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Lead in Bibs

I know this is an old topic, but so many of us have bibs hanging around from older children. Does anyone know where to find an updated list of all recalled bibs? My almost 10 month old son figured out how to pull off the velcro bibs he was wearing and I started using an old one I used for my 2 1/2 year old. It is perfect (large, with arm holes, pocket and ties around the neck). He can't get this one off as hard as he tries and he is really good at it. I checked it way back when the warning first came out and it wasn't mentioned on the recall list, but I have since heard rumors that all vinyl bibs are bad. I ordered the Bumkins Waterproof Junior Bib last night as another safer (expensive!) option, but it also velcros at the neck and I am concerned he will get that one off as well. In the meantime I need to know if it is safe for him to keep wearing this one. It is in good condition, no rips or tears. The tag says "Kids 2 Grow" by Danara Int'l Ltd. 100% vinyl, made in China. We also have several other vinyl bibs that were purchased after the recall that I wonder about. Should they all go, or is that overreacting? Thank you for your help.

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Thank you for all the helpful responses. I received the Bumpkins bibs today and they are great. I am very happy. They are almost exactly like the vinyl one I was replacing, except for the velcro. But it is pretty substantial velro and I will use the helpful tips of the chip clips and diaper pins if he figures out how to take it off. I never thought of that! The arm holes go a long way to prevent him getting it off however. Finally, although I never got a definitive recall list link, I am junking the vinyl ones just to be sure. Better safe than sorry.

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I would try old fashioned Diaper Pins. They are made so children Can NOT remove them. You should be able to find them at Target,Walgreens etc. If you place them in a bar of soap to keep it helps tremendously with insertion. Good luck.

I had never heard of a bib recall so I did a little google search, and I found an article (2007) where CPSC says "discard vinyl bibs if they are ripped or damaged."

Velcro is too easy to pull off, so until you train him to leave it be, try the Kiddopotamus bib--it is hard to remove--it has a tab through a hole. I LOVE our Kiddopotamus bibs.

Vinyl - polyvinyl chloride (PVC) bibs contain harmful chemicals like
phthalates so it's best to avoid them. This includes many vinyl lunch boxes so look for the “PVC free” & "lead Free" lables when you buy a lunch box.

Hi K.,

I too was concerned about vinyl bibs, and tossed them. We use some terry cloth ones, only when the food is sure to stain. My little guy likes to pull them off, too. So, for the most part with both my kids, I have foregone bibs altogether because I find they are more hassle than they are worth. I end up having to wash bibs as well as the clothes because some food spilled just outside the bib's coverage area. So we sometimes dress baby in one of his old shirts--an "eating shirt"--which he wears just for the meal and which we launder afterwards, if required.

I'm not sure about recall on bibs. But you can also check out silikids.com, they have silicone bibs that are cheaper, safer and diswasher safe. I use them on my nine month old twins.They can't get those off.

we use chip clips on the back of the bibs that keep them on. the type you would use in your office or home office. they hold files or paper together-- they come in many colors, but the primary color is black. They are metal. I hope that helps. You could also use a safety pin to keep the bib on that way you do not have to order more bibs. Both have worked very well for our family.

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