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In Desperate Need of Help with Rent.

My situation is: I lost my main source of income in May. I am in the hiring process of a job that does not start until Aug. 30. I am behind in my rent for this month and will be behind next month since my job will not start until the 30th. I have called several places for help with rent but they don't have any money in their budget. I will need $2045.00(total) for this month($985+$75) plus late fee and next month's($985) rent. I will be ok after that. Does anyone know of any resources? This is really stressing me out to the point of panic and anxiety attacks and severe migraines. I don't know what to do.

What can I do next?

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Thank you for all of the suggestions. I found some help with the rent. I also took the advice to put my talents to good use. Thanks again.

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I know the church that I belong to helps people out with their monthly bills, but they have to go in and ask. You also need a copy of the bill and they pay the bill directly instead of giving the person the money.

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Do you belong to a church?
Catholic Charities?

Have you contacted your welfare office to see if you can get temporary aid? (TANF):
Department of Public Assistance -- Community Services
1400 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130
Determines and sets policy for the state of Pennsylvania. Callers will be referred to local offices in their counties.

You can also look into a low interest loan from the Federal Govt as an alternative to high interest Payday loans:

Check out this website:

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First off take a deep breath.

Then contact the landlord and let them know your situation! I say it soo often i'm surprised people don't get it - COMMUNICATION IS KEY!!!!

Then go through your house and sell items you don't need...have a yard sale or a garage sale. you never know what something might fetch...if you have a car that you don't owe money on and can use public transportation for your new job - sell it. Where we live - there is an abundance of GREAT and reliable public transportation - that's why i say this.

Since you are not gainfully employed yet - put a note on your local grocery store that you will clean houses, do errands etc. for a set fee. You might be surprised too at the feedback you get.

I hate to recommend this, if you have credit cards, take out a cash advance (I truly hate to recommend this but when one is desperate....)

list your collectibles on ebay or craigslist.

Go to your county welfare office and see what they say..

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You might try to contact your landlord...they may be able to extend some time...or allow you to make partial payment til you have begun your new job...with this economy, I am sure it happens a lot.

I assume you have tried social services and local churches? And family and friends?

Beyond that...not sure what to suggest.

Best Luck!

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talk to your land lord! Let them know that you are about ready to start your job and see if you can make payments to your back rent and get caught up slowly

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A quick way to make money is to go thru the house and sell some things. If you can downsize some large pieces of furniture, depending on what and how much you have, you may be able to make enough to help. You can have a yard sale or try Craigslist. I'm sorry you are going thru this, its a hard time for a lot of peope. Good luck.

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If you need to take out a loan, don't go to a check-n-loan kind of place. Lots of banks and credit unions will loan small amounts of money at lower interest rates than the check-n-loans.

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There are places that give you loans using your vehicle for collateral.
You can also go to the bank that financed your vehicle and get a second loan on it IF you KNOW you will be ok in 2 months and can pay it back.

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