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My 20 Month Old Has Diarrhea for 4 Days Now, and Loss of Appetite!!! Help!!!

Okay so Rylin had a very slight fever about 4 days ago,and she wouldnt eat. In the middle of the night,she woke up throwing up. She was throwing up for about 2 days,plus she had really bad diarrhea. So now it is day 4, and she still has bad diarrhea,and wont eat much. She has taken a few bites of stuff,but thats it. She is not throwing up anymore,but I'm worried about the diarrhea. She is drinking fluids too. Is this dangerous to be having it for this many days?? Her attitude is great,so I'm really confused.

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Hi everyone! thanks for all the advice and support, it means alot!! Ok so after about 8 days,she was back to normal. but two days went by, and she started throwing up! No diareah or fever, just trowing up. Well the next day she was fine and back to normal. But about 3 days went by, and she started throwing up in the middle of the night( this was just last nigth)!!! So here we are today, and she hasnt thrown up yet but she gagged like she was going to after eating breakfast!! Ugh!!! This is frustrating!!

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Hi J.,

You may want to try what they call the BRAT diet..she will probably have diarrhea for a couple more days, usually 7-10 with no other complaint..BRAT stands for bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. This will slow the diarrhea down and it's easy on the stomach. Keep her hydrated, stay away from anything with sugar and milk as they make diarrhea worse. Most kids don't like pedialyte so I used gatorade diluted with water...good luck. It's frustrating but it will end shortly. :) M.

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As long as she's drinking fluids and haing wet diapers, that's a great sign. It's not abnormal to not have much of an appetite. Great news that she's not throwing up anymore. It sounds like she's on the road to recovery.


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The BRAT diet worked every time for my son when he had diarrhea. It is bananas, rice, applesauce and tea. I don't remember the particulars, but you can look it up.

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Girlfriend - get your child to a doctor immediately! As a full-time student, your child should be covered through your healthcare plan. Although diarrhea seems innocuous, the resulting dehydration can be extremely harmful to your child. Don't wait and go now!

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I would call the doctor ASAP since children can become dehydrated so quickly. A friend of mine who's a nurse once told me that if they're throwing up or having bouts of diarrhea more than three times an hour, they can become dehydrated before you know it. Four days of diarrhea sounds like a lot to me. I say, "when in doubt, call the doctor."

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When my daughter had bad diarrhea that went on and on, I was given the advice to put her on the BRAT diet. It worked, we still follow it when needed, and she is now 18. For a day or so, only eat Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and dry Toast (BRAT). Make the toast as dark as you can eat, or get her to eat.

If it doesn't clear up in a day or two of this, call the doctor.

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Dear J.,
If she is drinking fluids, I think that is the most important at this point. sounds like the stomach flu (my son just had that too!) Dehydration is the biggest concern with infants but if she is happy and drinking, she is good. It never hurts to just put a call in to your pediatrician for a return phone call, and to discuss the situation with him/her. They can always give you advice and when, if needed, you should bring her in. -AM

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Take her to the Dr. -children/babies especially become dehydrated very fast. Unless you know she is getting enough nutrition (glucose for her brain and fluids for her vascular system heart etc) it is best to have them taken care of by an MD. It would take measuring her intake (fluids etc, knowing she got enough food for electrolytes, glucose) and weighing her diapers to insure she has adequate output to do this on your own...
An MD can do an assessment and be able to tell if she has a passing bug or is dehydrated or needs further medical care.
Ask your pediatrician for guidelines on when he/she expects you to bring little one in with diarrhea, vomiting. They all have great guidelines to help parents make judgment calls.
Take care,

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I am 58 years old and raised two children of my own and was a mother to my neighbors daughter. Get your child to a doctor or hospital immediately!!!!!! I was a single mother also at one time. Your childs health is very important. If you are worried about the doctor bills don't. Your chld's health is more important. If your childs father is responsiable for the mecical bill him and no hospital or doctor can turn you away if you don't have insurance. Please take your child for medical treatment. Just think how you would feal if you were going through the same thing. God bless.

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Scary huh?! As long as your child is drinking and there is no blood in the stool, your child will be ok. If the fever gets out of control too. Those are some signs I have been told to look for with this virus. My family has had this many times. It is called Rotovirus. http://www.rotavirusinfo.com/index.html?blksrv=T&WT.s...
Just make sure your child is HYDRATED!!! Diaper rashes can become a concern, too. There is a mixture of milk of magnesia and Aquaphor, it is hard for me to get the paste consistancy though. I usually use aquaphor OR corn starch. The other ointments deistin and balmex BURN!!!
Bottom line, if you are worried take child to pediatrician. Good luck!

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Just to reinforce the BRAT diet advice, this really works! Also lots of Pedialite. If it continues or if fever comes back, of course call your Doc.

Most insurance plans offer free Nurse advice through an 800 number. If I have a health question, I usually call a registered nurse and they will give advice, what to watch for and if/when you should see your doc.

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