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My 7 Year Old Held Back in First Grade

I am very upset my son will be held back ,is the thing my son was going to another public school and the teacher at that school and every parent teacher meetings told me my son was doing very good no problem in reading or math, writing or none. now i just move to a differnt borough and i just transfer him to another school, he just has 1 week and half in the new school and i got this letter from them saying he will repeat first grade, i could not beleave why will they say that,i was told that they tested him and he score low on reading and math. my son is 7 and by the time february comes he is going to be 8 years old, so he will be old in first grade. this has my mind going nuts, the other teacher told me at every meeting he was doing good i don"t understand at all. well i"m supposed to meet with the teachear this friday june 25th so speak about it, altough i contac the Board Of Education about this matter. why was i not told about my son education well being at the other school?...anyone has any advice for me?

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Hello everyone and thanks for all your answers , well i'm back i spoke to the teachear and assistant principal on friday and here is what they said. so the teacher told me that base on the other school record and testing him he score low on understanding reading and he score to low, so that is why she wants to hold him back on the same grade.but i ask if she ever spoke to the old teachear she said no, all they said was they had him tested to see where was his level. and they said he score low in all. i said he just started in the new school just 2 weeks ago . i think my son was not ready to open up to her and it takes time for my son to open up to new people.and i just left upset don"t know what else should i do. so he will be held back in first grade there is no summer school for him he is to young for it. so i"m trying to do my best to work with him during the summer.

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I think you need to talk to the teacher and get the copies of his tests from the previous school. He could be nervous and still adjusting to the move. I would not just let a teacher who only new my son for a week and half make this kind of decision. Shame on the other school district if they let him fall that far behind and never noticed.

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I am an educational therapist and would be glad to discuss specifics with you if you'd like. I specialize in working with struggling students. My e-mail is ____@____.com luck!

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Stand your ground. Request that your son have an evaluation for learning issues because he has had a full year of educational services and another year of the same thing is not going to help him, he needs to have a new instructional method.

Especially if he is in the same school district, they had an affirmative obligation to educate him and to tell you if he was not doing well. One of those two things failed. If he is in a different school district, the state still has the same requirements for grade level standards.

Holding children back is not an effective educational strategy. Go to www.wrightslaw.com and scroll down on the left side of the page, click on Retention, and read about it, you will also find some strategies to follow to get your son the kind of evaluation that he may need. Stand your ground, holding him back to see if it was the schools fault is not going to wash, evaluating him to see why he did not learn what they taugh is the way to go, because anther round of 1st grade when he may need targeted intervention strategies is going to put him two years behind, you want to get on this now.

If the old school failed to educate him when he was able, you should look to them for compesnatory service, and at least file a complaint with your state department of education.


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I think you need to talk to the teacher and get the copies of his tests from the previous school. He could be nervous and still adjusting to the move. I would not just let a teacher who only new my son for a week and half make this kind of decision. Shame on the other school district if they let him fall that far behind and never noticed.

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Hi.....I def. agree w/ all the other posts! Also, at the meeting, ask what kind of testing did they perform on you child? I'm curious to know how they based their evaluation of his performance. What are their standards? As many know, you can't just base a child's performance on one kind of testing. Since, if I'm correct, its been only a week and a half that he has been in this school, he might not have tested to his fullest capabilities based on many factors such as his adjustment to a new environment, new teachers, having only 1 1/2 week left of school, a move, etc. Needless to say, I feel that this is a bit premature of the school's assessment of your child's performance based on a week and half and some testing. I feel they didn't give your son a fair chance and like others have stated, they can offer summer school for him to reinforce his skills. I would fight this and not allow him to stay back. Don't feel intimidated...you are your son't advocate and you need to stand up for him!! Ask for the facts and demand that he gets the proper tools and time to be successful. He should be able to start 2nd grade next year! Good Luck!! G.

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Hmm.. I would contact the old school and request his test results. Ask them what level of reading and math was your son performing at and what standardized tests did he take with his results..

I would also wonder if he did not test well at his new school, since he JUST moved there and that can cause a lot of distractions and stress.. Can you request he have another evaluation.. Also ask them how he was evaluated and what tests they used and what level they feel he is reading at and his math abilities are at.

Do you have any of his graded homework to show them from the last school?

Do consider summer reading and math tutoring.. Our daughter loved work books during the summer, maybe get him a few and play school with him.. He can be the teacher and grade your papers.. Make lots of mistakes so he can correct them.. and then have him do work sheets on his own.. See how well you think he is doing..

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Definitely do everything you can for him to not repeat first grade. Teachers have good intentions - even if faulty information is at hand - but the truth is, your son will likely not graduate high school if they hold him back. When he turns 18 he can drop out whether you like it or not. Keep him moving forward and if his academics are low, you need to commit a huge amount of energy into working with him at home to get him where he needs to be. Good luck!

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I find it kind of quick from the new school to tell you he will have to repeat after only 1 1/2 weeks. He is still new to the teacher and his classmates and probably hasn't adjusted to his new class yet. I know my son would not do well after such a short time. Like others mentioned I would get his old records and if nessecary have his old teacher talk to the new teacher. They might be able to figure out what is going on. I know you just want the best for your kid so stick to you gut feeling. Good luck!!!

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Summer school? I feel horrible for your son and I hope you can work something out as this can be horrible for his self esteem.

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Something smells rotten here... I agree with all of the posts so far. You really need to get to the bottom of this.

The only thing I have to add is that you keep working through this situation over the summer. Alot of schools shut down for a month or so and that is precious time that will be lost.

I hope this works out for you - keep us posted.

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