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My Baby Won't Walk...

He's 11 months old and loves to stand up, but only if I'm holding him. He'll pull up to his knees in the crib, but never to his feet. I recently got him a walker, and he just sits in it. What can I do to teach him to move his little feet and push the walker around?

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Thanks for all the advice, I really appreciate it, and you've all made me feel a bit better about his not walking.

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I wouldn't worry, my son didn't walk until almost sixteen months. He didn't want to sit up on his own either. He is now 8 and very active, plays sports and is a very good student, academically. He'll come around when he is ready. On the other hand my daughter was 10.5 months when she started walking.

Try getting a big truck that he can stand and push my son and step daughter do this all the time. The little girl I babysit took her fist steps doing the same. I tried it out and yes, it is fun. LOL

B., my daughter is 19 months old and she didn't walk on her own until she was about 17 months old! :) She was doing the same, pulling herself up, walking while holding my hand but she was afraid to walk on her own. You could see that her legs were steady enough but she was afraid to fall.....it's okay if he isn't ready yet. The doctor's say it's okay up until 18 months, then they start questioning developmental concerns. Hope this helped!

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Hi B.,
He's only 11 months old. Don't panic. He'll walk when he's ready.

Most babies learn at their own pace. None of my boys even tried walking before a year. I have been told by numerous pediatricans not to use a walker. They say it hinders their ambulatory skills and can actual take longer to walk. They don't actually learn to walk in thoes. If he will walk when you hold his hands than just do that a couple times a day. He'll get it eventually.

All children walk at their own rate. You can try some push toys but he will do it when he wants to.

I wouldn't worry yet. 11 months to 14 months is average for a child to start to walk. Don't push it, he will walk when ready. If you are really nervous ask the doctor. I just encouraged my boy a little at a time.

Good Luck

many children at 11 months arent really motivated to walk or stand. I think over the next 2 months if he hasnt stood on his own yet, then talk to his doc about it. My mom always told me to massage babies' legs and move their feet around different times of the day from the time they are born, because its good exercize. They become more aware of their muscles this way. Another thing you could do is put toys or snacks like on a table and encourage him to get them off the table or chair.

My daughter took a long time to walk too. But when she got it, she was off. So don't worry. Your boy will do it too. Just treasure this time since before you know it you'll have to run all over the place after him.

My first born did not walk until she was 13 months. Be patient. It will happen in time.

Dear B.,

Your son is simply not ready to walk yet. Don't worry, he is just fine! He will walk just as soon as HE is ready, and not one moment sooner. Which means, please be patient with him because he will feel your stress and sense your disappointment. He needs for you to be his cheering section and nurture him in everything he does, no matter how long it takes. By the way, it is normal for babies not to start walking until after their first birthday - or longer. My son didn't walk until he was one year. It was actually exactly one year. And you do not get much warning. They seem to go from the description you give of your son, to all of a sudden one day, and they... are up and walking. They are not always the steadiest creatures all the time right away. If you really think about it, walking is the most intense, major physical accomplishment for a baby. So please relax, and enjoy these "now" moments with him. Don't miss a second of his awesome life worring about something that he hasn't done yet, because he's going to do it - and when he does, B., make sure you have good running shoes, and a great sense of humor!

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