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Ideas to Help My Son Remember His Daddy

My husband is entering the Army and will be going to Boot Camp and training in April. He will be gone approximately 7 months, but maybe longer. I was wondering if anyone had any great ideas of something I can do, or my husband before he leaves, for something that will help my 2 year old remember his Daddy and help him feel like he's not completely gone. (I don't think he'll really forget him, but just something that will help him feel like his daddy is still here and will be coming home...) And as well, something for my 9 week old baby girl, so she doesn't freak out when daddy does come home from 'stranger danger'. ... I have heard of making a movie of daddy reading books to the kids, but was wondering if you have any other suggestions? :) Thanks!!

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Another good way so that he remembers his voice is have him do a Build A Bear! My sister did this before her husband left to camp for her 2 year old. He chose the favorite animal he wanted and than his dad said I Love you Thomas on it! Way cute and helped a ton when he wanted it :)....

Two words - web cam. If you have a Mac, webcams are wonderful. My almost two year old daughter talks to my parents and grandparents who are in a different state all the time, and to my husband when he goes away on business. It's a wonderful way to stay connected.

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if you have a tape recorder, have daddy read some books on tape, then he could still "read him a bedtime story every night"
or you can do it on a cam corder also.
good luck,
and thank your husband for us!!!

Get some books he loves, record your husband reading them. So at night before bedtime you can play that, turn the pages with your son like your hubby is right there reading to him. Also take one of your hubbys tshirts and make it into a pillow, it can be a "daddy pillow". Then make a picture album just for your son. You can get kid type ones where they cannot mess up the pictures, they are in plastic type thing. That way he can look at his dad whenever he wants.
If it helps, my ex moved out of state when my son was almost 1, every visit which can be 6 or more months apart my son welcomes him like he saw him yesterday. The first few years it took a few minutes to warm up again but my son adjusted and never forgot who his daddy was.

Your baby will be fine, it will be a transition when your husband comes back being she is so little but showing her pictures letting her hear his voice it won't take anytime for her to know it is daddy.
Hugs, God Bless your husband and tell him we appreciate him sacrificing so much for our freedom!

I was going to suggest the daddy doll, but see that someone already has. I haven't personally experienced it but I worked at a base day care and one of the little girls has one. She even brought it to school and slept with it during nap. The other thing I know of is the Flat Daddy. It is a lifesize portrait that can be put anywhere. http://imalreadyhome.com/flatdaddy.htm

Good luck!

I feel for you. My husband was in Iraq when my son had just turned one. Set up a ton of pictures on the computer. We had a slide show that my husband send me pictures to add to. WE made art projects to send him and always talked about him. I got Avery note cards and would print pictures from around the house to send to my husband. This was more for me and him but my son liked helping pick out pictures (the cats, house, dog and of course the kids). I printed out labels and got stamps so they were all ready to go. I would go over to my parents house and print out about 10 at a time, each with a different picture. I would then write a short note each day when I saw the mailman start on our street. This helped me and my husband a LOT. It was very easy to do because they were all ready to go. Good luck and know that this too will pass.

On Snapfish, you can make little flipbooks. When we went out of town a few months ago, I made one with a little story with us with my daughter that she read every night. It was a great hit!

Prayers for your husband & your family.

Something I did to help my kids stay close to grandparents, aunts/uncles/cousins that lived in other states was to make "photo" dolls. Take several close up shots of your husband, some full body, different poses, etc. (& family memebers not near, have them send you some). Laminate them & glue a magnet on the back. Place them on the fridge at his eye level. He will have him/them in constant view & can play with them, talk, etc. Several of my friends did this & loved the relationship that just kept going. It is also very fun to listen in on the conversations they have, you learn a lot about their view of things. Hope this hepls.

My father was in the Air Force and was deployed when I was 5, my brother was 4 and my sister was still on the way. He brought a tape recorder with him and would read books for us or tell us stories that he used to send to us. While technology wasn't quite up to what it is today it was comforting to hear his voice - he would tell us special memories and ask if we have been good for mommy. Now days you can get even more creative. You can purchase a Flip video recorder (Check it out on line) which will give you 60 minutes of digital recordings. (You can download and then re-recored for unlimited videos.) That way he can either video a bunch of stories prior to his deployment or have one of his buddies do it for him while he is away (or both!) They are easily downloadable to a laptop and althought the quality isn't superiour the kids will get a special story from daddy.

Good luck and thank you for his service!!!


My cousins were in the same situation. She put a picture of Daddy in both is formal in informal uniforms (so the kids would know what he looked like when he returned)right by the door and by the bed. Everytime they left the house and came back they would say Hi and Bie to daddy. And they would all say good night as well. It helped that Daddy was able to call every once in a while, Mom kept him up on what was happening with the kids so Daddy knew that the kids went to the park etc. Good Luck!

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