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My Almost 7 Month Old Stopped Eating Solids

I just wanted to know if there were other mom's out there that had this problem. My almost seven month old stopped likeing solids all together. He turns away and shakes his head like he is saying no. He is on Stage 2 right now. I had no problems with stage 1 so should I go back to stage 1? I could use some advice.

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well I went back to stage 1, but now it doesn't make a difference, he has just stopped completely, so I guess I'll just keep trying and wait, thanks everyone for your advice. I think you all may be right, it's probably teething.

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Hi H.
My two boys never did like the baby food, but my daughter did until I went to the stage 2 food. It was just a little blan so I added some seasonings and she ate it right up.

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Hi,I myself am a stay at home MOM and I work from home with a small family daycare out of it. I have 3 boys ages 10,6 and my baby just celebrated his first B-Day. I always started stage 2 baby foods rather than the first, I found there was really not any texture difference for the price you pay you might as well get more. Don't give up on the Stage 2 just yet, try offering more of a variety of flavors. He may also want to start self-feeding...they seem to want to be very independent around this age. Try some cherrios, Gerber fruit puffs, or any other fast disolving cracker or cookie. Stage 3 is the worst, very chunky blends and smell awful...except for the fruits! I always went to table food rather than even mess with that. I buy my son No Sugar Added applesauce and pudding and the Yo Baby yogurt from the dairy section. Cut back on milk from the bottle and see if he desires more baby food...at this age 3 to 4 formula bottles are plenty and start offering a sippy cup at meal times. Don't give up and just enjoy these sweet moments.

My son did this a lot around that age. I think it was teething. He would stop eating food for about a week or so, until at around 10 months he quit eating baby food completely. I always filled his tray with Cheerios or the Gerber puffs, or graham crackers, and when he opened his mouth for those I would sneak in a bite of food. I just assumed that if he was hungry he would eat, so I didn't worry a whole lot if his appetite went down. It always went back up a few days later.

My son also stopped eating baby food all together at 7 months, there was no getting him back on there. he had 3 teeth at the time. I used to give him table food. Have you tried giving him mashed potatoes, oatmeal? I would process my own bananas and he ate them that way. you just have to become creative when it comes to babies and there eating. I wold try to make your own baby food, he'll eat it because it taste much better then those gross baby foods. I know its so much faster to just open up a far of baby food but he has to eat something. What about cheerios, puffs that melt in his mouth? I also use to cut up little pieces of chicken and other things and give him that. you probably will have to put everything in his mouth because he cant pick it up yet and watch him real closely because he'll gag a few times before he gets use to the new type of food! My son was on table foods from 7 months on! it was horrible I know how you feel I felt like I was always feeding him the same foods and I even tried a few times to sneak baby food back in but he wouldnt take it..... even those yo baby yogurts would be good for him, he isnt to young.

Hi H.,

I agree with the previous posters, but with a twist. I gave my son his own spoon, but I had one, too. When he tried to get it into his mouth, I'd stick a spoonful in once and a while. It worked really well and we weren't there all night waiting for him to finish. You could try going back to stage 1's and working your way back up.

You can also try finger foods or he may want some of what you're eating. Cut it up into tiny pieces and give him a little at a time. My kids liked the stage 2's, but neither of them would eat the stage 3's.

Good luck!

Have you tried him on regular food and not baby food? How many teeth does he have?

just curious

Hi H.
My two boys never did like the baby food, but my daughter did until I went to the stage 2 food. It was just a little blan so I added some seasonings and she ate it right up.

Hi there,
It might be more of a power struggle than having anything to do with the food? Give him the spoon, (a soft plastic one, not a metal one) see if that helps? He might make a mess, but my 9 months old, my daughter was feeding herself. Also, finger foods might help? Has he had bad gas, or had a hard time having BM's? If so, he might not want to eat cause his tummy hurts....but if those two things are not an issue, I think its more of a power issue :-) My daughter wanted to do things herself by your little ones age...so we just let her. Like I said, it was a mess, but you just wipe it all up,,and invest in one of those plastic drop cloths you put under the highchair. (walmart has them) Finger foods we used to give her were fresh very ripe (so soft) pear, skinned grapes cut in quareters, cooked carrots (that i steamed) things like that. She also loved those toddler fruit snacks that gerber makes,,they are VERY soft and we gave her one at a time. They say for toddlers, but if you give one at a time, its fine. Best of luck to ya.
PS...is he still getting big bottles? (or nursed often?) If so, he may not want solids because he is full of milk...just another thought) Many blessings, Jenny

I wouldnt go back to stage one. Maybe the child is teething? Alot of times that can cause problems with eating. Try some tylenol or orajel and see what happens. Also, how soon after breastfeeding or bottle feeding are you giving the solids? Maybe he is already full? My son was really finiky at that age but he would accept some things. He breastfed alot but I had to make sure he was good and hungry before he would eat. He is like that still today. Good luck!

Try giving him finger foods. My son refused the spoon at that ate. He wanted to do it himself. Also mesh feeders were great. I would put a bit of fruit in there or some of what we were eating and he'd gnaw on it.

My daughter did the same thing. She was not comfortable with the new texture of the food since it was thicker. I would serve her the favorites (fruit) and gradually start with the others.


I would say give him table foods. Both my girls never really had baby food at all. they prefered to feed themselves and well!! I'm all for being lazy and letting them feed themselves. I cut up little bits of chicken and I get the frozen peas and carrots from wal-mart where I can heat those up in the microwave for a few seconds and "insta-lunch" also try different foods, your baby could be bored. Honestly I was never a big fan of making my own babyfood. However when it came to my second child I never even bought baby food at all. I just started her out on things that where small enough for her to eat and then moved up to othere things as she got the hang of things. I also never worried so much about intoducing foods one at a time the second time around, I figured If she ever reacted to something different i gave here I would start from there and figure out what the problem is. Another thing you can try is those toster waffles like the french toast ones, both my kids love those and it is something different than thier normal everyday cheerios for breakfast. Try looking for some simple foods like that you can easily give your kid to feed himself.

It could be the food itself like the flavor. I mean like if it is peas try green beans. Babues taste buds change every 30 days. So the stuff he liked last month he may not like this month. Give a variety of all the food types. Mine is now doing the head shaking thing but it is usually towards the end of his meal. Like he doesnt want it anymore. But give it a try dont give up so easy.

trystage 1 again and see if the taste and texture of the stage 2 is what's bothering the little guy then slowly introduce stage 2 half and half with stage one. it should help if its a texture thing. good luck

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