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No Brainer Question on Conception/fertility

I know this is probably a no brainer question...specially coming from someone who already has had a child but I'm going to ask it anyway because I'm not really finding anything to completely answer my questions.
Lil backround...my fiance and I have been together a year Feb 26th and currently we're ttc.Now...we're been trying for 3 months, Feb will make 4 if we're not already pregnant.My guestion is...how long should u normally wait till u really bother to take a pregnancy test.I'm a week late Sunday and my periods are always very on the dot as far as sticking to my cycle.So when is the best time to test normally that is going to give u the most accurate results I guess is what I need to know.It's buggin' me....for a couple weeks now I've been a bit more sensitive to certain things I smell, peeing a lot which isn't normal for me anymore (always had a weak bladder and had to go a lot but being preg w/ my daughter seemed to cure it), feeling more blah in the mornings then usual and in the evenings (morning sickness in the evening w/ my daughter)..and I want to sleep ALL THE TIME!

Also, anyone know of anything that helps w/ fertility.We're both young (23 &26) so thats not an issue as it was w/ my daughters father (39).I know these things take time, but am just curious to see whats out there.(never stopped taking my prenatals.)

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Have taken a test and got a VERY faint positive.I've never really been able to depend on home tests though over the years so we're just takin' it easy ..and trying not to get too excited until we can get another test or get an appointment.

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I think this is all going to sound pretty standard, but here goes:
If your cycles are regular then taking a pregnancy strip test a couple days after you're due should give you an accurate answer. A blood test from your obgyn I think is even more accurate. I wouldn't rely only on physical/emotional symptoms. They can be misleading.
If the test says that you're not pregnant you may consider contacting a fertility specialist, although at your age they may prefer that you continue trying for a few months longer. There are many options that a fertility specialist can discuss with you. He/she will tailor a treatment plan designed especially for you based on your age, the results of a few tests, etc.
Good luck!

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Todays tests are very sensitive and are usually very accurate. You can even take one before you miss your period (10 days after ovulation). But, if you are already a week late, it's a good time to test.

Things that help with fertility naturally: a healthy diet, exercise, positive state of mind. You can read the book Taking Charge of your Fertility. It is a good book that really teaches you about your body. Even in my Anatomy and Physiology, Gross Anatomy etc... SOme of the things in the book I never learned. This book covers temping, charting, watching cervical mucus etc... All the things your body does up to and after ovulation. It's fantastic! It's a great book and I have shared it with several of my friends. Fertility is an interesting and funny thing. After 3 years of ttc, 2 attempts at IVF with no success, and being told by the medical community that we would most likely not conceive we became pg 4 months later on our own and had a son! So, who knows. Good luck!

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They have Early Pregnancy Tests that are more expensive than the regular ones, I can't remember who makes it. Friends of mine have taken that one, and it gave them an accurate answer.
My Mother-In-Law has 9 kids, and she had a hard time concieving her second child. A friend of hers told her to count 14 days after the first day of your period. So, the first day of your period is day 1, count to 14 days after that first day-and you will have your most fertile day. It worked for her 8 times. It worked for my husband and I when we had our first son.
Good Luck!

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Acupuncture can be great for fertility. I am an acupuncturist myself and work with patients for fertility. There are a lot of options here in PDX for acupuncture and I think several practitioners who really focus on fertility.

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I think I found out I was pregnant about two weeks after I conceived, and I looked at all the tests to find that one that claimed the earliest results. I could have just been a sucker for the advertising, but it did work, so I can't remember the brand but take a look for a test that says something like "can test as soon as one week after missed period".

On the fertility side, I have a girlfriend who did some research and was very sucessful getting pregnant with her second baby by eliminating wheat and soy from her diet. She had struggled and struggled for years to get pregnant with her first baby and got pregnant almost immediately with the second.

Good luck!

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To get an accurate reading I would wait until my period was at least on week late, if not two.

If you are not pregnant you could look at Natural Family Planning which uses your basal temperature and your mucus to determine ovulation.

take the test already girlfriend! I took both of mine for my two kids a week before my period was supposed to start and they both came back positive. the only thing you lose is 10 bucks if it comes back negative. Your already a week late, I'm sure your in the clear.

Good luck!

With my second pregnancy, I took a test and it came back negative even though my period was 7 days late. I felt nauseous and wierd and KNEW I was prego. It was just too strange. A few days later, still no period so I took another test and it came back positive. My body wasn't giving off enough hormones for the pt to pick up, but enough to start making me sick. You can get a false negative, but never a false positive. I know it's really, really hard to be patient when you are so excited about getting pregnant, but don't spend extra money on doctor appointments or expensive tests, just wait until your period is 10 or 12 days late, then the test will surely be positive if you really are pregnant.

If your cycle is regular and you are a week late it is fine to test now. The test are more sensitive these days and should be able ot pick it up if you are.

They picked up me being pregnant with my daughter and I took it a week early cause I am not regular but got suspicious.

Good luck.

For both my pregnancies, I tested anywhere between a few days to a week after my period was supposed to arrive. I used the EPT and even tested twice for both, and all the tests were positive.

Good luck!

Go to costo and buy a huge pack of tests. When you are trying to get pregnant, they will get used. Relaxation is the best fertility drug.

Sounds like you are already pregnant! If you are on the dot with your period, and are late, you should for sure take the test now. I tested positive 2 days after my period was supposed to start. Only because I didn't test one day after, I was at the mountain. The day of, I tested negative. If you don't want to test too much because of the cost, the dollar tree has tests, and I have used them both with my daughter and this time (I am pregnant now.) My sister used the dollar tree tests and so did many of my friends, so I know that they work.

Honestly, take a pregnancy test today.

Now would be the time to take a pregnancy test. From all of your symptoms you sound pretty preggers to me. 10-14 days after you ovulate or if you timed it around ovulation give yourself 3-4 days lee way, you should be able to take a home pregnancy test and usually test pos or neg. Am is always the best, right when you get up. That's always when the hormones are at their peak. We inseminated the day the ovulation predictor kit said I was ovulating(not the tradtional way but it worked for us in our case), then I tested the day before I was to get my period or in most people's case 14 days after you ovulate/had sex. Every time my test came up pos it was the day after my period was due.
If you are not pregnant after going to the doctors and getting a blood test etc, and if you are like clockwork w/your cycle, trying like crazy to conceive, (maybe anxious/excited, pos stressed), symptoms you describe could also be faux pregnacy. Happened to me when I was really atatched to getting pregnant in the past.

good luck, sounds like your are on a wonderful journey.


You're right, this is a no-brainer. :) Go to your local store buy and E.P.T., or whatever pregnancy test you prefer, and celebrate when the two lines, or whatever appear in the little window.

1) I'm a week late Sunday and my periods are always very on the dot as far as sticking to my cycle
2)for a couple weeks now I've been a bit more sensitive to certain things I smell
3)peeing a lot which isn't normal for me anymore
4)feeling more blah in the mornings then usual and in the evenings
5) I want to sleep ALL THE TIME!

How many more hints and signs do you need? :D

What you're describing is exactly how I felt with my son. Granted he was my first, but it was the same circumstance. I went and got and E.P.T. and it came back positive for pregnancy. Best of luck to you and I hope all goes well.

Hope this helps,

you could just wait and see!
I am 4 weeks late today, so 8 weeks pregnant, I guess you just know with the fourth!!
Good Luck

If in doubt, or curious at all--To ease your OWN mind? Take the test. It doesn't cost that much. Get an EPT, early detection. If this comes up positive, make an appointment.

However, depending on how badly you're wanting this--Your mind may be thinking you are, nervous energies may make your hormones react, and you may think you're pregnant, but you're really not. Do not freight.

It will happen when it happens. Never give up, and have fun trying to get there.

Best wishes.

Both of my pregnancies got positive tests 10 days after conception. That would be 4 days before period was due. If you want most accurate, then the longer you wait the more accurate it will be. The trick is to know that even the faintest line (even if it takes the full 2-3 minutes to show up) means positive!


Well...all the symptoms your talking about sound just like early pregnancy to me, BUT...they are all also things that can occur for other reasons. If it's been a week since your period should have come and you're very regular, go ahead and do a test--they should be pretty accurate by now. If it comes out positive, or even if it's negative but you still have these symptoms, get thee to a midwife dear and get a stronger level of test done.


Hi M.,
Just a question... Are you waiting to test out of fear or disappointment that it's going to be negative? I can understand that, but It really will help put your mind at ease to just take a test. Get a double pack and use one now, if it comes up negative (it is possible, even if you are prego) try again in another week if you haven't started your period yet. If you continue getting pregnancy signs and negative tests, check with your doctor as there could be some underlying reasons for the symptoms you described.
Good luck and happy pregnancy vibes sent your way!
Keep us updated!

That really is a no brainer. LOL. Take the test. You sound like you're probably pregnant, unless the symptoms are wishfull thinking... I would take the test at one day late.

Good Luck!!!

I just want to add a note of caution. I have several times thought for sure that I was a week late because I was pregnant only to find that I wasn't. And my cycle is "always" spot on too. I also had some of the other pregnancy symptoms that fed the belief. So try and relax. If you are, you are. If you aren't you aren't. And waiting a few days isn't going to change that. Of course, take the test if you are a week late. It will ease your mind.



Sounds like the only way to really know is to take a test! Otherwise you'll just wait and wonder... If you don't want to waste the money on a test, it doesnt' hurt to wait of course to see if your period shows. But it sure does sound like your pregnant, and a week late is definitely not too early to test - you can test as early as several days BEFORE your period is due with some tests. If you are indeed pg, it'll show up on any cheapo test now. Good luck!!

You can take the test anytime now, esp. because you are late. Good luck!

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