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Eviction...Two Kids, Pregnant and Only Have 2 Days Until Evication Help!

Okay Momma's out there. I had this question last month about avoiding eviction and trying to make some extra money. I was unable to find anyone to let me help with cleaning, groceries, errands and etc because we just moved here from Texas 7 months ago and we don't have friends or family so it was hard asking. We did get help with food and clothes and household necessities for our children which have helped out drastically. We tried extending out rent until Sept 20th because my husband is a mortgage loan officer and he will not get paid until September 20th which will be able to get us back on our feet for the rest of the year. The problem that we are having is not having money from now until Sept 20th. Our apartment told us Aug rent had to be paid by Aug 15th or we would face eviction. My husband and I have no friends and no family and are needing 1300.00 bucks by the 15th to keep our apartment. That includes all the late fees and etc. The problem is where can I get this money it is a lot of money. Any organizations or churchs I can borrow this from until Sept 20th out there? Just desperate because we are only 2 days away from being homeless and we have a 3 and 5 year old girls and I am 18 weeks pregnant. We never had this happen until recently because my husband has always done well. Our rent has been paid on time since we moved in in Jan. This all happened when his job changed pay periods and then him having to wait 50 days to collect commission which is insane. Please any advice would be helpful. We only need help with rent and that is all. Just to avoid being on the streets. Any organization wouold be helpful. Thank you all for reading this and God bless. As a mom I am trying to keep it together for my family because my husband is falling apart seeming as if he has failed as a man. It is very hard right now and we just don't know where to turn to. I am crying as I am writing this because we have never been this low financial and it's scary because of the children. Thanks!

UPDATE* We did ask my husband's employer for an advance and they told us that if they did it for him they would have to do it for everyone and could not help us. Even though his commission has been guranteed and there is not risk for him.

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Hi, I agree with the other posts. They may start the eviction process on 8/15 but it is a lengthy process and may take a couple months to be at the point where they can physically remove you.

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I hate to even mention it because they are sharks when it comes to interest...but have you considered a PayDay Loan? If you are only having an issue because of the payday switch, this might be the temporary solution.

I would never recommend them to anyone for anything...but it seems that you are only 5 days short. Pay it back immediately and never do it again.

Wish you the best!

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Do not, do not, DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use a payday loan. No matter how desperate you are, these places are pure evil and your problems will only get worse.

I'm so sorry that you are going through this, but I also wanted to chime in that Catholic Charities is a great place to start. Check local food banks, too and I agree with the others- don't get packing yet. Google the laws in your area, knowledge is power so educate yourself!

We are all praying for you. Please keep us posted, I hope it all works out.

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Don't make any plans to pack up and leave! Your landlord cannot evict you immediately. My brother is an attorney, and he has always said eviction is the longest process! Make sure to relay to your landlord that you will pay in full in 30 more days. Until then, eat lots of breakfasts for dinner, it's cheap and filling and healthy and you will save some money on groceries! :)
Most importantly, stay strong for your kids and tell your husband that this is certainly not the worse thing that could've happened. You all still have your health and are looking forward to a new addition! God bless.

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First off. Stay positive. It will all work out.


Secondly, I am a landlord and understand the hard times my tenants encounter, so I often suggest that they get help with their rent. There are organizations here like St. Vincent DePaul and various housing programs that offer temporary assitance to families to only need help as a one time payment. These places of assistance need the three day notice as proof of need, so as long as you have one from your landlord, I would call your local housing chapter and ask them to direct you in a direction of where to find need.

Problem is that it's Friday... the 15 is on Sunday! I guarentee the eviction will NOT happen on a Sunday and you will receive a 24 hour notice to move from the sherrif (at least that's how it is here in FL)

I would do everything I could to get assistance for this month and give all proof to the landlord TODAY (If a shelter offers some assistance, they will need the landlord to fillout the forms in order for you to get the assistance- Landlords usually don't turn away help in this manner, because it's a guarenteed payment.)

In todays tough times, I don't see how your landlord would benefit from not taking A LEAST a partial monthly payment until you get back on your feet.

Swtiching sides now, being a landlord is a business. We have mortgage and bills to pay that comes from our tenants rent. If the tenants don't pay, we have to take out of our pockets, diminishing the purpose of the initial investment. Therefore, we have to follow procedure to get the most out of our investment...

That being said.. I am a human and I understand and BELIEVE IN helping others, in hopes that I will get help if I should need it one day. If you screw me over once, however, you won't get another shot with me.

I hope your landlord is supportive and will give you a bit more time before evicting you.

God Bless you and your family. And please don't stress for your precious babies sake. Beleive that it will all work out.


And to comment on below comment... Eviction will be started when filed, but the actual eviction takes upwards of a month to finalize (at least here in FL). NOT that you want an eviction on your record, becasue then you'll have a harder time finding a new place to rent... perhaps having higher deposits and what not.

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The evitction process takes a while, your husband will probably get paid before you even have to go to court. You will have to pay a large amount out of that check to get caught up but I think you'll be fine. I would also write your apt complex a letter explaining your situation and let them know they will get all funds on Sept 20th.
Please do not do the payday advances someone suggested. It's an evil cycle you'll get caught up in and put you in a worse situation than you're already in. Good luck!

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Call catholic charities. You don't have to be catholic. If you are on foodstamps, call your case worker. They would know of every available resource for help. Worse case scenerio, if your landlord would happen to give you an eviction notice, the notice would say you have 30 days to pay up or be removed from the property. That would give you 30 days to find a solution. I am not 100% sure about that, I have never been evicted, but I believe that is how the law works. I am pretty sure they have to give you 30 days. Look in the phone book or online for community outreach services in your area. Call every church in the phone book. The best thing you can do is be proactive, and I am sure someone will help you. Best of luck. I can't imagine the stress you are feeling right now. Try to stay calm, stress is not good for a pregnancy. Best of luck to you!

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have you researched eviction laws in your state? my husband used to be a police officer and different states have different eviction laws -- some states can start the eviction process but you won't be physically removed from the property for a while...so sorry you're going through this...will keep you in my prayers :(

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You said you've all ready gotten help with food, from who? If you had applied for food stamps they would have also checked to see if you needed anymore emergency assistance. Call your case worker they can help with utilitys,rent, section 8 housing and more. There's also catholic charities.

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Have you tried talking to the landlord? Explaining the situation? Offering a post-dated check or IOU?

You should have a little time. I can't imagine him serving you notice for August rent before August is even out. Once he serves you a notice, it will be a 5 day demand letter. After 5 days, he will then have to go to court to file an eviction.

But, you need to get help fast. I did a quick Google and found this:

The Gilbert Community Action Program (CAP) provides emergency assistance to Gilbert residents who are experiencing a financial crisis. CAP staff determines eligibility and counsels each client in need. Depending on the situation, CAP may provide assistance in paying a mortgage.... http://www.ci.gilbert.az.us/busdev/housing/socialservices...

Modest Needs' grant programs are designed PRIMARILY to assist individuals and families who generally are able to pay their monthly bills with no help from anyone, who don't qualify for conventional types of social or charitable assistance, and who are facing a financial crisis because they've encountered a single, unexpected expense they just can't afford on their own... http://www.modestneeds.org/intro/

There are LOTS of paycheck advance companies. It's not real cost effective, but it may be your only option. Check them out thoroughly and shop around. Here is one - Paycheck Advance can help you when you are caught short between paydays. At Paycheck Advance, we understand financial emergencies and let you apply from the privacy of your home or office... http://www.delayeddeposit.com/

Good luck and God Bless!!!!!!

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