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18 Mo. Old Can't Keep Anything Down.. Help!!

Hi mommas,

My 18 mon. old woke up last night throwing up, all night long. This morning, I tried to feed her breakfast and just as soon as she ate it all up, it came right back out. Not even juice will stay down! Is there something going around?? What should I do about this? Any help is greatly appreciated, I put a call into the pediatrician, I'm just waiting for a call back. Meantime, I would love some suggestions. Thank you!

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Wow! This is why I love Mamasource. Thank you guys so much for all of your advice and encouragement. Bella is doing a little better. Her appetite is no where near what it usually is, and her drinking is minimal but she is keeping the majority of things down. We've been doing what we could with the BRAT diet, and unfortunately she does not have a liking for the Pedialyte.. but I've been trying to sneak it in. I even broke down and got her the Nuby sippys that she loves.. and I hate.. cause they just don't last! But whatever it takes! The Ped. prescribed some type of nausea medicine.. ( I didn't really feel to comfy with it.. so I am holding off on it) I'm just paranoid about meds.. So anyway.. thank you again, for all of your time.. You guys are awesome!!!

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Assuming by now you have seen the dr. I took mine in when she did this at that age. It was a bug and the dr gave us suppositories for her.

At that age they can become dehydrated very easily, very quickly!

We also gave her slightly diluted gatorade (the yellow and red) because she did not like pedialite.

Hope things are better by now.

I would watch that closely ! my son had the same issue & got de-hydrated & we had to put him in the hospital & he had to get hooked up to IV's ! due to being de-hydrated!
I would get to the Dr. as soon as you can !
But, try gatorade & 7 UP !...........
Good Luck ~

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There are several reasons why this can happen:

Does she have a fever?

Either way,if a child is sick then a lot of times they won't eat and when you try to feed them it will come back up. As long as she isn't dehydrated you could just give her some time and sips of pedialyte. Sips only though, and only every so often.

Some ways to tell if they are dehydrated are dry cracking lips, crying without tears, doughy texture to the skin.

You did the right thing in calling the pediatrician. But they will probably just tell you to watch her for the next 24 hours.

Make sure you don't give her anything to eat unless she acts hungry and even then only bland foods like white rice, mashed potatoes, crackers, etc. And only in very small amounts then work her back up to normal food as she tolerates it.

HOWEVER!!! If she has projectile vomiting or could have fallen and hit her head or her stomach she needs to be seen right away.

Hope this helped, let me know how she is doing if you don't mind.

I'll be praying in the mean time....


This is really going around right now. My daughter had a horrible stomach virus when she was about 20 months and our pediatrician did absolutely nothing to help. She even told me not to bring her in unless she was loosing more than what she was taking in, right after I had told her that she was loosing everything and had started refusing to drink anything. We changed ped. the next week.

However, we did a lot of reading online and in some natural healing books that I have. It recommended giving them just a tablespoon of liquid every few minutes. If they kept that down than in a few more minutes, give them another one. When she's holding all of that down you can try giving her some stuff with ginger or artichoke heart in it. Look at the vitamin store or the newer HEB's have a lof of these things specially for children. They also have children's pepto that I have my two year old last time she was sick. You might want to ask your doctor about it when she calls you back since your daughter is only 18 mos. Hopefully this passes quickly!

Glad you're staying away from the meds!! I just don't see the intelligence in taking something to keep a nasty bug in her body when her body wants it out! Eventually, her body will get it out of her. This is what I wrote before I saw your update:

Nasty virus going around has hit my large group of friends over the past couple of months. It's lasting anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days. Pretty much nothing stays down. Stay completely away from sweet drinks and dairy. A watered down chicken broth is good, or Pedialyte in small quantities if your child will drink it. Mine won't touch either (they're 18 mos. & 4 years), so I did lots of unsweetened cinnamon applesauce. Be sure it has no added sugar--that's tough on the stomach. Cinnamon has a soothing effect on the tummy. The BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, & Toast)is really good until those foods stay down for at least 24 hrs., then try other pretty bland foods until back to a normal diet. Some kids are running fever with this virus, and some are not. My family had alot of stomach cramping, so there was alot of inconsolable crying. Gripe water helped some with the cramping. If you happen to have any breastmilk, maybe frozen, it is the ideal food for this stuff. I had stored some and reserved it for just in case something like this virus hit my little one, and it was the only liquid that he would drink and keep down. The main thing you want to watch for is dehydration. If she doesn't have wet diapers a few times a day and can't keep liquids down, you may need to take her in for i.v. fluids. Good luck! I hope she feels better soon!

Let her tummy rest--nothing but clear liquids for a day (jello, popcicles, gatorade, pedialyte or ricelyte, flat sprite) and just lots of small sips, no gulping or it will hit reverse as soon as it hits her tummy. Her tummy and intestines are probably still spasmodic, so they must rest from solid food at least 24 hours. Then move to the BRAT diet, and move back to clear liquids if she throws up. If she begins running a fever or continues to vomit beyond 48 hours, it's time either for the dr. or urgent care. I don't know where you live, but in Tarrant county, there are several Cook Children's urgent care facilities around. When my daughter caught a nasty tummy virus at 2 1/2, I took her to Cook's in Hurst. She ended up staying there all day on an IV. She was bouncing around like nothing happened the next day...of course, I caught it from her :o( yuk... also, try those aceteminophen suppositories they sell at Walgreens or CVS, I think Albertsons' too--they're called Feverall--helps when nothing's staying down and she's achy or feverish.

I would watch that closely ! my son had the same issue & got de-hydrated & we had to put him in the hospital & he had to get hooked up to IV's ! due to being de-hydrated!
I would get to the Dr. as soon as you can !
But, try gatorade & 7 UP !...........
Good Luck ~

There is a nasty little bug going around right now. I would feed her ice chips to keep her hydrated right now until you can see your pediatrician. When she can start holding down her food you can do the B.R.A.T. diet. Bananas, rice, applesauce, toast. Beware, after the throwing up stage come diarrea.

I had a son that did that. An Indian lady told me what to do. Put 2 tablespoons of Jell-O in 8 ounces of water. Make sure it is dissolved good. I don't know what this does but it helped my son. I used it on my Grandkids too. They would drink that and be fine.


I myself have actually just gotten over a nasty stomach bug. Luckily, my 19-month old son seems to have escaped its wrath. My son has had several stomach bugs in the past however. The main objective is to keep your daugther hydrated. I recommend water and Pedialyte. Don't give her too much liquid at once, however. That will probably just cause her to vomit it back up. You may have to go as far as to just give her a medicine syringe full of liquid once every 20 minutes or so if that's all she can keep down.

Good luck. I hope your daughter feels better soon. I know it's heartbreaking to see your child suffer.

Don't worry, my 18 mo old baby girl had the same thing a couple of week before....stomach virus. I gave her ONLY pedialyte for a couple of day, NO MILK or JUICE. Start with few spoon of pedialyte and see if she is ok with that and gradually increase in the cup/bottle.....the second/third day start with crackers, apple sauce and so on...
Hope she feels better!
good luck

Juice isn't a good choice if your daughter is sick. It can cause stomach problems. Use water and pedialite. Maybe even flat 7up or diluted gatoraid if you don't have the pedialite or water around. If she is sick you don't want to give her milk right now either until she is able to keep her food down, it can upset her stomach as well. You will probably want to use the BRAT diet. It is what my doctor recommends every time my kids have had this problem. B(bananas) R(rice) A(apple sauce)& T(toast or crackers) You should use this until she can keep her food down. If it lasts longer that 48 hours I am sure you will want to take her in to the doctor. If she isn't getting any liquids down at all and what she does get is coming out either end then you will want to call your doctor's office and see if you should bring her in right away. Liquids are the most important thing so if she can keep down water and such than that is a good start. I hope this helps. It's no fun when your baby's sick.

My 9 month old nephew was going through the same thing last week. He couldnt keep anything down and it was very upsetting. The BRAT diet has always worked for me. (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast) Keep the fluids going, even if it's just water. If your little one can't keep food down, then i think it's best to just take her to the ER unless your doctor accepts walk ins. There is deifinitely something going around. I hope your baby feels better soon! :)

Stick to BRAT diet....bananas, rice, apples (applesauce), toast

Lots of fluids too.

Hang in there. I hate when our lil' ones are down. We have the flu right now, so it is that time of year.


Well, we are going through a bit of this right now. My 2 year old has what I am sure is an ear infection, but will confirm that with the doctor in the morning. I went through this on a much larger scale with my son. He developed an ear infection when he was 6 months old and it actually never went away until he was 2 years old. We were at the doctor every 2-2 1/2 weeks and starting a new round of antibiotics. He has permanant hearing damage because of the prolonged ear infections. So, definitely see the doctor if things don't improve soon. Also, please do not assume that all is well when the antibiotics have all been taken. Go back to the doctor and make sure. I always made an appointment to go back to re-check his ears and always needed it because he was not well. Two days of the meds and he was throwing up and fever soaring. Aside from two sets of tubes, he has also had to have two other surgeries for his ears and we are gearing up for a third and possible fourth. Now, so this doesn't seem so scary, with the first surgery (after the two sets of tubes) we did find out that his Eustachian tubes are not formed right which is why he just could not heal. But too much fluid for too long can and will permanently damage one's ears.

I hope I have not come across in any other way than a concerned mother that has watched my child suffer for years because of ear trouble. He has even had to be hospitalized because he got dehydrated from all the vomiting.

Is she coughing? My son has had a bit of a cough. Milk caused the mucus to thicken and the curdled milk would come up with out fail. The sugar in juice may be doing the same thing. Our doctor recommended called it a stomach flu and recommended, Pedialyte and water for the night. The following day we did the BRAT diet. Bananas,rice cereal, applesauce, and toast.We also gave him soy milk. That seemed to soothe his stomach. We slowly re-introduced milk. At the time, 2 weeks ago, there was something going around. The above metioned is standard procedure for a stomach flu. BUT I would definitely go to the doctor.

actually there is a virus going around ... my 8 yr old was hospitalized for dehydration because of it and i caught it from him ... just remember the B.R.A.T diet in cases like this ... bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast ... i am a mother of four and my pediatrician has always recommended it when these bouts come around and the poor babies cannot keep anything down ... no milk ... it will sour on their lil tummies :)

What kind of juice did you give your daughter? Some juices, like orange juice, are VERY ACIDIC and upsetting to the stomach, while VERY DILUTED apple juice or mixed berry juice is much more soothing. If she isn't able to keep it down, though, try letting her suck on some icicle pops (even the sugared ones, since she needs the sugar in her system right now). Don't force anything down. Her stomach needs to rest after working as hard as it did all night with the vomiting. Once she is able to tolerate eating again, there is a format called the BRAT diet (Bananas,Rice, Apples, Toast) to re-introduce foods so her stomach is not "overloaded" all of a sudden.

Of course, if she is running a fever, give her some Tylenol or Motrin as directed by her pedi.

Hope she gets to feeling better soon!! :)

My son, then I, got this last month. It's an ugly virus. You just have to let it work itself out. Don't give your daughter anything to eat or drink until she's stopped throwing up. Then after she hasn't thrown up for a couple of hours start giving her Pedialite. Now if she starts throwing up again, wait for another 2 hours. I think we were giving our son a tbsp. every 15 minutes or so.

After my son & I had recovered and had been well for a good week, my cousin & her 10 month old daughter came to visit & they both got the same thing. I don't know if it was because of us or if they got it elsewhere, but either way be on the safe side & disinfect EVERYTHING you daughter touches. It's a pretty virulent virus.

Best of luck you to & your family!

We just went through this at our house!!! It's heartbreaking to see them sick. I just gave mine a little water and a little gatorade throughout the day. A little tylenol/motrin probably would make them feel better too. Just be careful when you think they are feeling better don't feed them alot, it will be tempting but you will be cleaning that up too! We eased into feeding again with noodle soup and dry toast. Good luck and i hope your little one starts to feel better soon!

Assuming by now you have seen the dr. I took mine in when she did this at that age. It was a bug and the dr gave us suppositories for her.

At that age they can become dehydrated very easily, very quickly!

We also gave her slightly diluted gatorade (the yellow and red) because she did not like pedialite.

Hope things are better by now.

I always think juice comes back up the fastest. I wouldn't give her anymore juice. Don't give her much, but like 1/2 of an ounce of water at a time. If she throws that up wait another hour and try again. Right now your goal is to just keep her hydrated. Unfortunately these things always end up having to run its course which REALLY SUCKS when they are babies. Try to keep her comfortable and hydrated until you can get her in the doctor.

when little ones are sick you should only feed them pedialite (to replace their electrolytes) and the BRAT diet. B - bananas, R - rice, A - applesauce, and T - toast (dry- no butter or jelly). my mom told me this and i've done it with my kids their whole lives. hope she is better soon.
oh, and yes, their is a tummy virus going around.

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