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Mother of Six Boys

My husband and I have five boys and our sixth is due in May. I am looking for other moms out there who can relate. Anyone else have this many boys in a row?

What can I do next?

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I feel for you. While I do not have (6) boys, I have two very active boys which sometimes leave me with the feeling that I have 10. LOL...My hats off to you.

V. M.

Try this website: http://itsgoodtobethequeen.com/

This is a great website for mothers of boys

Hope you enjoy it

Hi, I have 6 boys as well and what fun it is! But, my boys are all older now and I can relate to how you feel. Hit me up some time.

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Sorry I can't relate my self, but my boss's in-laws (who just also happen to go to my church, so I also know them well myself), had 9 boys then finally had their girl (yes, you read that correctly-10 kids-I know-wow!) and are now done, or at least they believe so unless she isn't into the change-of-life as she believes. If you hadn't figured it out already, they don't believe in hormonal birth control methods and are also financially well-off, believe in and came from large families, and mom is a stay-at-home mom, so they opted for a large family. Anyways, I can't imagine the testosterone in that house!
So, in conlussion, yes there are others and if you need someone for support, I can get you her info-she is very friendly, sweet, spiritual, and supportive so I am sure she would love to lend an ear! Just e-mail me privately if you want her info!

Best of luck!

Hi B., No hun you have me beat. I only had 4 boys back to back with no girls. I still can relate, I'm sure. However, mine are grown or supposed to be grown by now. They are all over 21 (My baby is 22) and only one is married. I only have 1 Grandchild and it's not by the one who is married. It's from son #2 and an 18 yr old girl actually put little holes in his condom and now since he doesn't love her, of course that means that neither he nor I love this Baby. He will be a year March & we still have not gotten to see him. I'm very lucky that my son is taking it upon himself to continue to pay child support and a very expensive lawyer so hopefully He can see his Son this month (Please pray for us) and then I can see my Grandbaby. But really I've been very lucky and they haven't caused me much problems (I raised them as a single Mom & people have called this a miracle) As soon as I start feeling sorry for myself because I never had that daughter, one of them will bring a girl friend around and I'm very thankful, I didn't have girls. I think girls want their independence at a younger age, like about 14 & start their teenage rebellion much younger. But for right now at their ages, enjoy them as much as you can and teach them housework & cooking just as you would if they were girls. All of mine have done their own laundry since very early teens (about 12) and they know how to cook and take care of themselves. I'm not trying to put down any girls out there, it's just the ones that did come trying to talk them into getting into trouble, obviously had parents that thought, girls are more mature & it's the boys that get them in trouble. Look out for those girls, & good luck with that. But seriously I know it's overwhelming now and you may feel that you will never have that Mother-Daughter connection. My sons are better about giving me props about being the best Mother and asking for my advice, than my Sisters 3 daughters treat her. Over the years when I've gotten really down & out about this, I remember a Lady that was in my room with me after I had my last. I do not know what Country she was from, I just remember her telling me many times "In My Country You Would be Considered a Queen" for having 4 boys. Dang, I always regretted not knowing which Country this was so I could go be a Queen. But the boys at times have definately treated me like a Queen and very protective of how their friends & girl friends act around me & always demand respect for me. I'm not sure girls do the same. I hear of more Women having to put up with their Daughter's boyfriends nonsense than I do. (Because remember the Girl will DIE if her parent's try to run this temporary Love of her Life away)Best of Luck,

I would have LOVED to have more, but I only have one...
Bless you!
Congrats on #6.

We have 4 boys 1 girl. We can relate!

Three boys, a girl and a boy for me! I do know a very nice woman... who had 10 in a boys in a row. (then she hit menopause). From my experience, take the boys! Our girl is not only mean to them, she's a banshee! E-mail me anytime. ____@____.com

Hi B.,I have 5 boys....all boys,no girls! So,yes,i can def relate with you! My oldest is 18 and lives in ariz with his dad,and me and my husband have 4 boys oldest is 10,youngest is 7 mths.

I also have a yahoo group i started called diva moms of keller,its small right now ,but alot of great moms on there,we chat about this and that,vent,etc. Feel free to join!
My husband and i were going for that girl! But,after the 4th boy,we said forget it! lol.
hope to hear from you soon!


I am due any day with my 4th boy... I do have 1 girl in the middle of them, but our house is full of boys! It is very fun, very loud and active--- I would love to associate with other moms who have a pack of boys, especially those with boys in scouts, as our oldest two are heavily involved! Check out out family ____@____.com or email me at ____@____.com. Thanks! J.

Oh B....I can relate! I have 3 & desperately want a girl...w/my last one about 2 yrs ago I just struggled between feeling blessed b/c he was healthy, but just so disappointed to have another boy...that is so hard I know...we live in the ft. worth area...where are you? Maybe we can meet at a park one day & let our boys run! I hope you're feeling well!
all the best, C.

Hi B.,

I can relate although I don't have six boys yet I just have three and I have a baby due in August wich most likely is a boy also(too early to determine yet). I would like at least one girl, but I enjoy my boys even though they climb the walls and drive me crazy.

I haven't had that many boys, but I do have 5 brothers. I think myhusband would be really happy if we had 5 boys. I figure that I will take whatever the Lord decides to send me, though I really would like at least one girl. So, while I don't personally have that many boys I can comiserate & also share the happy times of lots of boys (they cost less, less back biting and gossip, less catiness, etc.). If you ever feel like chatting feel free.

I have 6 children, but only my youngest 4 are boys. My boys are 14, 10, 8 and 6. Congratulations on your upcoming addition.


I came from a family of girls, had two of my own, then nearly seven years later, we had four sons in a row (in eight years) then a girl, then almost eight years later we adopted a son, then a girl, and now the girl's baby brother is living with us and will probably be an adoption. So that's six sons for me, too, just not all in a row.
It's a whole other world, isn't it? Most of the time all you can do is close your eyes and don't look. Mine haven't killed themselves or anyone else - yet...

My husband is one of 5 boys, I am one of 4 girls and we have 6 kids ages 8yrs.-2yrs. (had one a year). Mine are back to back, but I had them boy, girl, boy, girl, boy, girl.

From the stories my husband tells me of him and his brothers, I just want to say...the best of luck to you in a house hold full of little active boys. How blessed you are!

Though I do have to tell you my boys are SOOOOOO much easier than my girls! I have no other words of wisdom other than that. You are used to many little ones in your household, so truthfully number six won't be any harder than number 4 or 5.

Once you reach kid number three, you've already run out of hands and switch from offense to defense...so adding on after number 3 is no change.


I have three boys and we are done. I know I would have another boy if we tried though. You might find some help with this website: www.itsgoodtobethequeen.com It is for moms who have only boys.

My husband and I also have 6 boys. They are 7, 6, 4, 2, and 3 month old twins. As you can see, we kept trying for a girl, not sure if we are done yet.

I have 5 boys and 1 girl - my daughter is 4th from the oldest so all the boys in a row isn't quite a match, but with 6 children we are in the top 1% - so close enough!
Currently - I am on the other side of your journey - my oldest is 22, a US Marine on his way back to Iraq for second tour of duty there, then an 18 yr old, 16 yr old, my daughter who is 14, 4th son 13 and "the baby" who is 11.
If I were to boil useful advice into a 5:30 a.m. soundbite list they would be...
1)Take time for you - even if it is a daily bubble bath, a worthless show on TV or starting the morning with one really good cup of coffee - you will or probably do feel like you are invisible at times and too tired to ever do anything "meaningful" in the external world again - this is a lie...you are building men who will make a difference and who will benefit from the life learning a full house brings.
2)This too shall pass - Once the youngest hits three, the hormones lift a little and when they all reach "self maintenance" you will be Queen of the World. Did you know that with every pregnancy, the links between your left and right brain multiply? This equips you to handle the heart and personality challenges, the flying baseballs out of nowhere and the mountains of details and projects that have to be managed in a large family. Later on, you can leverage this into powerful success in making a difference in the world through community service, business or creative passions. Right now... just hang on to the hope that this is true, love your babies and give thanks each day.
3)Choose your battles carefully - having agreement with yourself and your husband on what is manageable and healthy in YOUR home is important. Logistically, with 6 sons, they probably all can't be in separate sports programs, etc. We decided to allow 1 sport each, but only if they are in high school and it works out for everyone else. Teamwork and leadership that they would learn in those activities can be imparted to a large degree at home, especially if you set a standard for serving others in the community through your church or other outreaches.
When my oldest son left boot camp as platoon leader with very high honors he and I had a long talk. He recognized that he had excelled because he learned how to be a true servant leader through what we modeled at home and the training at his high school. He had no idea this was "in him" until the pressure was on and the opportunity was there. You plant a hundred seeds of character in your family each day, but they all grow in their own time.
4)You are NEVER alone... even though you would like to be sometimes, ha, ha. Make an effort to stay connected and be real with your friends. Whether you have one child or twelve, you may never feel that what you can do for them is "enough"... but embracing that with trust that God will make up the difference brings peace.
5)You will make mistakes, you will fall short, you will hurt them from time to time by making an unfair decision, forgetting something or saying things when frustrated that sting. How you recover and restore when things don't go right is a demonstration of what forgiveness can do. Its only when we can forgive and love ourselves with compassion can we really forgive and love others.
6)Laugh, laugh and laugh some more - now that half my kids are basically up and gone, I open my home every week to a group from church that I know will be eating, laughing and caring. Since I work from home and am a single mom, making sure I have this "social" need met is important to me and they all have a good time too. Creating a home with an "open heart-open door" policy is up to you - take it easy now until you are not Pampers' best customer - but when it is time, remember that people shouldn't be coming to see your house they are coming to see you. Friends who I've "let in" to our high traffic club for dinner or family evening are always surprised to find themselves a wee little bit jealous of all the fun we have and how the personality mix with 6 kids keeps things very entertaining.
My best hopes and prayers to you and to all the mothers reading this... no matter how many children you have... you are changing the world for a hundred years or more, just do the best you can with what you know for sure right now. If all you know is that you are loved and that you love... that's good enough for heaven, good enough for home.
K. Booth (PS - I am working on a book "The MomBA" see themomba.com for updates.)

In the song "Keep your Sunny side up", there is one line that goes...
..If you have 9 sons in a row, Baseball teams make money you know!!!
Thats what I thought of when I read your post.
Just somethin' silly!!

Hey there!

Im a mom og five boys and 1 little girl...it can be crazy no doubt...keeping them busy is what is best for me!!! They feed off of eachother as Im sure you know already...just think of the years ahead and know that you wont have to pay for any weddings...LOL!! Take care and may God Bless you!

There was a family from my home town that had nine boys. They as adults played on the local town team baseball team, and had a ball. We are from a small rural farming area, so they also worked on the farm growing up.
I had two girls first, so naturally was hoping for a boy the next time so I could experience the fun of having both,ended up having two and two, so I realize you may wish for a girl, but this could be fun.

Try this website: http://itsgoodtobethequeen.com/

This is a great website for mothers of boys

Hope you enjoy it

Hi B....God Bless YOU!!! I have two boys and we wanted a girl but this is what my husband makes and we knew if we kept going it would be all boys in a row so we figured two was a nice number. Are you done with your family after this 6th boy or do you still long for a girl? I have lots of nieces and they make me so happy when I get to spend time and I have just come to accept that I will be surrounded with testosterone and will have to sneak away with my nieces when I need girl time. I wish you all the best and no matter what you have got yourself a great family and you are definitely the Queen of your castle.....lots of love to ya...A. Ramirez

Hi B.,
I can relate, almost! We have 5 children, our first being a girl and then 4 boys in a row! Our daughter is 6 and our sons are just turned 5, almost 3, 19 months and 7 months. They are pretty rambunctious and our house stays loud! Even at such young ages they wrestle around. They are the epitome of boys. Despite our push for non-violence, they play swords and all that kind of stuff, it just seems to be inborn. You can e-mail me sometime if you would like to talk or share your some of your experiences! ____@____.com
Good luck with your pregnancy!-A.

I have four boys...18,17,6,3. I wouldn't trade them for a girl for all the money in the world!!!

Hi, I have 6 boys as well and what fun it is! But, my boys are all older now and I can relate to how you feel. Hit me up some time.

Hi! I don't have six but I can relate. I had four boys in four years who are now 8,5,3 and 3. There is a part of me that would love twin girls. I worry that like my mother-in-law with four sons and one daughter that my boys will grow up and not have much to do with me. She got totally replaced by their wives.(of course she is a little crazy too) I have a lot of fun with my boys though, they really do love their moms. But I am jealous that they seem to love dad even more. We love Fossil Ridge High School games on Friday nights (I like the half time show, people-watching, and am learning to appreciate football.) My boys love to fish and my husband has learned to take us to Woodland Springs (the local neighborhood pond) so that there is grass right up to the edge and I can sit and talk with people. We are entering Cub Scouts full swing and we spend a lot of time doing soccer.
I would love a clean house and they don't seem to care. I am currently potty training my twins so I of course have a lot of toilet clean up to do.
Have you thought about the car insurance issue? Yikes!

Anyway, I would love to hear from you!

I have 2 and that's enough to make me scream! LOL I also help raise my 2 neices so i get my girl fix that way. i can't imagine a big family since i was raised in one.

Im not,but ido have a question for you. I see that when you sighned off you wrote doula,if its ok w/you can i get a little more info. On that! Im very interested!

Hey B.~

I have three boys, ages 2, 4, and 6, and we have a baby due in March, although we don't know what we're having. I love having boys and we are praying for our fourth. I taught high school for eight years before our first was born, and I can tell you that at the high school age, I much preferred boys - they seem to be much easier-going and there is also much less drama. In addition, I've also found that to be true with my own young sons. I read a book by a woman who had eleven boys; I also heard her speak at church. Her last name is Garcia-Pratt - maybe you can find it online? - I'm sorry, but I can't remember the name of it. Anyway, she (and I!) just embraced being the "Queen Bee," and try to raise sons that will make good husbands and fathers some day. I hope this helps, although I think you should probably be giving advice to me!


I don't have all boys, but I wanted to say congratulations! What a blessing to have so many children. We are expecting our fifth in three weeks, but we have a mix. You are a great woman. Good luck!

Congrats! I have 6 boys and two girls. The oldest one, a girl, I didn't birth. So I can relate! To get Our girl we downloaded the book How to Choose the Sex of your Baby. They teach several methods. We incorporated timing, with vinegar solution and heat, diet, etc to get our girl... and of course prayers! It worked! We wanted to do it again but I wasn't as disciplined and ovulated early and had #6 boy. Anyway, it can be done. I can give you specific details if you wish.

My little girl is a lot of fun and very girly. I enjoy my boys a lot, but having a girl is really neat too! We can do the girly things together while Dad does boy things with the boys! As adolescents boys are much easier generally.

Best wishes and God bless!


I feel for you. While I do not have (6) boys, I have two very active boys which sometimes leave me with the feeling that I have 10. LOL...My hats off to you.

V. M.

I have 6 boys...ages 19, 16, 12, 9, 7, and 5. I never expected a girl after the 3rd one...I knew before the dr's could tell me that I was having a boy. After the 6th boy I knew this was the right amount of kids for me and it was perfect!

Hi B.~

I have 4 boys in a row (20,18,15,15 (twins) and then 1 daughter (4). I wondered if she'd be another boy. It is way different with girls. Congratulations on your 6th. I certainly relate after only having boys for 16yrs.

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