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Please Help! I Really Dislike My Boss!

I really really really do not like him at all. I bite my tongue all day every day. I want to just quit. He has a very unique personalility. My other co workers (2) have noticed his uniqueness as well, but they handle it better than I, or at least act like they do. I'm the secretary, then there's 3 male salesman. That's it, us four in one very small room all day. I avoid interaction with him as much as possible. And when we do interact it's bad. I end up feeling like crying (I'm naturally an emotional person) and/or quitting and I'm very angry inside. I quietly calm myself down inside. Is it my age? I'm 23 the 3 of them are 40 +. My lack of experience?

This is my first real job. My mother says he's not that bad out of her experiences with bosses because of the pay 13.50 per hour and allowing me to be late. Am I overreacting? Do I just let it roll of my back? When I do get angry what do I do? Should I learn to meditate or something? I tell my son not to use the hate word and I don't like to use it. So I really do not like my boss at all. I can't wait till I have my 2nd baby so I don't have to deal with him anymore. Although I will miss the $ the emotional anger is not worth it to me. Advice from women out there in the professional work world, or women with past experiences similar to mine please give me some advice. Thanks in advance, from the can't wait till 5 o'clock lady.

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It sounds like you are having a rough time. I am in the process of expanding my business. I am in the field of helping others and looking for moms who would like more money and/or to be able to spend more time with their children.

If you think that this sounds like something that you might be interested in, let me know.

Good Luck with your stressful work situation and congrats on your pregnancy!

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You only have a couple of ways of dealing with this since you are currently expecting. Do you really need the money that bad? If your husband can take care of the finances and you just do something on the side you would be a lot more relaxed and not so frustrated all the time. You might be overeacting because of your hormones but the main point is your not comfortable in that situation. There are a lot of at home businesses you can do so you can spend more time with your children.

I sell AVON and love it because I don't have to leave my house to do a party or even have one when I don't feel like it. It fits my life pretty well. Things to look out for when going into your own business like AVON or other companies is how much it costs to start out (don't spend a lot to get started because you might not like it), what is the cost of your supplies and what supplies do you need to do the business, what is it that you are expected to do in order to keep the business, and what kind of travel is expected. If you talk to someone that does an at home business and seems to be giving you the run around on the details then I wouldn't try it. I bring people into AVON and I make a percentage of their sales when they are a part of my downline. Remember that people that talk to you about getting into the business is going to get a percentage if you get into the business so if you don't feel comfortable being under them in the company go with someone or something else.

Home businesses need support from with in the company to excell because you have set backs occassionally and it does take work to build up your clients but it can also be very rewarding as well. I go to college, watch my niece and nephew, and run my AVON business. I am always busy but a lot of the things I do for my business I can do with my children here with me. I love being able to have them with me the majority of the time and knowing I am the one teaching them right from wrong. I also love the flexibility of being able to be home when needed like now when my niece just went through surgery and needs someone to help her get around.

The last thing I will say about home based business is take into consideration how long you will need to be out because of giving birth to your second miracle. In some home based businesses it could cause you to have to start from scratch again. With AVON or a company that you can run from your computer you don't have to take that down time. I have had to explain to my customers that I needed them to pick up their orders and I would give them a free gift for doing it. I know all the tricks to get the nice items for the least price so it doesn't cost me more than $1 or sometimes nothing at all to give the free gift. www.youravon.com/jjurgensen

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M., I know how you feel. I hate my boss and job so much I instantly get into a bad mood when I walk in the door. I've recently started my own business in the direct marketing field. I work FT for NOW, but I fully intend to be working from home by Sept. I am a distributor for Xango. It's a functional health beverage made from an amazing fruit in SE asia with incredible healing properties. The whole fruit juice is 100% natural. Xango's compensation plan is second to NONE. If you learn how to earn you could be retired in 4 years with a residual income. Oh and it only costs $35.00 to become a distributor. This is a very reputable young company that is on the same growth track as Walmart, Ebay and Microsoft and it's only ONE product. The product is THAT good. Doctors are getting interested and the FDA is getting scared! ...And you don't even have to sell the bottles retail and tout them all around town. Email me at ____@____.com if your interested in staying home with your babies and being truely free.

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I have to say that it is not easy to get hired when your pregnant. Especially at temp places they would have a hard time filling you in a position if you are showing. I'm being honest because I would hate for you to make a quick decision. If you are in the beginning of your pregnancy then I am sure if you post your resume on careerbuilder.com you will most likely get calls if you have a good resume online from recruiters and then you can open yourself up to options.

I have worked for incredibly difficult people. I actually worked for a guy that in the beginning told me I was not the one he wanted to hire. It can be incredibly stressful. I started viewing it in the way that the other guys in my office handled him. Then I took it from there. I became stronger and learned how to work with various people. I learned so much about myself. Remember our hormones love to get the best of us when we are pregnant. Good luck with whatever road you choose!!
He just might be an incredibly unhappy person....

Also, what does he actually say or do that drives you over the edge with him...maybe we can help with how to react to him?

Hi M.,

Sometimes people just don't mesh, it happens a lot. It is really draining emotionally and physically to work in an environment that you hate. My advice is to start looking for another job. Maybe being paid slightly less but being happier is worth it? Maybe you can find another job that pays just as well or even more. You never know until you look.

Good luck to you!


If it is that big of a deal and causing you this much stress, then you should probably look for another job. Sure, it might seem like a good wage but is it worth the trade off of continual dissatisfaction?


Why not look into the Temporary employment agencies. They typically pay in the $11 - $13 per hour range.


Hi M.,

I really feel for you. It's tough to be in your situation.
Are you allowed to listen to the radio/music? Maybe you can bring in some easy listening CD's to help you relax and block him out. There isn't much more you can do other than what you're doing. The way things are going, I hope you're due early August. If things become truly unbearable, then it might be best to stay home, enjoy your son and calmly await the arrival of your baby because nothing comes before your health and the baby's. Good Luck!

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