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Need Ideas on Calming down an Energetic Three-year Old

My son has reactive airway asthma, like I do and he is having a really difficult time with this. One thing that is a NECESSITY with reactive airway asthma is for the person having the attack to stay calm and still. Easy enough for me, but not so easy for my 3 year old. He tends to be worse at night when he's trying to avoid going to bed by jumping around everywhere. He's gotten to the point where he's coughing till throwing up. This has happened 5 times in the last three nights. Does anyone have some suggestions on ways I can help him calm down and be still? I have tried baths with the night time wash, we read stories and I rock him, but his legs are constantly moving and it's hard to keep him still for songs and stories. I'm open to trying homeopathic remedies as well as behavior modification strategies. When he's not sick, it's not a big deal, but when he's having these attacks he has to stay still so it won't get worse and he just doesn't understand. Thanks for any advice you can give .

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There is a homeopathic remedy called Calmes Forte that I beleive would be one to consider. I don't recall all the things in it but I think chamomile is one of them. If you are interested in any natural ways of dealing with the asthma I would be happy to forward on info I have in my files. I have not personally used this particular homeopathic remedy but I hear it works well. I have heard my midwife talk about it.

K. B


Does your son take medication for his asthma and if so what time of day? That could be a reason why he's so active at night. Also, does he drink juice at night? I guess I'm trying to pinpoint what is making him so hyperactive at night. I have a 3 year old son too so good luck if finding a resolution.

I had the same problem with my four year old. We tried everything we could possibly think of to help him with this, but to no avail. We finally wound up taking him to a asthma and allergy specialist and found out he was allergic to numerous this in our home. He now has more breathing treatments, Zyrtec, Singular and a homeopathic medication called Hypercalm. We had to figure out his times for the breathing treatments because they make him super hyper. So he gets them in the morning and he gets the rest an hour before bed. The Hypercalm is amazing. It is made by Newton Homeopathics for kids, www.newtonlabs.net, it is a locally based homeopathic company in Conyers. Just remember one thing things that make adults hyper make kids tired because of there different metabolisms. They doctor told me to give him coffee, i was like this guy is a quack. But oh man it works great. I just give him like a half a cup with a little milk and splenda and he is like normal again.

I hope this has helped you some if you have any questions or anything just message me and we can talk.

Hi K.,
Are you working with a complementary or DAN! physician to address the base of the immune reaction? They would be doing things like IGG testing to find if he is reacting to foods (digestive is the main immune organ), treating for yeast or bacteria, supporting the body with supplements, etc.

Is he on medication for the asthma? The reason I ask is that often the medication has the side effects of hyperactivity depending on the base of the medicine.

I use netty pots very effectively with my kids. I add a chinese herbal compound called Neti Wash Plus (Varcho Veda) which tends to open the airways and flush the congestion. However, I am not dealing with asthma.

I have heard Rescue Remedy (a homeopathic compound) is good for calming, but it depends on what is causing the hyperactivity. Gaba and melatonin are both used for calming as well.


I normally don't recommend tv or movies in regular doses, but I can tell you my EXTREMELY active 3 year old boy goes into almost zombie-like repose when he watches cartoons or an animated movie he likes. A 30 minute cartoon -or 15 minute one on DVD like Thomas or Diego may be the trick. My son also gets very calm for stories, but if yours won't sit still for those, then give an animated DVD you approve of a try. I know they hype some kids up, but they completely calm my kid down.

You might try chamomile tea. I have a friend who swears by it (knocks her kids right out!) and I tried it with my 5 year old who has ADHD. It helps him calm down with or without his medication. I give it to him warm at night, sweetened with honey, but that would be to your preference.

I wish I had some really good advice for you. I have an 18 month old who has reactive airway disease. He's been hospitalized twice and we almost lost him the first time. I haven't found a whole lot that helps calm him down other than just giving him his binky and rocking him while we watch something that interests him on t.v. or listen to music. He's an extremely active little boy! Good luck!


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