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14-Month Old Not Walking

My 14-month old son is not walking yet. His pedi says he is fine, and I know that all children develop at their own pace. I guess I just want some reassurance from other moms, especially moms of late walkers. Thanks!

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My son is 15 months now. He is taking steps on his own but still crawls or uses a push toy to get around for the most part. He doesn't walk with the push toy, he runs. He is all over the place with that thing, espeically now that we have all hard surface floors in the house. I think he just doesn't quite have the confidence to let go. Thanks for all the support and advice. I am feeling better.

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My older son didn't start walking until he was 18 months old! The Daycare was starting to tell me that they thought he was dragging a leg and he might have issues and my Pediatrician told me to be patient. He is 2 1/2 not and is a normal as can be... running, jumping and climbing like a monkey. Be careful what you wish for.

My youngest son is 12 months old and walking everywhere, they are each such different and special gifts :-)

Good Luck!

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My daughter is 13 months. She started crawling 1 month ago and I saw her pull up for the first time this morning. I too will have a late walker and am actually enjoying it!

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walking is largely developmental. My kids walked at 14 mos and 16 mos, and are now playing soccer and on swim team-very coordinated. Their dad didn't walk until after one, which is what I mean by "developmental"-it happens when it's supposed to, probably genetic. No worries :)

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My older son didn't start walking until he was 18 months old! The Daycare was starting to tell me that they thought he was dragging a leg and he might have issues and my Pediatrician told me to be patient. He is 2 1/2 not and is a normal as can be... running, jumping and climbing like a monkey. Be careful what you wish for.

My youngest son is 12 months old and walking everywhere, they are each such different and special gifts :-)

Good Luck!

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Mine both walked at 15 months. My first one was slow crawler too. My second one crawled super early and then just kept on crawling. My dr was not worried becasue they seemed to have stong legs, would walk when holding our hands and seemed fine otherwise. If your dr says the same I wouldn't worry. Once they start, they never slow down : )

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My daughter is 13 months. She started crawling 1 month ago and I saw her pull up for the first time this morning. I too will have a late walker and am actually enjoying it!

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you have PLENTY of time still :) Used to, pediatricians would say normal development for walking was 12-15months, now they've moved that up to 18months. My brother walked at 16months and he's 21 years old working on his doctorate in Pharmacology (he graduates in 2 years!)

If you're still worried, there's no reason you can't call ECI and have them come out for an evaluation.

You can also invest in the walking wings and practice walking. www.walkingwings.com you can find it at baby's r us or at burlington coat factory. To encourage cruising and walking you can put your son's toys on the couch or ottoman so that he's motivated to stand and strengthen those little legs.

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My son who is 4 did not walk until he was 22 months old. He showed absolutely no interest in it what so ever. He wouldn't even try to stand up and hold on to something. One day out of nowhere he stood up and took off. I thought it was the oddest thing. (however the cool thing was because he did it this way we actually got it on tape) The doctor wasn't worried he had me take my son to get x-rays at 18 months but I know now he only did it to put my mind at ease. So don't worry he maybe like my son and just take off on his own.

Hi S.,

My daughter didn't walk until she was 15 months old. I had heard that kids that walk later have a tendency to be more intelligent. That doesn't mean that the early walkers not, but studies show that late walkers statistically have higher intelligence levels. Be encouraged!! By the way, my daughter is 3 years old now and is a very normal little girl. :-P

God Bless,

Sometimes it is nothing and they catch up and sometimes they need a little extra help. The assessments with ECI are free and it never hurts to have an expert look at your child. You can find your local program by calling 800-628-5115.

Hi S.,

My son who is now 18 months old didn't walk until the week before he turned 16 months. My theory is that boys walk later. He also used a walker that he pushed around everywhere so I think that delayed his need to do it alone.

My son is 15 1/2 months old and he just started walking like last week. I also have a friend who's daughter didn't start walking until 17 months. It's totally fine but I know how you feel. I would always see like 11-12 month old kids walking all over the place and my son at 14 months was still only crawling. He will get there I promise.

Hi S., my daughter didn't walk until she was 16 months old. She is 3 now and walking, running, climbing etc. She still doesn't do things as soon as others. My sisters, who have a total of 9 kids between them, say it is because she doesn't have older siblings to mimic.
I know it can be difficult, escpecially if you see others kids his age walking, and when other well-meaning moms make comments. But try not to compare your little boy's development with others. He will walk in his own time. They grow up so fast. Just try to enjoy all the other little things he is doing now.

My first walked at 13 mo., my second at 17 mo. My eldest is one of the least coordinated kids I know, my youngest is a fantastic little athlete at 5. Don't sweat it. She didn't even START pulling up until 13 mo. or so. She was just "content" where she was.


My daughter, who is 7 now, didn't walk until 18 months, she didn't even really crawl....she just kind of "ooched" anywhere she wanted to go.

Don't stress about it....before long he'll be going so fast you'll hardly be able to keep up!

My son didn't start crawling until he was 13 months and then didn't start walking until 17 months. He was a big baby - 100% height and weight on the doctors scale. His pedi said he was fine and just developing his fine motor skills first (he could catch a ball thrown to him at 10 months). I probably held on to him to much as well-I just couldn't put him down.

If his pedi told you he was fine, then don't sweat it.

It's ok! He will walk when he wants to. My daughter walked when she was 13 months old. My neice started walking when she was 15 months old......don't try and speed it up! Before you know it he will be going to elementary school! They walk when they are good and ready! : )

My 18-mo-old son didn't start walking until he was 16 mo, 1 week, and is doing fabulously!

My son was 14 months when he started to finally walk. I was worried cause all I was hearing from my mother was how so and so was walking by such and such and he should be walking by now and yada, yada, yada. His doctor would tell me he was fine and he was developing great. Trust me there is nothing wrong with your baby. When mine finally started walking it looked like he was doing it for a while. Once they start walking you may find yourself wishing he never began ;) He has had no problems developmentally or emotionally. He is three now. He runs everywhere. I am talking non-stop. He is a bright little boy...very gifted. So don't worry. Enjoy the non-walking stage while you can because you think you are hopping now since he started crawling just wait. :)

walking is largely developmental. My kids walked at 14 mos and 16 mos, and are now playing soccer and on swim team-very coordinated. Their dad didn't walk until after one, which is what I mean by "developmental"-it happens when it's supposed to, probably genetic. No worries :)

My daugter was a late crawler...she didnt start crawling until she was 9 months old...for that matter wouldnt roll over from her back to her tummy until she was 9 months old as well.

She is 13 months old now and just last week took her first steps. Even though she figured this out she prefers to crawl or walk on he knees. She would not try to walk unless I was holding her hand or she was holding on to us.

Until today...all of a sudden she just started walking around her playroom. Give things time...babies do things in their own time. Just because the norm does it at a certain age doesnt mean every child will.

Hi S.,
My son was 12 months old when he started walking on his own, although he had been standing a long time, but I think it was because he was a big baby and had a lot of weight to try to balance. But once he took off, he hasnt slowed down any since. And I had always heard that girls develope faster than boys. Just give him some time and he will do it..............

My daughter is two and walked late- she still chooses to crawl or walk on her knees. I try not to stress about it because that will only make it worse for both of us.

Some children develop slowly in this area, but others really do need some help.

It is very important that he is crawling before he walks. Skipping the crawling and going straight into walking can cause sensory issues and other problems later in life.

My friend, who is a pediatric nurse, has a one year old who is not very mobile, and her doctor is very concerned.

She ended up contacting ECI and it turns out her daughter has some very strong developmental delays.

It never hurts to call, they will do a consultation so at least you can be informed and put your worries to rest.

My son walked at 13 months. He started walking soon after I stopped putting shoes on his little feet. So from my experience keep him out of shoes and make sure you buy socks with the little grippers at the bottom.

My son just turned 12-months and is no where near walking. He really has just begun pulling himself up to objects. I like you was very concerned, but the more I talked with people, the more I realized that every child is different and develops at different paces. My pedi said that if he isn't showing signs of at least trying to walk at his next appt (16 months) then she will start to get concerned. However, she did give us the number to ECI Tarrant County (Early Childhood Intervention), just in case we were overly concerned. They will come out to your house and observe your child playing and interacting with objects and make sure that your child is developing correctly and isn't showing signs of any disabilities. I have not done this yet, as I want to see if he will progress on his own over the next couple months. If you would like the number I can give it to you if you would like. I think I am just going to be patient and give him time to do it on his own. People say that when they are ready, they will do it.

As a pediatric occupational therapist, I would like to encourage you to remain your child's advocate. It is true that it is not considered delay in walking unless the child is betweenn 15-18 months. Focus on things your child may be doing that are pre-walking skills, such as, creeping (crawling with belly off the floor), pulling up on furniture to stand, standing at table to play and able to squat down to pick up a toy he dropped. Can your child easily transition from laying down on his back to sitting up without any help? If your child is not doing these things then inform your pediatrician of these concerns. You can always call your area Infant and Toddler intervention program and request someone come and check out your child. A big reason many children delay in walking is that they lack the opportunity to increase the coordination and strength of their abdominals and back muscles, try to limit the times you carry your child. Get him a toy cart that he can push while trying to walk. Always remember that if your internal bell is ringing keep trying to answer it. If you truly deep down feel something is not right, find someone that will check out everything.

My son started walking when he was 13.5 months. He didn't even want to try till then. I tried taking him to places like Gymboree, swimming,to the park every evening where he could try climbing up and down and watch other children his age walking. I tried different walkers at home too. Don't worry..he will walk soon.


I knew a child who did not walk until he was 2 1/2. I think it was because he was a big baby that weighed too much. I have also found that if a child is picked up all the time and is not let pull up around the coffee tables and on the furniture, it will take longer for them to develope the skills of standing up and being confident about standing. I am not sure this is your situation, but these are just some suggestions. Leave him on the floor alot and in the walkers and he will start moving around more, trying to pull up or stand.

My daughter was a late walker. I think she was about 17-18 months before she started walking. She rolled over very early so we thought we were in trouble for an early walker. Once she did decide it was time to walk she was a pro! She probably took a week tops to get it all figured out once and for all and was off... Come to find out, she was simply on her own schedule and still is... She is now working on speaking still and we're 2.5 years old...

It all comes down to wanting to do things on her own time table. Continue to watch and observe everything for other signs and report to the pediatrician and keep everyone on the same page. We worked with ECI for a long time and will until she turns 3. Its worth looking into if you'd like.

They do free evaluations and will see which areas your kiddo is behind on and then continue to work with them and you to develop those skills.

Please let me know if you have more questions but just know that its up to them, and sometimes we just have to be patient! Best of luck! ~T.~

My daughter did not walk until she was 17 months and my son did not walk until he was 15 months. Don't worry! They all develop at their own pace.

One of my daughters did not walk until one week before 18 months, but not to worry, she graduated this May in the top 10 per cent and plans to go to Texas Tech in Mechanical Engineering in the Fall.

My son took forever to start walking. Family and friends were starting to suggest taking him to a specialist, but I knew that he'd do it on his own. He was probably 15-16 months before he really started walking on his own. Enjoy the time with your son now, because once he starts walking he'll be off and running.

My daughter was a late walker. 15 months old before walking and prior to that she "crawled" upright on her knees. It was horrible and I thought she would have lifetime knee damage but all is okay. Don't worry at all!

Hi S.,
My first was 14 months before he really even tried first steps and did not walk well until about 16-17 months. My pedi had a few great points... that kids between birth and 2 will develop certain areas individually instead of simultaneously like older kids - meaning their brains focus on one main area of development at a time. Thats why you will see some walk at 10 months, like my second, but have far fewer verbal skills than my first did at 16 months. I don't know if I'm explaining that right, but if you see that he is relatively on track in other areas, maybe even ahead in fine motor or language development, then i wouldn't worry about it. Just chalk it up to disinterest on his part for now. My first son who walked late couldn't have cared less about walking.. he was too busy developing language. He seemed way ahead of the curve in that area. Now if you feel that as a whole your son is not on track, then i would not wait past 18 months to get some help. I noticed some other moms mentioned ECI which is a great program and would be able to help him a lot. BUT I think you have nothing to worry about... just enjoy the lack of mobility for now b/c once it starts, your life changes drastically!!!! :)

I have a 13 1/2 month old son who is not walking on his own yet either. I think it is fine. There are several others his age in our church nursery that are not walking either. I think my mom said I started walking around 14 months. Supposedly crawling is very good for brain development. So even when your son does start walking, you should actually encourage him to crawl too. Crawling uses more muscles and requires more brain organization.

My son, who is now 17, didn't walk till he was 15 months old. He took his first steps on Mothers Day! He is not developmentally slow in anything so don't worry that this is a sign of a bigger problem. He sure is lazy though so I wonder if that was the problem ;-)

We bought him a toy he could walk and push and kept showing him how to use it. Sort of like training wheels for walking. Something like this: http://www.etoys.com/genProduct.html/PID/4754025/ctid/17?...

He started walking sbout a month later. I have no idea if it was related to that or not. I had another baby 11 months after him though so at I desperatly wanted him to walk!

Hi S.,
My son just turned one and has been walking for about 3 weeks now. I highly recommend the pre walker. The walker taught him to move with his legs and helped him form footsteps. Now instead of sitting in the walker, he likes to stand behind it and push it...especially if the cat is in it! :)
This is the walker we used and it was perfect for us because we have hardwood floors. We kept it in the bucket seat position. If you have mostly carpet, you can put him in the walker when in the kitchen or even take him out on the driveway for a leisurely "walk".

my oldest was 18 months. He's fine now.

Good luck, I.

My first son started walking at 13 months and my youngest son started walking at 15 months. He was slow to do everything. My first son did everything early except walking. So, try not to worry but I understand how you feel.

Boys sometimes take longer to walk. Dont worry till he is about 18 months.


My son who is 4 now did not walk until he was 22 months. He would stand up and have the strength but never the confidence. Today, he still is an overcautious kid and his teacher says to put him in a class where it may be fun and not think too much about falling or hurting himself. So, my advice which you can take with a grain of salt is not too worry and know that kids will develop at their own pace.

My son didn't walk til he was 15 months old. The doc said that it was likely because he was a bigger kid (he was in 3T by a year), and it was harder to get it all coordinated and hurt more when it fell! I don't know if this was just trying to make me feel better, or if there's some truth to it...

Don't worry! He'll walk. And then you'll yearn for the days when you could keep up with him.

I agree with the previous posters that sometimes it's nothing, but being a mom that dealt with this issue very recently I would suggest contact your local ECI and see about having him evaluated. Is he a talker? Does he seem to be reaching all of his other milestones on time? My son didn't walk until he was 15 months old and it was very wobblie. But everyone said he would catch up and be fine. Well he wasn't and I waited until he was 25 months before I got ECI involved. He has severe sensory issues and fine and gross motor delays. Better to be safe than sorry ECI is free and they come to your home.
Good Luck

Oh please don't worry. My daughter didn't start walking until she was 17 months old. Then, one day...she decided it wasn't so bad.

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