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Looking for Help.. I Have Ink Marks Inside My Dryer!

this may sound weird.. but apparently one of my kids left a pen in their pocket.. it went through the washer and then into the dryer.. now I have pen all inside my dryer and it is on a nice pair of pants that my daughter has.. any ideas on how to remove the ink from her pants AND the dryer?

What can I do next?

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I use Mr Clean magic sponges with crayon and pen on the wall so I'd think it would work on the dryer. Good Luck!

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Hi Pam,

That happened to me one time when my first husband left an ink pen in his shirt pocket and I washed it with the shirt. A white shirt no less, and a neighbor told me to put Wisk right on the ink and rub it together and it actually worked. It was a lot of rubbing but it came out. As far as the dryer my first thought is maybe nail polish remover on a cotton ball?
Hope this helps. I work from home and have a Mary Kay business and am also a mom of 4. Youngest in high school. Let me know if this helps. Have a good day! D.

That happened to me this summer. I could never get the ink stains out because they are burned to the inside of your dryer due to the heat it puts off. It never stained any other clothes other than the first offenders, the marks are still there now with no harm. I wouldn't worry about them. I ended up having to throw my pants out, sorry no help on that!!

I use Mr Clean magic sponges with crayon and pen on the wall so I'd think it would work on the dryer. Good Luck!

For the dryer...

Fingernail Polish Remover
Goof Off
(in that order)

Make sure to clean really well with water before running the dryer as all these substances are flammable.

The pants would be trickier depending on what color they are and the type of material. It's really just touch and go. Test an area on the inside seam before applying to the outside though. I have had some success with a cotton ball soaked with nail polish remover, but the pants were already dark and the stain never completely cleaned off.

Good luck!

Same thing happened to me--son left pen in jeans pocket which exploded in washer and it ruined several pairs of expensive jeans and left blue ink marks on inside of dryer. Bad news is I tried to wash the ink stains out with several different products, no luck; then tried to dye the jeans darker denim with Rit dye but they looked funky and he won't wear them. Good news is that the marks on the inside of the dryer may like hideous but they don't stain any of the clothes you will dry--even whites and delicates. I've learned to just live with the tie-dye look on the inside of my dryer.

We had the same thing happen. The dryer still has ink marks but it does not come off on to the clothes, so I just left it.
Hairspray generally takes ink out of clothes. Soak the ink area with hairspray, let sit for a few minutes, rub with old cloth and rinse. You made need to do it a couple of times.

Try Lysol first... just spray it on the inside of the dryer until it is wet and wipe with paper towel or rag. Spray it directly on the jeans too and soak them and then run under luke-warm water, maybe using a soft brush (toothbrush) until the ink is all out.

If that does not work, try aerosol hairspray. The cheaper, the better!

There is also an ink remover by Carbona that you can find in the laundry section of grocery stores. Here is a link:
I've never used it, but hear it's good.

The Lysol method worked for me on my hubby's pants last year when a pen burst in his pocket. The pants were just soaked in ink and it took it right out! Be sure to wear old clothes though, when you're trying to clean, or it will transfer onto yours too!

Remember, DO NOT mix chemicals- some chemicals when mixed can be toxic to inhale. But try washing them without drying (in warm water) and then try things one at a time! Carpet cleaner might also be worth trying!

Best of luck!,

For the ink inside the dryer try using the Mr. Clean magic eraser. It has worked on everything for me.

You can try Goo Gone. I would test a part of the pants in an area you can't see first. Also, make sure to wash the inside of the dryer well after using it. It might work it's worked for me for gum too!

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