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What are good supplements for PMS, natural ones that are safe and proven to relieve, the bloating, crabbiness and all that not so fun stuff?
I don't want to take anything random, something that is proven to work. The week before my period I am so emotional, grumpy, short tempered and bloated! :)

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WOW hot topic! I think I like the chocolate relief one, that sounds my speed.
I am not into "products" that are not FDA regulated, so that opts out a lot of these methods. I have heard of the Vitamin B theory and will give that a try. St Johns Wart can have negative side effects so that isn't an option. I would just like something nature made, that isn't a "product for sale" type thing, like certain foods that help, vitamins and so on. Thanks all so much. I drink a lot of green tea, walk a lot and am active. Just the ten days to seven days prior to my period, lordy, I have no patience, can cry at some of the silliest things and just all together feel bloated and grumpy on and off. It is a lot better then it was in my teens and twenties believe it or not!
Thanks all! I will try the vitamins, get sleep and chocolate!! :)

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I would suggest a herbal company called Mountain Meadow Herbs. I use their Adrenal-Aid when I am PMSing since it is for stress and it works great for me. They also have special blends just for women and their issues. I have bought several times and loved them. I much rather prefer the herbal way compared to OTC-pills like tylenol, etc. their website is www.mountainmeadowherbs.com

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I have been drinking MonaVie since November of 2006. It's an antioxidant fruit juice that contains the Acai Berry (the number one anti-inflammatory & antioxidant) plus 18 other fruits and berries. It's a liquid so it absorbs quickly into your cells. I have not had PMS for over a year. My friends and family who drink the juice have similar experiences. I just started my period yesterday and I had absolutely no prior symptoms during the preceding week. I used to be miserable but now I am excited because I feel GREAT! You can contact me if you would like. ____@____.com or ###-###-####. K.

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I use Estraval. Which is sold by Melaleuca. It has Dried Soy Extract,Dried Dong Quai Extract, Dried Black Cohosh Extract in it. It is for Menopause but it helps with PMS and PMDD. I only use it once a day a week before my period and during my period so a bottle lasts me a while. It helps me with my moodiness and other lovely PMS feelings. Melaleuca's phone number is 1-800-282-3000. Hope this helps.

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Evening Primrose Oil!!!! Virtually cured me of all of those yucky PMS symptoms.

Or go see a doctor of Chinese Medicine who specializes in ob-gyn. If you're having very dramatic PMS, your body is screaming for help and telling you it is out of balance. PMS is NOT a normal state for a balanced, healthy female body.

Good luck!


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Hi I use a nutritional line called USANA which is rated #1 because of their manufacturing standard. They are all made to pharmaceutical standards which insures their safety and efficacy. I would be happy to consult with you about your symptoms at no charge. My web site is www.unitoday.net/paulaBSN. I use the products myself and besides helping PMS they offer the most complete cellular nutrition available. So you are helping your entire body and keeping yourself healthy! They are recommended by Dr Christine Northrup author of Woman's Bodies Woman's Wisdom.

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Hi D.!
If you are looking for natural stuff to help you with pms, we have to talk! I no longer suffer and neither do my friends who take what I take!
email me at ____@____.com if you are interested.
Have a great day!

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Dear D.,

Please take a look at http://www.sozomax.com/muratgun. This is not a PMS supplement specifically, but so much more!! If you go to the site, there is an interview with a Doctor Keller. Listen to this interview. This is a proven supplement, because I know a lot of people personally that are taking right now and their lives have changed. I have started taking it a week a go, because I have seen these people change that I know. My mother and father are 2 of them. It is a newly pharmaceutical patented way to glutathione into you system that is so critical to cellular function. Your PMS is a result of other things being out of whack. Please check it out at the least. It is worth the read!


T. Gun

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Hi D.,
I was actually in a seminar today about that topic.
Bio-identical hormones are fantastic, but costly. Progesterone cream, possibly iodine, if you are low, and fish oils. (Omega 3 and 6).
I have all of the notes I can email to you if you would like to see them.

Best of luck to you!

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