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Just Between Friends or Consignment Shop?

I have some baby stuff as well as fall/winter materinty clothing I'm looking to get rid of. Does anyone have experience with the Just Between Friends sale? Is it worth it? Or, should I just try to take it to a consignment shop? Thanks!

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JBF has already had at least one/some of their fall sales. newtoyousale.org is the web site for the sale benefiting Christ Lutheran MOPS. It is a great sale, and they are accepting consignors right now!

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JBF has already had at least one/some of their fall sales. newtoyousale.org is the web site for the sale benefiting Christ Lutheran MOPS. It is a great sale, and they are accepting consignors right now!

There are a LOT of people hurting for money right now with lost jobs and all. If you don't need the money, maybe consider giving your clothes to a thrift store where people who need them can buy them affordably. You can also offer them for free at freecycle or craigslist. You'll be giving someone a much-needed gift.

JBF is a pretty good sale. They have many all over the US. You will probably get more from JBF or any Consignment Sale than you will at a shop. Check out: http://www.consignmentsalequeen.com/2010/02/featuring-jus... for an idea how some of the JBF sales work.

And Check out: http://www.consignmentsalequeen.com/p/getting-started.html to maximize your profits! ;)

I'm a huge fan of JBF. I've shopped and consigned there. I like that you can set your own prices and can impact your "cut," by volunteering.
But, I haven't used a consignment to consign, so I can't speak much to that.

I am not sure where you live but I would reccomend Kid to Kid. They do not work like a consignment shop - they will buy your stuff outright. Anything they do not buy you get back or you can donate. You can take cash from them or you can get store credit (you get more that way). They have great stuff in their store so it is a good way to recycle what you have already used and get new stuff for your kids. The one I use is in Aurora on Mississipppi and Chambers.

I consigned in the spring and made about $150, which I thought was worth it. I plan to consign again this fall and hope to make as much if not a little more. I found my step-son's clothes (4, 5 and 6) sold better than my daughter's infant clothes. There is so much infant clothes, so a lot of options. Good luck!

none of my maternity clothing sold at JBTF. but my baby stuff almost all went. I liked setting my prices and getting a check in the mail. I donated the maternity clothes since they didn't sell, I was ready to be done with them. one of the nice things with Just Between Friends is that you get to go before the general public to do your shopping--so that is something to consider.
I would do JBTF again, just wouldn't bother with the maternity clothing. one idea is to put your stuff in the JBTF sale and mark it to NOT be donated and that way you sell what you can there and then take the rest in to the consignment shop. I was told by friends who do the sales every year that some years the maternity clothes jump off the rack and other years they just sit there--so it's hit and miss you just don't know what will really sell or not.
plus every place where the sales are is so different, the stuff that sells here in UT. is so different from what my friend in TX says sells there, I personally think that here in UT so many people have family they pass clothes and things along to that the maternity clothing just doesnt do as well, but hers was gone the first day in TX. so I'm not sure what the one in CO. would be like but one thing I really liked was my 3 year old helped us go through her toys and pick out the ones she wanted to sell and the money helped go to buying her playground. she made $80 off of her stuff, so that was pretty neat to see her be able to do that and to let go of things she wasn't using, and since we had a goal in mind she didn't pick anything else out to go home with. lol. it was a good learning experience for the whole family.

The JBF sale is a great place to unload stuff. Tracey runs the Denver sale that is coming up this September. She is organized and great to work with. I have know her for years. The JBF sale is the way to go. A.

Hi J.,
I don't know what area of Colorado you live in, but my name is M. Meifert and I own the Colorado Springs Just Between Friends sale. All of the Colorado JBF sales are similar, so if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. We hope to see you at a JBF sale. ____@____.com

Hi J.! Another option is Z..com. We're an online marketplace made up of parents from all 50 states. Parents post their gently used kids' gear on our site and set a point value. Then, parents from all over the country can "buy" the items using their own collection of points. It's all FREE. When you get the points for your items, you can go shopping for your own "new" stuff!

If you're looking to make money, then this wouldn't be the best option for you, but if that's not your goal, please check us out (www.Z..com)! Or, maybe post some of the stuff you don't sell on consignment?

Either way, good luck!

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