the rash disappears after a couple of days.

EXCEMA for sure. I use cortisone cream from dermatologist--needs prescription, very effective.

Hi N. - if it's a dry bumpy itchy rash it could be eczema - that is a common place for it. I have a spot on the inside of my calf where I get it all the time. I get it from my jeans rubbing. My son also had it on his backside where his waistband hits. It could also be contact dermatitis. They are treated in much the same way - before using cortisone on a regular basis, try an OTC healing cream. Cortisone can thin the skin. I found the cream helped heal the itch and the dryness better.

Here are 2 creams that I found that really work. I use a generous amount on the area before getting into bed at night. Usually clears up in a few days when it's bad.

"Premium Triple Cream severe dry skin eczema care" Made by Triple Paste the diaper ointment people. I find it in the baby aisle. Gooey like diaper cream and doesnt rub in really well but works great.

Gold Bond healing cream - rubs in clear,thick, a little greasy.

I've seen many other exczema answers. That was my thought too. Though I stopped using the steroid cream provided by the drs. 1-it's a steroid 2-it thins the skin, so to speak and my daughter now has this huge white patch on her leg. It's gotten smaller over time, but still.

What we did was go to perfume free/dye free laundry detergent, dove unscented soap and euciern(I know I spelled that wrong) cream 2-3 times a day on the affected area. We also had to make sure she bathed EVERY day, because skiping a bath would break her out worse for some reason.

Ditto to what Cassandra said~

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