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My 9 Year Old Son Has Croup

My 9 year old Son has been diagnosed with croup. Has anyone else had a schoolage child with this? I am not sure when he can go back to school. He had a bad night again last night, so I am not sending him today. All I can find online is that he is contagious until the fever is gone, but my Son has not ran a fever. Other than that it is classic croup, including stridor the night before last. That is a creepy sound. The doctor wasn't real clear on exclusion from school. He seems better during the day than at night.

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Thanks to all for your responses. My Son had already been put on a 3 day steroid burst started on Monday. We are far from symptom free during the day. It is only a bit better during the day. The nights are still virtually sleepless. Kids with croup are contagious and it is spread by droplets from the cough and sneezing. We are already doing most of the suggested advice as these are things my dr. had suggested also. My doctor has said to keep him home from school until he has a decent nights sleep, so he can be productive at school.

Those of you who are using homeopathic remedies such as herbs should be very careful and run those herbs by your dr. before you give them to your kids. Most of them are not FDA tested and can be more potent and potentially harmful than prescriptions drugs. Also dosages may not be for children. Please use caution with those types of remedies.

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I've had two of my children get croup. The homeopathic remedy Aconite calmed the cough and put them back to sleep within seconds. Spongia is another one to try though it didn't happen to work on my children.

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Night time will be worse. Try to keep his room cooler. Open the windows, use a cool mist humidifier, when he gets worse have him sit outside, or in moist shower room. Time will make it better.

My daughter use to get croup often as a child. I don't remember the cough hanging on for more then a week. My youngest son had asthma which sounded a lot like the croupy cough. I use to take him in the ER because it seemed he would have it but with a breathing treatment and a shot of ephineprine (spelling isn't my strong point), he would be so much better. I took him to a ped. allergist and found out his oxygen level was very low. He put him on daily asthma meds and gave him an inhailer. Once we moved off the ranch and away from the clover, he seemed to do so much better. It could be anything from dust to mold hidden in the carpet or walls or something in his room that makes him have more coughing at night then in the day. If this continues, I would take him to an Pediatric allergist.

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I found a remedy for the croup cough that seems to work well to help them sleep at night. You buy 2 herds Burdock, Boneset , and Eucalptus. You boil all three in a cheese cloth bag then you pour that water in the humidifier along with more water. It stinks but it seem to make my daughter sleep and not cough.

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I've had two of my children get croup. The homeopathic remedy Aconite calmed the cough and put them back to sleep within seconds. Spongia is another one to try though it didn't happen to work on my children.

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Croup is a frustrating illness and is contagious for the first week. The worst part of it is night sleeping. There is a homeopathic remedy for croup that works like magic: Staphysagria. Homeopathic remedies are completely safe and non-toxic. Unfortunately the medical system doesn't have any pharmaceuticals for Croup and the cough syrups don't actually work very well.

I used homeopathics on my children (still do) in lieu of there being nothing else for them from the doctor's office and have been glad they are available. I have treated both of my kids with Croup with Staphysagria to good effect.

Croup is a "self-limiting" illness - it will run it's course and eventually go away. The problem is that it is so uncomfortable for the child and can run up to 10 weeks.

Give him four pellets under his tongue before bed for a good night's sleep. You can buy Staphysagria at all local food coops, Present Moment at 36th & Grand in South Minneapolis, or Mastel's on St. Claire Ave. in St. Paul.

While you are there, pick up some vitamin C and some cough syrup with zinc and elderberry - Given several times a day, these things will speed up his immune system and soothe his throat.

Good luck!

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We've only had Croup once here, and it is a tough thing. Nights are difficult due to the position.

Croup is caused by several viruses. Contagiousness is about the same as any other bug. When he is feeling better and getting rested, I would say it is time to send him back to school. Since he's run down, he will be more likely to pick up other bugs as well.

If he was not put on short term steroids, or a steriod inhaler, I would get a second opinion. This helped clear up our son's issues quite quickly.

For now, cold air alternating with warm steamy air is the most soothing for him. And a vaporizer at night. Could you have him try to sleep in a recliner or something?

Good luck!


my 9year old has had croup too many times and has even been close to being hospitalized from it......the Dr.'s normally give him a steroid for the cough and it is gone in a couple days, he normally never runs a fever with it just a bad (seal sound) cough. I suggest if he is bad in the middle of the night put him in a steamy shower or get a humidifier and put in his room with some vapor rub on his chest...seems to help too and I like the cough medicine called delsym, seems to help!

I hope all this is helpful, good luck!

Hi V.,
Didn't know croup was contagious. My son got it when he was that old and we just steamed hime and he seemed better. Maybe it wasn't classic croup as he never had a fever. Could he be allergic to something, is it mostly triggered in the evening? Maybe laundry det.? bleach?
Best of health,
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Both my kids 4 and 6 get croup often when they get a cold. They are fine during the day and croupy at night. As long as they are not running a fever, I usually send them off to their regular activities during the day. I treat like any other cold they may have.

My son is 2 1/2 and has had croup a few times - that barky sound is pretty scary. He has never had a fever along with croup and it is always worse at night. Thankfully, it was always in the winter so I would carry him, wrap a down comforter around us and stand out on the front steps for about 10-15 minutes looking at the stars. I encourage him to take deep breaths while we're outside. This is relaxing for him and the cold air helps immensely.

He once had croup with a touch of bronchitis and was put on an oral steriod, preceeded by an injection to get it working quickly. BE CAREFUL WITH STEROIDS. He had a terrible reaction and was basically out of him mind. He's typically very happy all the time and he wound up whinning and crying for two hours. It was a weekend so I just stopped giving him the medicine and then called the doctor on Monday. Well, stopping cold turkey isn't advisable either but they did tell me that steriods can affect kids and people very differently. He went crazy so now we know, no steriods for him ever again. I'm not trying to scare you but be aware that steriods can have different side effects that they don't tell you. If you go that route, watch his behavior and know that you're not crazy if he seems like a different person - just call the doctor if that happens.

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