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I NEED SOME SLEEP...who Can Help Me? :)

I am living over in Misawa, Japan. I almost 8 mos pregnant and my sleep cycle has totally flipped. I can't seem to get any shut eye until about 5am when my body just conks out. Then I only sleep for a couple of hours. When I think of my sleep deprivation, I become overwhelmed. The doctor says chamomile, which calms me down, but no sleepy weepy :) My mind just races, playing out all these scenarios in my head of how life will be in the future. I think I'm losing it...help! :)

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I am so thankful to Mamasource and to my friend Ellen W. for referring me to this website so that I could connect with other moms. I felt so bad when my husband would look at me at five o clock am and I am wide awake. "E., why aren't you asleep, it's 5 am?" Of course, I didn't understand why. I just thought I was weird or something. When all the moms on Mamasource confirmed that I wasn't finally losing it, I breathed a sigh of relief. Sometimes I still feel bad that I can't sleep some nights. It's amazing how much stuff you can think about in one night...lol! I TRULY appreciate ALL your prayers and advice! I ask you to continue to pray for me as I embark on the journey to motherhood!!!

Love y'all,

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Try doing yoga to some soothing music. You don't have to follow a routine, just do whatever stretching you like until you become relaxed.

Hun I was the same way! I would sleep for alittle bit but wake up by 5am... It just last stage of pregnancy I think. Try a warm bath with gerbers bedtime wash.

Hi E.,

One of the things I read is that calcium helps you to sleep better. So a glass of milk(warm if you like it) before bed. I used this as a excuse to have Ice cream before bed. If you take a calcium supplement (which I do) take it before bed. Since I had trouble sleeping I told me husband let me sleep when I fell asleep somewhere othere than the bed ( the couch while watching tv). Good luck


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I would suggest going to the vitamin section of the BS and picking up some Selenium and some Melatonin. they are both naturally occurring chemicals in the body that help you relax,(Selenium), and feel sleepy (melatonin) and stop your mind racing, from Anxiety or any other stressors, I was taking Melatonin to help me sleep for I couldn't stop my mind from racing and being active, so i could rest.
Just take them about an hour before you go to bed..it will help you relax, feel sleepy and stay asleep too!

plus, its non habit forming too! Because, They are naturally occurring chemicals in your body..:)

Good luck!

Lady Rhia

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I just had my second daughter last month and had the same problem. I was restless most of my third trimester and found myself up to a minimum of 1 am before I could finally settle down for the night. I didnt try any medicine or other remedies except to just stay active in the early evening to wear your body down enough to want to go to sleep. I also had such random thoughts crossing my mind that would keep me up late at night so if it wasnt my body twitching it was my mind constantly wandering. Some nights I would get so upset at myself because I knew I needed the sleep to keep me afloat for the next day and manage my toddler with energy to not throw her off schedule either. All I can say is that after a month or so, the feeling started to subside. Hopefully yours will to but my best recommendation is to keep yourself busy towards the late afternoon and into early evening time to give your body enough time to wind down. Also, do your best to limit your stress load! I had a lot of stress going on and I think that subconsciously my mind was in such deep thought around the clock and that may have been the underlying reason why I had such an issue getting to sleep at night.
I'm sure things will work out for you before you deliver. You NEED your sleep before you big day because it'll be a good month or so until you can get even 4 hours of sleep at a time thru the night.
Best of luck to you,

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My name is J. and Im also here in Japan for another year! As to your sleep, this is your first baby and I did the same thing. Have you ever herd of "Nesting" ya know where you clean everything all the time, cuz you want it to be perfect when your little one gets here? Well it like that but your trying to sleep. Only , advise here, your body is getting you ready for being up every two hours when your wonderful little one gets here! So when you feel tired take advantage and sleep then. Also bring a BOOK and a glass of milk, to bed with you and when its time for the lights to go out just keep telling your self everything is going to be ok and now its time for "mommy" to rest rub your belly and sing your self a song in your head over and over till you nod off! Hope this works!!! HEY CONGRATS your going to love being a mom! Also One last thing, try a hot bath and some candels, pamper your self a little, maybe if the old man is home you can even get a foot rub! LOL LOL! Then the BOOK, MILK, and Hum, Sing what ever you want!
Let me know if it works out!
Yeahhhhh your having a baby!
J. in Japan Land

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The same thing happened to me when I was pregnant with our first child. This is what worked for me: a warm glass of Ovaltine with milk; once I was in bed, I took deep breaths (in through my nose, out through my mouth), and I said my prayers. Hope this helps :o)

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Sounds like anxiety of the impending birth and life with a new baby. Maybe try to do meditation or read a book before sleeping, that always made me tired and think of other things. Maybe put some soft music like a harp paying when you go to bed and try to concentrate on the sound of the music while taking deep breaths or at least as deep as you can since that baby is pushing up on your diaphragm making it a little hard to take really deep breaths. I hope it helps.
Is your husband at home or is he deployed? If he's home hopefully he will take on a lot of baby duty so you can get some rest. It's important to take care of yourself because if you don't you won't be able to take care of your family.

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Hi E.. You poor girl. I know what a great Christian you are. Why don't you say some prayers for yourself. I'll add some in too. Just remember, it is okay to worry and fret about the future, but also remember He will take care of you and your little one no matter what may come. :)

Trust the Lord your God with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will direct your path. - Proverbs 3:5-6

E. W.

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I have a good friend, not pregnant, who lives with the same problem. The one thing that really helps her is reading. She chooses a good story, not a mystery, crime, horror..you get the picture.. and has a reading light attached to the book so she doesn't disturb her hubby. She reads to clam her mind, then she is able to sleep. I know after the baby this will be harder to do, but I don't think you'll still have this problem then. Just remember in the first several weeks...if the baby is sleeping you sleep. Don't try to keep up with everything you do now. Your gonna need those little naps! Congrats on your first baby and God bless.

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Are you comfortable while laying down? I bet your stomach is big and getting into a position of comfort is difficult. One thing I did was purchase a body pillow I could hug into while sleeping on my side. The pillow would help hold up my large belly from the bed. For a racing mind there are many relaxation methods to choose from. My favorite is closing my eyes and concentrating on each individual part of my body. What you are to concentrate on is relaxing that specific body part before moving onto another body part. Start with the body part furthest away from your head and slowly make your way to your neck and each individual part of your face. For me this works because I have to change what I am concentrating on in order to do the exercise and as it works the relaxing feeling feels good. Most times, I fall asleep before ever getting to my face muscles. This is a mind over matter exercise. Hope this helps.

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