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My Son Won't Eat Slimy Finger Foods!

I have been trying to introduce my 11-month old to more and more finger foods, and he does great with the dry gerber finger foods, but simply will not go for any fruit or veggie that is slimy or "fresh"! He just makes a face and pushes it around his tray...;(

What can I do next?

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My son just finally decided he would eat a slimy banana -- we didnt do anything different, just kept exposing him, and he finally decided he was ready! Now he prefers the slimy foods to the dry cheerios -- yeah!

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Most kids that I have known do not like any of the gerber foods for the 3rd stage...try real fruit, he may like it better.

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Sometimes it just takes time.


Sounds like you have been giving him the dry gerber too long and that is what he thinks food should taste like so nothing else tastes good to him and he probably don't like the texture of anything else either. Take the gerber away and leave the fruits and veggies out. After a while he will get hungry and try it. If the gerber isn't around he will eventually ween over to the 'good stuff'. It will take time.

It is kind of like water. If you don't give them water and all you give them is say.... coke. They will get use to that and that is all they want and the water will taste yucky to them. But if you start out giving the water... they will always like it.

My peditrician always said, "It is your job to introduce the foods, and keep introducing them. What he decides to eat right now isn't as important. Don't fight with him over it. Don't make deals. Just keep offering those foods to him."

It worked. My son hated slimy foods, too. Especially jello. Now he can't get enough. I just kept putting it on his plate.

Hi R.. My daughter is now 17 months and eats tons of fresh fruit, but at that age wouldn't touch it. I think she also didn't like the texture. At ten months, there were days that all she would eat were cheerios, so thank goodness for bottles! She has since grown out of it and loves fresh fruit, so don't worry, I'm sure your son will learn to love them too. And if not, you can always find ways to hide fruits and veggies in other foods.

Just keep trying! Have you tried giving him a fork? I have 4 boys and they were the same way until I gave them a fork. They loved stabbing the poor veggie/fruit! Only boys :) When they ate the drier foods I didn't give them a fork, sometimes a spoon. Just saved the fork for those slimy foods so the boys wouldn't loose interest in the fork.
Good Luck, just keep trying!

I was reading your request.
The wet slimy food probably does not feel right to him.
The dry fruits seem to be more attractive to him in his eyes and fingers that touch it.
I feel he still would get the same out of them if not better.
I am not sure. But you can always check it out.
He might in time grow out of it.
Take care
Vicki W.

Do you serve them raw or cooked? I usually steamed my veggies till they were softer, but still crisp, and my little boy accepted them pretty well. Also a great first finger food... shredded cheese. Be prepared for a mess, but they love it!

You could try rolling the food in crushed up cheerios.

My daughter is 6 and it has taken years to get her to really try many foods. She still doesn't like foods with too much texture (applesauce)or slimy foods (jello). Only child I know who won't eat fruit chewies. I just make sure she always tries things at least once each time they are offered.

Be patient and keep trying. :)

he probably just needs time to explore the new foods and feels. I kinda know how he feels :) I won't eat bananas or strawberries because of how they feel. I love the taste but hate the texture.

We were big fans of the "mesh feeder". You can get them at Target for a coupleof bucks. Its a little mesh bag with a handle that looks like a great big pacifier. You put fresh fruits and veggies and whatever in there and they gnaw on the bag. So they get the nutrients and taste but without the large peices that can choke them. But maybe you can use it to get him to like the tastes of foods. Maybe show him the food before you pt it in the bag so he can see what he likes and then maybe later eat it without the bag.

hope it works out!

Most kids that I have known do not like any of the gerber foods for the 3rd stage...try real fruit, he may like it better.

Try rolling fruit in wheat germ so the first texture on his tongue is rough and he can pick it up easier with his hands. Or if that taste is too much for him, roll fruit in finely ground crackers or bread crumbs.

Be patient. You have alot more "battles" and difficulties ahead. Wait a while and retroduce them again. After repeated presentations, he will probably come around. He is just a baby and foods taste differently to him(babies). And he is becoming aquainted with new textures.


My son did the same thing at 11 months, it went on until a few months after one. He would not touch his birthday cake! Anyway, he grew out of it around a year.

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