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Putting Breastfed Baby on Formula

My husband and I are taking a trip in a few weeks and leaving the baby with her grandparents. She is breastfed, and has taken a bottle of breastmilk (even from me) without issue. I have been trying to pump and freeze, but at most I can get maybe 4 - 5 ounces each day no way will it be enough for all her feedings while we are away - the baby will have to have formula while we are gone. I received some formula samples from the pediatrician and we tried one of them last night (two separate times) and she refused and fussed. I can't really blame her - it doesn't smell so good. This morning we tried again (different formula) and the same thing happened so I gave her the breast. I have a few more formula samples to try, but I'm also looking for advice from others who may have had to deal with this as well. She doesn't need to be completely weaned - I intend to pump while away to keep up the milk supply - but I need to know she'll eat while I'm gone (without giving the grandparents too much grief!) Thanks!

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In hindsight it was ridiculous to expect that she would take straight formula - even a 50/50 mix was too much. So we did a 90/10 for a few bottles and we will slowly work our way to a mix that has more formula than milk. Pumping has been going well and I feel better about the whole situation, just needed some reassurance!

The original plan was to bring her with us, but the sitter was unable to follow through due to health and job changes. The grandparents are thrilled to have the time with their granddaughter

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Try to mix the two thats what I did with my son when I just couldn't produce enough milk. Then just put less breast milk as you go but you should start now so she will be used to it by the time you go!

Have you considered bringing the baby with you? Life is truly short - many moms (and dads) think they will be fine but end up missing babv so much it takes away from the trip.
Or have you considered banked human milk?
~L. Anne

Have you tried Carnation Goodstart? I had to do the same thing while I was breastfeeding to supplement with formula while I was traveling. The pediatrician recommended it and said it is the closest to breast milk because all the others have allot of iron causeing the smell and taste bad, also doesn't cause constipation because of the iron. I also put one ounce less of breast milk with the formula to lessen the taste. Also remember that with just giving one ounce with the breast milk her feedings will be less often.
It was the best advise the pediatrician gave me, so I started the week before to leave. Good luck...

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Did you try trying one ounce of formula in a breast milk bottle first? Then slowly increase...

Hello- I nurse my daughter and was hesitant to start her on anything but breastmilk till 5 months. Some folks begin a little table food at 4 months. In that case, why mess around with formula at all? Doctors usually recommend rice cereal as a first table food. Maybe if you try some rice cereal, you can avoid formula and move her slightly on her way to table food. Like you said, it is really just to fill in the gaps where you don't have enough pumped milk. Good luck :)

while you nurse on one breast, pump the other...baby is doing the work of getting your milk up and you'll get more! I would also mix a little bit of formula in the bottle for the first few times...1oz formula to 3 oz of breatmilk...start with small amounts so if she doesn't take it you don't get frustrated because you wasted an 8oz bottle...it takes time but she will get it...I always had more luck with the powder formula...you can make it a little lighter while you start, it's not so overwhelming and if you are mixing with breastmilk she'll still be getting enough nutrients.

Try to mix the two thats what I did with my son when I just couldn't produce enough milk. Then just put less breast milk as you go but you should start now so she will be used to it by the time you go!

wow...I don't know if it'll work. I've tried and tried to get my 4 month old to take formula so that I can enjoy a night out or have a drink, he refuses over and over again. We had to go to a funeral out of town and I had some pumped milk and some formula. Instead of taking the formula when the breast milk was gone he screamed for 6 hours. Maybe try mixing the formula into some breast milk, and if that doesn't work consider taking baby along.

The truth is - and I can say this after three children, the youngest being 9 weeks, that when they get hungry enough - they will eat. Plain & simple. You need not cater to their taste buds - formula pretty much all tastes the same. Try not to stress about it.

My son refused formula for a while too. He would make a horrible face and try to push the bottle nipple out of his mouth every time I tried to give it to him. I thought it was the nipple he didn't like, so I kept trying different ones. Then, I finally switched formulas. I switched to Similac Advance and he doesn't seem to mind having a bottle now. He prefers being nursed, but it is useful to be able to give him a bottle sometimes. All the formulas taste different. My daughter also prefered Similac formulas over any other kind we tried.

What worked for me was to feed my daughter cereal mixed with breast milk to prepare her for my short trip. My sister fed her this easily and she did drink also.
This way even if she did not drink the bottles as well as I would have liked she received what she needed and returned to breast feeding when I came home

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