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Need Help Keeping 2 Year Old Twins in Crib During Naptime

I have almost 2 year old identical twin boys and a 4 year old daughter.. Up until now, I have had no problems with nap time. I used to just be able to place them in the crib and they fall asleep on their own. Now they both know how to jump out of the cribs. Is it time to get them toddler beds? Even so, if we do get them toddler beds, how can I keep them from running around their room while they're suppose to be resting.. Please help...!

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hello mommy's.. So we bought the crib tents. They are working wonders. Thank you to all that have taken the time out of ur busy schedules to help me. I can finally sleep soundly again.

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Hi A., I just bought a crib tent today. Nap time has been a nightmare lately . I just had to do something to keep my guy in bed. so tomorrow will be the first attempt at it. My neighbor who is a pediatrician used it for his twin boys. So I went with his recommendation. I feel like I at least wont have to worry that my son will not break his neck trying to climb out of his crib.Good luck, D.

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Try separating them into two rooms at nap time

Hi A., I just bought a crib tent today. Nap time has been a nightmare lately . I just had to do something to keep my guy in bed. so tomorrow will be the first attempt at it. My neighbor who is a pediatrician used it for his twin boys. So I went with his recommendation. I feel like I at least wont have to worry that my son will not break his neck trying to climb out of his crib.Good luck, D.

It doesn't matter what bed they have you will reach this training point sooner or later. Be very diligent at the start. Stand outside thier door. As soon as their little toes hit the ground go in and put them back in bed. Stay calm and don't get frustrated. In fact you don't even need to say anything. they will soon get the idea that every time they climb out, mommy will just put them back and they will get tired and bored with it as long as you aren't getting upset or being entertaining. I would go ahead and do this training now, they are only going to get heavier.

A couple options:
1. crib tent (mesh tent shaped thingy with zipper that attaches to the top of a crib). we never used them b/c ours weren't climbers, but plenty of other twin families we know found them to be very helpful

2. The timer method - set a kitchen timer for 20 minutes and tell them they have to be quiet and in their cribs for 20 minutes. If they make noise or get out, the timer goes back to 20 minutes. If they're quiet for 20 minutes, they can get out and play (chances are, if they're tired they'll fall asleep before the timer reaches 20 minutes, and if they're at the point where they don't need the regular nap, the 20 minutes of quiet time will make them a bit less prone to melting down later in the afternoon).

hope that helps!
E. (mom to almost-7YO twins - don't worry, the nap stuff *does* get better)

Can you separate them for naps? That is what I had to do with my twins. Even though they share a room, they have pretty much always taken their naps separately. It was the only way to get them to take naps. They did this until they stopped taking naps at 4. While they were in a crib I just set up a pack-n-play in my bedroom for one of them for nap time. Once they transitioned out of their cribs (at almost 3) one would just nap on my bed.

As far as transistioning them into toddler beds, each child is different, but I would wait as long as you can. Mine went right into a regular size bed at 3 with no problems. I've known some friends who got the crib tents to keep the kids in the cribs and the kids thought it was great. They thought they were camping. If you can get another 6 months or so out of the crib that would probably be good.

Good luck...and do know that it does get easier. My twins are almost 5 and I can finally say it is starting to get easier...but enjoy the time...it does go fast!!!


I had the same issue with my 22 month old boy/girl twins. It went on for a few days until we found a solution. We bought
crib tents at City-Kids, and they work great. The twins hated them the very first time, but they got used to it. I would hesitate to get a toddler bed, because I think they really don't get it until they are 3 years old.

I hope this helps!

You definitely need to get them beds before they hurt themselves jumping out of the cribs. I had a very hard time keeping my daughter in her bed when she first got it. I spent countless nights going in and putting her back in bed. Don't know what else to tell you but you'll just have to be vigilant until they learn to stay in bed.

Hi there. I have 3 1/2 year old identical girls who I probably took out of their cribs when they were 2 1/2 because they kept climbing out. I didn't want to do it because I feared naps would end but I thought it was an issue of safety. I didn't want them falling out and hurting themselves! They kind of napped sporatically once they were in toddler beds and have gradually stopped napping completely. Now we have "quiet time" which isn't too quiet at all but they have to stay in their room and read books. But I have friends with twins who are the same age and they still nap, I guess their kids are tired enough that they still need them. And they are in the same room in toddler beds too. I guess it just depends on the kids. I hope your transition to toddler beds, when you decide to do it, goes well! I know I miss nap time!!!!!

I removed the crib, put up a toddler bed and a gate so that he could not get out of the room. He would listen to quiet music (classical), and fall asleep after a few minutes of play. That worked for my 3 children! Good luck!

Before rushing in to toddler beds, I would try crib tents. At this age, your boys don't have the concept of staying in a bed during the night, let alone the day when there is much more going on. Toddler beds may be more advisable in a year or so.

Good luck

Our twin grandchildren (boy/girl) live with us. They are almost 2 1/2. We moved them to toddler beds when they were 18 months old. Girl twin had climbed out twice, once safely and once with a big thump.

Their door is closed during naptimes and their room is completely baby-proofed. At first, there was a lot of getting up, playing, etc. We would find them after nap and in the morning in the same bed, in each other's beds, etc. They each had once experience of falling asleep on the floor and then the novelty of being able to run around wore off. They have books and most of their toys to play with. However, they have always been good nappers and sleepers and stay in their beds to fall asleep. When they wake up they will sometimes get up and play, read a book, talk to each other.

With our own children, once they began fighting sleep during naptime we changed it to "rest time". It was understood that they would go to their room and have quiet rest time. They were allowed to read or play quietly, which almost always led to falling asleep for a nap. They continued this practice through kindergarten.

As long as you don't insist on sleeping during naptime and don't make it an issue, they will usually sleep if they need to. The only thing you have to insist on is quiet.

For this same problem I bought a crib tent. It's this netting that lines the inside of the crib and goes over the top of the so they cannot climb out. It can be purchased at Babies R Us.....for about $70 it was well worth it to me. At first I was a little reluctant because it seemed cage-like, but when you actually set it up for use it's not bad at all. He cried the first day I put it up but soon got used to it. Hope it works for you.

My sister in law had a crib net for just this type of thing, it hangs from the ceiling and draps over the crib so tehy can't get out. It helped her.

I put my 2 year old in a toddler bed when he was 18 mths old, with side rails and than put a gate on his room. I have never had a problem with him getting out of bed and running around (however he doesn't have a running partner like you do with twins). If you want to go the toddler bed route, try putting up the gate and see how it works. If they run around, it might not be a bad thing, just let them run themselves into the ground so they're really tired and go to sleep. Or try putting them up there a half hour early so they can play and than put them in bed at nap time.

Good luck

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