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Infant Cold and Congestion

my six week old is going to the doctor tomorrow. he is very congested in both the head and chest and sounds terrible. when i breastfeed his nose is stuffed so he struggles. we have given him the little tummies nose drops and i also have a humidifier with vicks bath wash added to it running in the living room. is there something else we can do to aid him in getting rid of this stuffed nose and congestion? i want him to be as comfy as possible. thank you in advance.

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I would get the "Nosefrida". I had to order mine online, but some Whole Foods stores carry it, you can look on their website and it will tell you which ones, and a few other places carry it. Google nosefrida. Its much easier to clear out their nose with it. I wish i had it when my kids were infants. It will seem wierd, but it works better than the bulb syringe. And try to elevate his bed, without him sliding down to the bottom. The humidifier will help too, other than that, if its just a cold, it will take time to clear up.

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The only other thing they will tell you to do is to put something under his mattress so that he's on a slight angle vs. laying flat. It is helpful.
There's really not much else you can do. If it's a cold, figure it will last from 7-10 days so start counting down the days!
Good luck!

Elevate the crib so he is sleeping on the incline. I use a couple of books under the crib legs on the floor under the head side of the crib. Keep in mind breast milk has antibodies so if you are going to rinse his nose with something consider using it instead of saline and such. Someone already suggested an aspirator. Hope everything is better soon!

breastmilk up his nose, works better then saline, i learned it on accident but found it to be a widely accepted practice in the breastfeeding world :)

I hate this! my daughter for some reason always has a stuffy nose! and when I nurse her she is also struggling, and thanks to teeth (she is 15 mo) she bites when she is stuffy! it really does sound like you are doing everything possiable to help out, sadly there is no real way to make it better fast. I know that suction will help too, but my daughter never lets me do it. I feel for you and your LO good luck and hopefully it will pass. Oh, and you should be sure it is okay to give shots when your child is sick: some dr. say it is okay as long as they dont have a fever, but I err on the side of caution who needs extra "germs" when they are already sick. sorry to bring up more worries, just a thought!

there is nothing that works better than breast milk used as saline in the nose. it thins mucus and also added benefit of killing the bacteria in the passsageway! also stop witht he vicks! that stuff is toxic and can coat the lungs. I would not use that product! Keep up the nursing, best thing for your baby, and willl keep him healthy!!!! I hope he gets better soon!!!!

Try improving your child's resistance level by giving him Vit C. It helps. In some children congestion increases with Vicks inhalations. Try rubbing warm mustard oil heated with salt on chest and back at night. It helps in de -congesting.

I suggest sitting in the bathroom while the shower is frunning (hot water) the steam will help, also use saline drop. I do hope your littleone get better.

Suck it out with a bulb syringe. Get a big one - less pressure. That's what the hospitals do. Instill a drop or two of saline drops wait a bit and suck it out again until nose is clean. It will not hurt the baby but some kids do not like it. Baby might not even cry, the stuffed nose is more uncomfortable than a small intervention. I still use this with my soon to be 3 y/o.

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