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How to Get Vomit Smell Out of Fabric

Over the weekend, my daughter got a nasty stomach virus. Needless to say we have some nasty stains and the awful smell is still lingering. She got it on our kitchen chair cushions and on our couch. We've taken care of the couch stains and odor, but it is still lingering on the kitchen chairs. For those of you who've been through this before, I'd appreciate any cleaning tips you have. Thanks

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Thank you for all the wonderful cleaning advice! I purchased Simple Solutions today and applied it to my chair cushions and the smell is already gone! I thought this was the best choice for my family since we have 2 dogs that make their own fair share of messes too. I really appreciate all of your helpful advice and now I am prepared the next time my family goes though this again.

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I just saw this, we are professional cleaners and use products that eliminate the smell with this. If you still need help, call me!

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There are several products from a company called Melaleuca that have high grade tea tree oil in it. They work great and they're safe for babies. They will take the stain and odor out quite nicely.

Try Odo-ban.... I found it at Home Depot for about $10.00 a gallon (in the Cleaning Supplies Section) My oldest son went to summer camp and left his wet clothes in a tote for a week. The clothes smelled DISGUSTING!!! I thought they were ruined. But Odo-ban got the smell out. I washed his clothes and added a cup to the rinse cycle. Problem solved. Try it : )

Try sprinkiling baking soda on the spots and letting it sit for awhile. That should help. Letting them sit outside to air out will help, too(once this rain is gone!). Good luck!

You must have had the same virus we had. All three of my children (5,4, and 16 mos) had it along with my husband. I've never seen so much vomit in my life!! We too, got it on our sofa cushion as well as some diarrhea. Lovely, huh? Well, we used a product called "Simple Solutions" that we had previously purchased for use on pet stains. We got it at Petco or Petsmart but I hear you can also get it at Home Depot. It's in a spray bottle like Windex. You saturate the problem area, wait ten minutes and then blot it dry. Repeat as necessary. It really is amazing stuff. It even got an entire cup of coffee out of my cream colored coffee. There is no coffee, vomit or diarrhea smell left. Praise God!!! Hope that helps!

We went through this last week with 2 kids so I totally understand what your going through. I hope you daughter is feeling better. What worked for my kitchen chairs was Woolite oxy carpet and upholstery cleaner (the bottle was blue and said something about being good for pet stains and odors). I used baking soda in the wash with the clothing and blankets and that worked great too.

We use a spray bottle of 1/2 vinegar 1/2 water for cleaning. Our main use is pet problems, but it works for everything. It smells strongly like vinegar when you put it on things, but both smells go away when it dries. Vinegar works in the laundry too.

Good luck!

Get a bottle of Bac out from wholefoods or earthfare!

I found a product that I use for my professional cleaning at a pet store. It is called Nature's Miracle. And boy is it! It is just a bottle full of enzymes that eat ANY biological stain. It doesn't just cover it up- it gets rid of the stain completely (those guys can reallly eat!) and therefore it gets rid of the smell too. I found it at PetSupermarket for 8.50 per bottle.

I just saw this, we are professional cleaners and use products that eliminate the smell with this. If you still need help, call me!

Straight Ammonia and water should take out the smell. It does wonders! One part ammonia to 3 parts water. Good luck! It's also great for pet smells/stains.

Ohhh I'm sorry your little one had a stomach virus :( But let me tell you, you have to get this product called Kids and Pets! I think we got it at Lowe's or Home Depot. We discovered it when we moved into our other house and the people before us had cats and there was this awful smell of cat pee in one room. OMG, we used that Kids and Pets on the rug and I swear to you, never again did we smell that nasty pee smell! Since then we've used it when my daughter also had a stomach virus and threw up all over our hallway rug. It was a nightmare, but...the smell is gone. I strongly recommend it! Good luck :)

Try cleaning with a vinegar/soap detergent solution for cleaning the kitchen chairs.

Hey J.,
My mother recently brought to my attention how great that Oxy-Clean stuff is. Not the powder but the spray..you can find it on the laundry detergent/cleaning aisle. It's a blue liquid in a spray bottle. Just to explain how much it works, my grandmother had surgery and was in a rehab home for about a month. Well, her cat decided to pee on one of her expensive decorative towels. My mother sprayed it and let it soak in with the Oxy-Clean and then washed it. You can stick that towel right up to your nose now...and NO pee smell. I've been using it to get difficult stains out of my daughters clothes and some stains out of some of our rugs from our dogs when they have little accidents and I love it. It takes out the stains AND smells!!

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