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Need to Produce More Milk!!!

I have a 6 month old daughter whom I'm breastfeeding. She is my 3rd child. I breastfed the first two with no problem. I work full-time 45 min. away from home and I try to pump at work as much as I can but I'm producing less and less each day. She takes formula at daycare and when she's home with her daddy. I don't mind her taking the formula but I don't want her strictly on formula. She takes my breatmilk in the evening and at nighttime. We have a hard time on weekends because she takes all my breast milk on Friday night and I have to give her formula on Saturday and Sunday because I'm not pruducing enough for her on the weekends. How can I produce more milk? Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

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I am strictly breastfeeding my 4 1/2 month old. I pump 2x a day at work. I give my dd fresh milk every day. What I pump today she will eat tomorrow and so on... I also eat oatmeal EVERY morning for breakfast. Also, the more you pump (even if you aren't getting anything out) the more you will produce. Good luck!

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when I breastfed my last child and I am a mother of 4 but understand the doctors had an excuse every time I tried to breastfeed my babies so when I had the last baby I was so strong about breastfeeding her she was born tongue tied and couldn't take a bottle I breast fed her 26 months only reason I quit was running out of milk but when I first started I ask my doctor what I could drink to produce more milk he said water,iced tea, or a small can of beer but that was 39 years ago so I don't know if the beer is still a good idea also I would suggest decaf tea good luck and I don't know if the pump has something to do with it also you didn't say how old you were age could have something to do with it

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A lactation consultant told me to try Fenugreek and take 9 pills a day. She recommended 3 pills at each meal for 2 weeks. It really helped my milk supply. It is available at GNC. I hope this can help.

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don't pump as much and breastfeed more often and your milk will increase.

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I went through a slow down between 6 & 7 months as well. I ended up pumping every 3-4 hours and breastfeeding the baby whenever possible. I know during the day that may not be possible depending on your employer, and you may be doing this already, but waking up an extra time during the night to pump really helped me (sucked sleepwise, but was worth it).

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Milk production is a matter of supply and demand and supplementing with formula can interfer with that process. Formula is more difficult for babies to digest, so it sits in their stomachs longer. And if your daughter is full on formula, then she's not going to need as much milk from you, which means that you'll produce less milk. So maybe start having daycare and daddy use more pumped milk and less formula (wean off the formula, so to speak). It would probably also be helpful to contact La Leche League or a Lactation Consultant... because I know there are things you can take to increase production (certain teas, fenugreek, etc.)
Also, make sure that you are getting enough calories and drinking enough water every day.

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When I went back to work I started producing less milk also. I'd try to breastfeed my daughter before work, pump mid-morning and then again mid-afternoon at work, then feed her once we got home and again before bed, and sometime during the night again. There were busy days at work where I'd have to skip both pumpings and then I'd have problems producing the next day or so. I had more than enough while on maternity leave so I knew I was capeable of producing, but I just wasn't. I think fatigue and stress lower your bodies ability to produce also. I found if I pumped for 10-15 minutes a few extra times a day, even if I got nothing out, in a couple days I could tell a definite increase in supply. I still ended up giving up breastfeeding after about 6 months. I regret it. There were some people at work who gave me a hard time. The one who did the most was another woman who had a baby two months after me and decided not to breastfeed, said it was too hard, she didn't have the right nipples,not enough milk, etc. She'd see me going to pump and would roll her eyes and make some comment like "I can't believe your still doin that." I don't know if she was jealous/guilty or what but she definitley had some issue with it. It is hard but it's worth it to give your baby the best. Hang in there, I wish you the best of luck.

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lactation cookies are great for increasing milk. The recipe is at http://www.recipezaar.com/192346

Also, Mother's milk tea is really good, more info on it can be found at http://www.tealand.com/MothersMilk.asp

Fenugreek does work well also. More info on it can be found at http://www.kellymom.com/herbal/milksupply/fenugreek.html

I have used all three before. The mothers milk tea and Fenugreek can be found usually at regular drug stores or grocery stores. Also remember to increase your water intake, and try to avoid caffene. I had to only pump for 11 months with my first child, and it is hard to keep up with demand when pumping, but when you are working you have no other choice. Try to pump at least every 3-4 hours while at work. And remember to get plenty of rest if possible.
Best of luck!

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I had the same problem. One thing that really helped was taking Fenegreek tablets(you can get them at the local health food store) every day. I took 6/day, and it really ups your milk suply. Plus, it makes you smell like maple syrup! haha

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You need to pump more at work

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The only way to produce more is to feed more, even if she's not getting very much at one time, the act of her pulling will encourage you to have larger let-downs. Let her feed whenever you can, and you can pump while she's feeding (I couldn't have a let-down while pumping, so I would do it while feeding - used an Avent Isis and it worked wonderfully, I bagged 1 gallon in 2 months!)Good luck and happy feeding :}

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