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Ideas for a B-day Party for 11 Yr Old Girl

My oldest dd turns 11 the end of the month, I've given her several ideas on things we could do for her birthday party (something in the park with lots of games etc., a sleepover with just a few friends, just to name a few) Now she's thinking she just wants to do something here at the house but doesn't know what sort of "theme" she wants so I thought maybe you all would have some ideas??

A little about my dd she's a dancer (ballet, tap and jazz) she's in girl scouts, fav color is pink, loves the outdoors (campinh hiking, rock climbing)

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Thanks Everyone for the great Ideas!! We've decided on a Luau theme (tho I'm afraid it's going to rain on us) We're going to have hula hoop races play some palm tree ring toss and some dolphin bowling (I found the ring toss and bowling at Michael's) I got lots of fun decorations at the dollar store and I'm making a Pink Flamingo cake (the flamingo will be wearing a tutu and ballet shoes just to throw n my dd's love of dance) Thanks again and I'll be saving all these awesome ideas for use with the other kids as well =)

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I had a theme party for my daughter when she was 9. Shindigz.com has a great selection of party supplies for theme party. I also went to dollar tree and bought them crafts to do, we ordered pizza, had root beer floats and then a slumber party. I even made the invitations homemade. it was a great hit and the girls she invited still remember it 3 years later! Good luck and hope you have fun!

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I had a theme party for my daughter when she was 9. Shindigz.com has a great selection of party supplies for theme party. I also went to dollar tree and bought them crafts to do, we ordered pizza, had root beer floats and then a slumber party. I even made the invitations homemade. it was a great hit and the girls she invited still remember it 3 years later! Good luck and hope you have fun!

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I have twins girls who will turn 11 later this year. We haven't talked about a birthday party yet, but if they want to do some sort of theme, I will have them check out the Birthday Party Ideas site at http://www.birthdaypartyideas.com/html/party_ideas.html.
There are tons of ideas for all ages and the site gives awards to ones they like best. When you click on a theme, you can see all the stories written in by the people who held the party.
I used this when my girls were turning 4 and we did a Dalmatian theme. I grabbed ideas from several different stories on the site and we had a great party.
Your daughter is a great age to pick a theme and design what she wants within a budget. I hope that helps.

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My daughter is also turning 11 this year, and she wants to do a slumber party. Her party theme is "day at the home spa". I will be doing their hair (I LOVE braiding cornrows) and my sister will be doing their nails, and we will both be doing their makeup. We are also going to do before and after pictures and send a CD home with them of all the pictures we take. They will have a movie and play games, and in the morning I will make a ridiculously huge breakfast and take them home. It's cheap, and they will have a great time.

If your daughter doesn't want a sleepover, you could do a pampered "day at the home spa" have pizza, cake and ice cream, and call it a night.

Good luck and what ever they do, I'm sure it will be a blast!

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On my 11th birthday instead of presents I had my friends bring donations for care packages for soldiers. We wrote letters and drew pictures to include with the care packages we packed that night. Then we watched Nancy Drew movie and had a sleepover. It was great and I think it's nice to have donations instead of presents.

Emma H. age 11

A fancy tea party with costumes, flavored herbal teas, fancy finger foods, etc. might be fun. Sort of "grown up" and sophisticated but also sort of princess fantasy play. Or have a cooking party where the girls learn to make some nice recipes, everyone can decorate and take home an apron, you all cook your food and then eat and talk and have fun.

I love themes she could pick dressing from the 70's or 80's or 20's and then you focus your whole party around that theme with games and cake etc. Or even a dance party with strobe light and fog machine. There is a lot you can do with what she likes. Camping everyone bring a sleeping bag, set up tents in the house since it is to cold for outside. Roast marshmallows on the fireplace. I dont know those things sound like fun for us. My daughter is 10 and we are always doing themes. Once you get a idea they seem to come quickly

Since you say she enjoys the outdoors, have a camp out.


You could do a camp-out at your house. Have it in the backyard if the whether is nice enough. Roast mashmellows and make smores. Have them make a cmapfire dinner maybe learm a recipe with dutch ovens if you have them or do a foil dinner, depending on of course fire regulations by your house. They could maybe watch a movie or go on a scavenger hunt. Maybe have a simple craft they could do. Like maybe a bird feeder or have them cover pinecones with peanut buuter and birdsed and hang them around your trees to attract the birds. You could go on a night hike if its not too freezing and if you decide to have a sleepover they could sleep in tents in the backyard or in the living room with sleeping bags if its in the house. Have some games, card or board games they can play. anyway some ideas.

The best ideas for b-day parties is your local Libary. They have books with great ideas. Plus they are free. If you want some theme ideas, Try the 1920's as flapper girls and mobsters. Or do the fun manicure/pedicure. that is always fun and easy. I am sorry if this is all kind of vague. but seriously check out the books. You can always adapt what your looking for. good luck!

I think if maybe getting some of her friends, take them to the mall and getting manicures together. It is like $5 a girl for younger kids to get one. I know that and a lunch out was always a hit with my seven year old. They felt so cool and grown up.
If she likes to climb see if your local rec center has a climbing wall and take the girls doing that.
I think at the age of 11 they don't need themes so much as just really being with their friends and doing something fun.
I got sick of the bigger parties so with two kids with close birthdays I allow them to pick two or three friends and pick a special thing to do out. Like last year my son picked friends to go to the Aquarium. My daughter had a few friends go get their nails done and lunch out then came back and had cake and opened gifts and hung out.
If she really wants a theme and the other girls like the same thing, maybe have a "Dancing with the Stars" birthday?
Good luck!

I just did a hippie birthday party for my 11 year old yesterday. It was a lot of fun. Everyone came dressed as a hippie, they painted pet rocks, played twister and other 60's type games. I went to the library and got 60's cd's for theme music and checked out the Brady Bunch from netflix to watch while waiting to get picked up. The kids were then sent home with a big daisy cookie instead of a goody bag. (I went cheap this year.) My daughter loved it and everyone had a great time!

My daughter (also the oldest) will turn 11 this year. I am planning a make-up party. I'm a consultant with Mary Kay and I have a ton of samples to let them play with. I also will teach them a bit about taking care of their skin so that when they are old enough to wear makeup they are already in good habits of skin care (my rule for my daughter will be good skin care first or no makeup allowed). I'm not encouraging them to start wearing makeup, they're still too young, but its fun to play with.
I live in the Salt Lake area and would love to help out if you want (click on my name to send me a message) or you can go to www.marykay.com and find a consultant in your area.

OK, I know he's not a girl, but this party my son went to when he was 11 was so much fun. It was a drive-in movie party. The BD boy reserved the club house in the apartment complex where they lived, whch had a big screen TV. The invitations included a movie ticket. They were asked to design, build and decorate a vehicle for the drive=in. my son made a space ship covered in aluminum foil. When they arrived they were given an envelope with play money for the "concessions". They watched 1/2 the movie (it was a Harry Potter movie) and then had intermission...with cake and presents. Anytime during the movie the kids could go to the concession stand (bar) and "buy" popcorn, soda, candy, hotdogs,etc. After the movie every child was given some sort of prize for "most original", most colorful, most ..whatever for their vehicle. WE had the space ship, a semi-rig, a sports car, a yacht, among others. It was really fun to see the kids sitting in their vehicles watching the movie.

A pj party is fun even if she decides not to have girls sleep over. My daughter had her friends over for pizza, they watched high school musical with the subtitles so they could sing a long with the karoake machine. They did each other's hair and nails and had a great time. The party favors included a nail polish for each girl, you could also put in hair bands, or lip gloss. It was easy for me and they pretty much entertained themselves.

When my second daughter turned 11 her friends all wore pink to her party because that was her favorite color. Even the boys! Actually it started a local trend here. Some of the boys had shirts made saying "real men wear pink".

I have always done some sort of craft they can work on at the beginning and end. We have made doorhangers out of craft foam, stickers and permanent markers, Bookmarks out of the same.

We set up a bowling game out of 2 liter bottles 1/3 full of water and a soccor ball. Had pink cake and pink punch floats. It wasn't too expensive. Craft stuff was purchased at the dollar store. We had a race game where they carried cotton balls on a spoon to fill up a cup. Drop clothespins in a pickle jar. Kind of corny but the same kids come back each year looking forward to the games.

My 11 year old had a cake decorating party. I made little 6" cakes for etach girl and lots of icing in 3 colors. For a gift they all go their own decorating icing tip and icing spreader. It took a lot of time for them to decorate their cakes and they had a blast. They got to eat their cake too! She opened presents and they played outside for a few minutes, and it was over! They had a great time. Good luck!

Since she loves the outdoors and is a girl scout and loves pink...how about a survivor theme? Have just a few friends over...come up with some games they can play for points, like who can stand on one leg with their eyes closed longest, who can hang the longest from a bar or swingset the longest, etc. Each person who wins could get points. The one with the most points at the end gets a cheap tiki torch or summer lantern to take home. If you stick with just a few close friends, for party favors you could go to your nearest outdoor store and look for pink water bottles or "cantines" that come with the compass, whistle, flashlight etc inside...or make your own! My daughter is also turning 11 soon, maybe I'll use that idea.

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