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Hypothyroid and Can't Lose Weight

I found out my thyroid is underactive after my baby was born and I couldn't lose weight. I have been on Synthroid .5mg since November of last year now and my blood test last week said my levels are finally not high...so my question is...with proper eating (I'm on Weight Watchers...again, lost 3 pounds in a month)will my weight loss continue to be super slow, even when I'm staying at my points and not using flex points? Basically, I'm trying really hard and can't seem to lose weight. I know from reading online it is harder for hypothyroid folks to lose weight, but how much harder really? My doc said the medicine would definately help me lose weight, and it's been four months now and I haven't even while I'm eating better (I do have more energy now, thanks to the medicine, so that's a plus). I know I know, I should exercise too, but I will when it warms up. Are there others out there who have any advice on losing weight and having an underactive thyroid, or do I just need to suck up the fact it will always be harder for me?

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I took most of your advice and joined a gym! I've know it from the start I need to workout, not only to lose weight but to be heart-healthy, and I have now lost over ten pounds with exercise and healthier eating. Thanks mamas for help getting me back on the healthy track!

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I am on the same medicine .5mg. Synthroid, and it seems harder and harder. Before the the meds, weight would fluctuate, now to keep it off, with diet and exercise,; it seems it takes longer and longer. My doc says I'm doing good even though it is slower but he says it will stay off in the long run, if I keep a steady and healthy diet.

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Weight loss is a battle for pretty much every woman especially as we age and have kids. Start exercising immediately, don't wait until "it is warmer out". I have exercised and been in really great shape my whole life. I will be 40 in July and have a 9 and 3 year old. I am at a point in my life where I really have to work to keep my body in the shape and at the weight that I am comfortable with. The weight will never be what it used to be, that is just a fact of life. However I am toned and feel very good for almost 40!! It can be done. Good luck!

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D....I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism 14 years ago after the birth of my son. Yep. It's an uphill battle with weightloss. Unfortunately, being hypo puts you at a disadvantage for losing weight...and THAT'S not a "cop out." Seriously, I have the SAME eating habits as well as the SAME activity level as I did prior to my diagnosis 14 years ago, and it seems as if I'm stagnant at my post-delivery baby weight. It's aggravating to be so disciplined with eating habits, and then NOT lose weight. ERGH! I'm a witness to that! That little Synthroid pill does alleviate a majority of the hypo symptoms, but the weight loss issue is one that it overlooks! Enjoy that baby! Good luck to you...from a sympathetic hypo mom!

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Try & suck it up. Work out 30 min after work( put your iPOD or MP3 player in your ears w/ energentic music), walk on the treadmill, get a bike for the house. Walkign healp clear my head after work, and be able to give my better side to my son. It also helped me loose 40 lbs in 18 months....
Meds are not the cure all, we have to work @ it for it to stick... Good Luck.

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I am not sure if i have hypothyroid or not but have been battling loosing weight w/ my second one. I know I am not good and eat bad occasionally but used to be that would work for me. So I was using this older thing excuse. MY mom has been quite large for a while. Well she started Weight watchers in the fall and now...she has lost over 30 lbs. It really is eating right and changing your habits. Mom has been large for a while and attributed much of it to being older after having 4 years. So try out weight watchers and be serious about it. We can't eat like we used to. Sorry. (I am on my own struggle..trying to stay smaller than my mom until I get to my ideal...:)(

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I understand your pain and frustration. I too was a very petite size 2 nothing moved before I got pregnant. My husband is a fairly large man and you guessed it my son was too big for me and my thyroid couldn't handle it. I've also on Synthroid .5mg and it helps with the mood swings, fatigue, but not with losing weight. I know this isn't what you want to hear because I didn't want to hear it either it will take diet, exercise and the pill to get you to loose that extra weight and it's going to be a fight. I would suggest seeing a nutritionalist - I did after 1 yr of frustration and found out that my healthy eating was keeping me fat. I didn't realize that a yogurt had 29 grams of carbs and pair that with a piece of wheat toast -- you have your carb intake for the day. That was my breakfast everyday. I know I'm babbling, but with healthy eating, the pill and exercise you will drop the lbs in no time at all. Stay the course! Good Luck!!!

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I hate to say it but, suck it up and face the facts. I too have the same problem and it really is hard but once if starts coming off it will continue. Two years ago I followed Weight Watchers, exercise and eventually did lose the weight, but it was HARD and very frustrating. I walked 3 miles a day (at lunch and after work) and ate pretty much be WW laws and finally it paid off.
Keep eating right and do your best to get exercise in (even with this weather) and drink PLENTY of water.
Once you start losing the weight, make sure to get tested every month to make sure your levels are right. I didn't and ended up changing meds and getting all screwed up again. DON'T GIVE UP- JUST BE DETERMINED.

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I also understand what you're going through. I've had thyroid problems since I was 15 years old, and have always had weight issues. It is definately possible to loose weight with hypothyroidism. Prior to the birth of my daughter I was a lifetime member at weight watchers after loosing 65 pounds (with minimal exercise). I'm back at weight watchers and slowly loosing weight again. Keep an eye on your thyroid levels and how your feeling. Though your doctor says its looking better, it may still take some time for your body to right itself. Also, try mixing up your point values each day, it is ok to use some of your flexpoints each week. During my weight loss journeys I've found that my body looses weight better if I eat different point values each day. Also keep going to your weight watcher meetings, they help keep you motivated even when the scale isn't moving in the direction you want it to. Good Luck!!!

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My suggestion is to try an evening or weekend yoga class. This is a gentle way to connect with your body once a week and get back into stretching and having exercise. As you learn yoga, you will have the opportunity to have exercises that are good for the thyroid - not a replacement for having regular medical visits with your healthcare expert. Yoga is available through your local park district, fitness center, or yoga studio. By having yoga, you get awareness of how your body feels. I have lost weight by doing yoga but it is not a quick fix. I also have a history of thyroid problems and am the mother of three kids.

Another suggestion is having indoor mall walking with your baby and stroller. Our local mall has many people walking early in the morning indoors so you don't have to worry about the chilly weather.

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I read through all the responses and it does seem like you definitely received some good advice. However, since I have been treated now for over 10 years for my thyroid condition I wanted to share what I have learned along the way.

Firstly, I have seen two endocrinologists over the ten plus years and they both felt strongly that I should not take the generic form, but only Synthroid. They believe that there is too much variance in the generic.

- you have to take your Synthroid in the morning on an empty stomach, and it has to be at the same time every day - not more than an hour difference from day to day.

- when you have your throid levels checked, they will tell you if you fall in the normal range. However, always ask specifically what your levels were and what the range in. For example, 1.4 on a normal range of 0.3 - 3.0.

- Keep a journal of how you feel. For me, I need to be as close as possible to a 1.0 to feel a good amount of energy. Insist that your doctor take into consideration how you are feeling in addition to the results of your blood test. Knowing this, my doctor has agreed to increase my synthroid levels so that my thryroid levels are closer to a 1.0 (this is closer to the hypothroid end of the scale)

- Also pay attention to what your T4 and free T3 levels are. If you free T3 levels are too low, that means that your body is not able to convert the Synthroid (or thryroid hormone) into the active form that your body needs. If this is the case, you made need to go on natural Thyroid hormone (Armor) for a period because Armor contains both the T4 and free T3, whereas Synthroid contains on the T4 (leaving your body to convert it).

Feel free to email me offlist at ____@____.com the way, excercise and eating a balanced diet (no sugary drinks, lots of water, a good breakfast, no/low sugar foods, 5 vegies/fruits a day) is the only way to go. It keeps you fit. Afterall, it is not just the weight that we want to keep off or loose, whichever the case may be, but also the body and figure that looks fit and in shape.

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I have similar struggles and got some great advice... Iodine ( I know, sounds wierd ) But our bodies need Iodine, which is why in America they add it to most salt (iodized salt). One of the ways that Iodine helps us, is that it helps our bodies effeciently use the hormones that our thyroid produces. It helps to process the Synthroid too, but either way.
What you do, is buy a bottle of Iodine TINCTURE. It has the pastic stick inside of it. If you don't see it at your pharmacy, ask the pharmacist, it may be behind the counter. To see if you are defecient, you use the plastic applicator to put one 'drip' of the iodine on your tummy, spread it around about a inch or inch and a half circle. Then, just watch it over the course of the day. If you have enough iodine in your system, it will take a full 24 hours for your body to soak up the iodine. But, if you are defecient, your body will soak it up much faster. When the orangy color is gone, look at the clock and see how long it took to soak in. The first time I did this, it took 2 hours to soak in. So, what you do is continue to apply the iodine, when it dissappers, until it takes a full 24 hours to soak it up. Then, your body is back to the right level of iodine in your system. Then, just every couple of days apply it again to be sure it takes a full 24 to go away, and repeat application if you need to.
Iodine occurs naturally in fish, but fish can also contain mercury, so be careful about which fish you eat. When you get your iodine back to normal healthy levels, you will very quickly see improvement in your stamina, energy, and metabolism.
Good Luck!

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