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NEED ADVICE! Dog Lifting His Leg and Urinating on Things in the House!!

YUK!!!!!!! Our 100 pound Akita has recently started lifting his leg and urinating on things....including the carpet, an armchair, 2 different couches and even on a stack of shoes boxes in my master bedroom closet. That is just what we have caught. I know that pets can act out when a new baby arrives (which we had a baby girl in Jan) but WHAT THE HECK? I am looking for advice on 2 things.
1) How to make him stop?
2) Tricks to get the smell out of the fabric?
I have had a professional company come 3 times and clean the carpet and once the chair. He has since gone on the chair again and I have just noticed the 2 different couches this week. I don't think my carpet can handle another cleaning so soon. I am dealing with higher end furniture and don't want to ruin but would like to try a home remedy.
Please help!
We love our dog so much but I am starting to get upset. He is ruining lots of things AND my house is starting to smell like dog urine. I just can't live with it. YUK!
Thank you in advance to all you smart Mommies out there :)

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What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Yes, He is fixed. He is 3 1/2 years old. He is the best dog EVER.....except for this new issue.
Walking him isn't an option.....he is horrible on a leash and SO strong that I can't handle him. We have a HUGE yard and he goes out all the time. I truly believe it is a behavioral issue. 2 of the times that he did it was when went out of town for the weekend. He actually pooped AND peed on the carpet then......Our dog sitter was not happy, ha!

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Has it been happening since January, or has it just started recently? If it just started recently, I don't think it has anything to do with your daughter.

Contact your vet. It's possible a health condition could be causing the problem... urinary tract infection, kidney infection, worms, etc, etc. It's best to rule out any health issues first, and then your vet might be able to give you some other tips to help curb the behavior.

If nothing is medically wrong, and he's just acting out, it sounds like you'll have to potty train him all over again. Crate training works wonders. Put him in a crate when you aren't home and overnight. He can only have free access to the rest of the house after he eliminates outside. Make sure you let him out frequently, and ONLY let him out to do his business, then it's immediately back inside. That way he learns he is outside to go potty, and that's where he goes to do his business.

Someone else might have a better method, but this worked for our dog who we rescued from a shelter at around the age of 5, she had never been potty trained. It might take a while, but be persistent, consistent, and patient.

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Hi S.,
These changes are tough on our "4-legger kids" and your dog may be expressing his anger, frustration, fear, or just trying to find a way to get your attention (It's working right? Yikes!)
I have a large dog (greyhound) that started doing the same thng since our daughter arrived...though it seems to stop and restart anytime there is a change in schedules or we don't get him enough exercise or attention. All well and good...but it's tough to get a dog out for long walks and tons of attention with kids in tow!
in the interim, to save our sanity (and to make it possible to keep our dog), I found out about something callled a "Bad boy belly band" that my dog wears in the house, though usually he just needs it when we goes out and he's home with our other dog, or if we have to put him downstairs for more than 5 minutes. A lot of greyhound owners/crafters make them so you can find them online or PM me and I can help you find them...they could make some a bit bigger for you I'm sure! It's just a fleece wrap that goes around the belly/back to velcro and covers his "pee shooter" (as a neighbor kid called it! LOL) with an absorbant panel. If he does still pee...he'll just find that he's a bit wet and everything else stays dry. (Think diaper!) When they realize this...they tend to stop peeing in it...not very rewarding...bummer for them. If they do still pee, just toss it in the wash, dry, repeat!

As for getting "ook" out of carpets and upholstry...best I've found are 2...in areas with kids around a lot...1) Kids and Pets Solution from Walmart (Other places sell too...big yellow bottle) and for other places or more stubborn stains and smells...Woolite Oxyclean Pet solution.

good luck! Things should start settling down soon...

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Hello S.,

You must be very frustrated, because of the mess, and mostly because is the dog you love....
You have many good responses here, and I agree you have to take your dog to the vet; there are so many things that we, humans, do with pets and we forget that they are totally different from us! If he is not having health problems, he will need to be "potty trained". Dogs react differently from other animals and yours may be in need of a walk. We may take dogs to the backyard and let them play, but what they really need is a WALK, that is one of the most important things dogs need because is their nature as dogs. You can learn to walk your dog from someone who really knows or an expert in dogs regardless of the dog's size. You have to show your dog that YOU are the leader not him in a very firm, credibly and lovely way, and all that is absolutely learned whether you have a chihuahua or an Akita. You walk your dog positioning yourself next to him and always a little bit more ahead of him but never him leading the way. I think your dog is "craving" a walk. I don't own a dog right now, but I had several puppies, and big dogs before I got married, and I learned a lot with them and for them. Dogs always behave in a way for a reason. They are like kids, they need what they need and sometimes we cannot avoid it. S., take him to a vet and ask the vet what your Akita needs.
On another hand, when your dog behaves the way you don't want to, just tell him in the act (no later) what is wrong but DO NOT SAY HIS name, use his name JUST when he does something good or great. I hope this helps a little bit...
I am sorry I don't have any suggestions for the smell.
Good Luck!!


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You need to get an enzyme cleaner for the urine. I forgot the name of the one that we used, but I think it was bought at PetSmart. It's also great for when the kids vomit on the carpet :o) But as far as how to make him stop, I'm not sure. The only male dog I ever had was neutered very young and we never had a problem with him. All the other dogs I've ever had were female. I get females for the lifting the leg problem. Good luck!

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I have had luck getting thee smell of cat urine out of my carpet with a 3 step process- I use natures miricle from walmart to clean- then use vinager (set in a cup next to the stain) to take away the smell and then follow with a shake on vacuum up powder to finish taking the smell out. - sounds complicated but it works

Hi S.,

Ewwww.I hate pet odor!I have 2 cats,a dog and a 17 mo old lil girl,so I hear you.
Question: How old is your dog?
If he is fairly young (1-3),he is probably going through his teenage phase and marking.My thought? Have him neutered.

For getting the stains and smell out - good old fashioned vinegar and water. 50/50 solution with warm water.the vinegar will cut the stain and break up the enzymes.blot it dry with paper towels,dont rub. for the carpet,after it dries you can sprinkle it with baking soda,leave for a couple hrs and then vacuum it up.if its an older,set in stain,you can try adding a bit of dish soap to the solution.
on your furniture you might want to test it for color fastness...i dont think the vinegar will bother it,but i dont know what fabric you have.
There are cleaners out there for pet stain removal,and Resolve carpet cleaner I think is a good one,but you want to avoid anything with ammonia in it.

Good luck and let me know how it works for you!

I had a dog. Before I got pregnant with my daughter, this dog was literally my baby. I took her everywhere with me, she slept with me, everything. When I got pregnant she was still very attached to me and very protective of me. She never went poop/pee in the house, until I finished my daughters nursery, my dog started acting up. I walked into our beautiful baby room and noticed my dog had left a nice little package on my babies floor! I was horrified! I could not stop thinking about my baby eventually crawling on the floor where my dog had just taken a big poo! It just got worse from there. Poop, pee, everywhere. I put up with it for about three years, until we built a brand new house, and she started doing that here. I found her a great home and am still not sad about it. It was horrible and I do not want my children to have to live with that. So I hope thats not the problem!! But also, if the dog is not fixed (Im sure it is) but they act horribly! Good luck!

I have it problem with one of my dogs except he has always done it. While his brother was house trained with no problem. So, I don't know what is deal is and I've done all kinds of things to try to get him to stop. Such as, long and many walks, he's fixed, and the last thing that I tried was tieing his leash to my waist and make him follow me around, which works great as long as he is tied to me! But with little ones that was just too hard to keep up, so I put dog diapers on him. I just ordered a new one called belly belt or something like that I haven't gotten it in yet so I can't tell you if it works or not, but the other ones works okay. My furniture doesn't get wet just him, and he smells too. But that's life!

The only way I could get my mini Schnauz to stop was getting him fixed. This also worked for our cat who was destroying all my house plants. good luck

I have not read all the responses, but just a few. First of all, I'm assuming this is a "new" habit. If that is the case have you contacted your vet? I know I have had an dog do this and they had a bladder infection. Secondly, I read that you just had another child in January...your dog maybe feeling neglected and doing it for attention. If there is not something medically wrong with him I agree with the response telling you to check out the dog whisperer. I would like to say that I don't understand why all these non-animal lovers have to give you a first response of "get rid of the dog...sounds harsh" Yes that is harsh to anyone that actually owns an animal - they are part of the family and think of the children involved. The children would probably be crushed...I know my child would. I would NEVER recommend getting rid of an animal, but if you are you take all the necessary steps to rectify the problem before you do. When we get pets we make a committment to them. So, yes getting rid of an animal is a harshly ridiculous suggestion when you haven't even tried to rectify a situation yet. Good luck...I hope you are able to fix the issue! :)

I agree with Amber that if this just started...then it probably has nothing to do with your daughter. I would suggest a visit to the vet...it could be a urinary tract infection or several other things.
Once the smell is in the house...THEN you have another problem because he is smelling where he has gone before and is just remarking his territory! It is probably going to take some retraining to get him out of this habit but it can be done.

Easy: Get rid of the dog or get him used to living outdoors. I know that may sound harsh, but animals in a house with kids sometimes absolutely does not mix. Also if the dog starts destroying property, save yourself. Get him adopted into a home that can handle these things. As moms we are overwhelmed as it is with the children, we don't need an animal to escalate it. We made the mistake of getting a chocolate lab. I love dogs, but this dog literally destroyed our home, and cost us thousands. He chewed the siding off the house, chewed thru the power supply to the Htg & Air unit, the Cox cable supply to the house, I could go on and on. It is NOT worth it!! We learned the hard way that choc labs need lots of acerage, and another dog to keep him company. They need tons of human attention. It is important owners learn about the breed before they get an animal. But your children come first, and if they are destroying the necessary sanitary conditions of your home you need to do something. Your dog could have a unrinary infection too - check with the vet first, and also the vet can give you ideas what to do with your dog if it is just not a workable situation. Good luck!

I didn't read all your responses, but I did do a quick search for the word "whisperer" and didn't find it. Please either get books on the Dog Whisperer, buy DVD's of his show or just watch his show on the National Geographic Channel (Friday at 7 pm are all new shows). His show really saved my dogs. Definitely a large animal like an Akita-ken needs tons of exercise. I know you said it's impossible to walk your dog, but Ceasar Milan will show you how! Trust me, it is possible! I did simple things that Ceasar suggested (like never letting the dogs go out first out of a door) and the results were just incredible!! I've seen countless episodes where he's taken out of control dogs and showed the owners how to walk them.

Good luck!

The enzyme cleaner that I have used before is called "Out." It's usually in a white container with a pink lid or label. You have to soak the peed area as deeply as the urine probably went - so think if doggy peed 1 cup of urine, then you need to pour/spray about a cup of the enzyme cleaner in the same spot to totally saturate the carpet/fabric. It will eat away the smell and the cleaner has a nice fresh scent. The Woolite Pet cleaner smells very similar, so it may be the same or at least very similar to Out. I have found a small bottle of Out at Walmart, but pet stores carry larger bottles.

There are not that many of us that have had 100 pound Akita's in our lives. They are a very special and hard headed but, loving and sweet breed. I agree with Amber's advice and not so much with Lonna's. I do agree the dog needs to be checked at the vet for a UTI and/or stones. I would also like to know the age of the dog and if he is neutered. The neutering might help with the marking but, WILL NOT STOP IT. My labrador was 11 when he died of cancer and NEVER stopped marking. Luckily, he was always outside when he did it. My female Akita actually started lifting HER LEG and marking watching my male lab. Crate training is a great idea and having the dog outside when when unsupervised. Your dog might be trying to be the "alpha" dog to your new baby girl. Baking Soda is great for absorbing smells. Good Luck!

ps ~ when you go out of town try leaving him in a crate and have your pet sitter come over at least 3 times a day for long runs in your nice big backyard. =)

Sorry to hear that....I'm sure you are disgusted.
On the smell, I have found out that 2cups of water, about 1/8 of vinegar and and 1/4 cup of baking soda will take out smells in fabric....it worked wonders on vomit in carpet, this might work as well.
On training the dog. My neighbor has trained dogs and house broken them and has mentioned when a dog has done something "bad" you can kennel them (in a small cage for animals). Our other neighbor was having problems with their dogs urinating in the house and this had worked wonders. It's kind of a time out. Maybe you can call your vet or a local trainer for tips.

I have to agree with JoG, he needs to be fixed if he is not. That will solve the marking issue.

One way to stop your dog fro lifting his leg on things other than outside is to get him fix.
For the smell mix 1/4 cup of vineger with 32oz spry bottle or even in a shampooer.

Do you take him for walks? Maybe walking he would get out all the marking (if that's what he is doing).
I agree with the other mamas: he needs to be fixed (if he's not) or it may be an infection. Take him to his vet.
In reguards to the mama who wants you to get rid of him: I'm not one of those people who thinks that animals are our kids, but you shouldn't get rid of an animal just because they are being a pain. After all we wouldn't get rid of our kids just because they are being a pain.
You can also check into Cesar Millan (the dog wisperer). Maybe he would be able to help. We have learned a lot about our dog just from watching his show on the National Geographic channel.
Sorry that I don't have any cleaning suggestions. We have always been able to catch our dog after (or while) he pees in the house, then we use some kind of carpet spot remover.

God bless!

I know you have a lot of responses but hang in there. I have three male dogs and the youngest one is the only one who hasn't marked anything in the house. Our issue is that they can smell the dogs and cats that lived here before. As for getting a dog fixed it doesn't always cut out the marking habit. there are sprays you can buy at the local walmart that are supposed to keep them off of things and make them quit marking stuff. working with him will help and maybe he needs more outside time. we have put two of our dogs outside permenately and it seems to have helped big time. we have dominance issues between the two biggest dogs. they are siblings and both males. but they ar the worldest biggest babies when playing with my 15 month old daughter. the largest is around 50-55 lbs and his brother is around 40 lbs and our sheltie is large for being purebred and is about 30-35 lbs. i've always said I have one daughter and three fourlegged sons.

as for the cleaning part vineger works great but so does febreeze. personally who ever said you should get rid of him needs to know a few facts. one an adult dog is given only 3 days to find a new home before they are put down and two all dogs flip out when they get near the room to be put down because they can smell the death of other dogs.

Get rid of the dog!!! Simple solution!!!

Good Morning S., I have a little female dog whom I adore, we got her from a pet shop in McPherson, ks. She wasn't potty trained at all except to go on Cement in a kennel run. So for a while I had to make her go in the grass, and wash off the driveway when I didn't catch her soon enough.
I thought I had her trained, she is in a crate at night and when we are away for a few hours then I put on her harness and out we go. She will pee and circle to poop, which she might do and other times she won't. So back in to wait a few more minutes. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr In the mean time she has came into my office or run downstairs and Poop on the carpets.

I was dumb but thought I was smart, went to Wally World and bought some spray Odoban, House break Trainer. You are supposed to spray it out side where you want your dog to do their business or inside on paper. Well Amber by passed all those places and went every where BUT there. We had taken her with us on our Fishing trip in Ok. I sprayed it outside in an area close to our cabin. Nope she smelled it and went about a yard away from the area. She never once pp or pooped in the cabin though, she was in the kennel or with us outside. So I told my hubby they probably Mislabeled it and should say spray where you DON'T want them to go. :)

I am still battling this issue, I have tried vinegar and water to get the odor out, baking soda, steam cleaning solution for pet odors. I have taken to steam cleaning the hallway, office and downstairs every couple of weeks, with spot cleaning in between. Why you ask?!?!?! Well my sweetie will say WOW that odor is getting ripe again. Duh..LIKE WOW really, You think I can't smell it.....lol

I really do not want her to be an outside dog, but right now I have her outside in the backyard more during the day.
I have always been able to house break our other dogs very easily, Amber is being very stubborn.
So I have saved another Mama's enzyme cleaner suggestion and going to get that today.

Good Luck S.,
God Bless you and yours
K. Nana of 5
PS I also bought Odoban Bitter Barrier, supposed to keep them from chewing things you don't want them to. Awwwwwwww didn't work either.....lol

Is he fixed? My dog did that until I got him fixed he was marking his territory.

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