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How to deal with painful stretch marks during pregnancy?

I am due any day now, but my biggest problem right now isn't discomfort or painful contractions.. its my stretch marks! I didn't gain any weight in my pregnancy until the sixth or seventh month and when I did I gained 20 pounds in four weeks. Needless to say, it resulted in some SERIOUS stretch marks. At first the stretch marks were just smooth and dark and ugly which I can deal with, but the last few days they have gotten these little white bumps all over them and they turned painfully itchy and now they are getting scabby too. I'm wondering if any other mothers have experienced this and what they did to alleviate the pain and if it went away soon after giving birth?

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The number of stretch marks you get depends on how elastic your skin is. If your stretch marks are particularly bad, you may consult with your doctor or a dermatologist. Some topical treatments such as Tretinoin cream can help reduce stretch marks. These creams must be used after pregnancy however, because they can cause defects in your unborn baby.

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Thanks for the advice. I'm still waiting on the little guy to come but at my doctors appointment today I asked about the stretch marks/ sores and he just said to use hydracortisone cream to relieve the itching. I've tried using lotions and creams but they just burn and itch worse. After the initial burning (there is a little alcohol in hydracortisone) it has been helping. He assured me that these are just normal stretch marks although I have my doubts because Ive never had a stretch mark that resulted in sores and scabbing... Thanks again!

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There's a great product called Pentaxyl that will help with stretch marks. It contains an ingredient called Matrixyl originally studied by the NIH for wound healing. Contact me if you'd like more information.

Don't know where you are with this since it was originally posted in the middle of July but you might want to try vitamin e oil. I first learned about it in middle school when my golden retriever bit me in the face, right on my cheek, thought I would be ugly for the rest of my life and by the time I hit high school, you really had to look at my face to even notice any scarring at all. Most people don't believe the story when I tell it today.

Vitamin E is good for scarring and also shouldn't have problems with pain like you can with lotions. You can buy a bottle of it in the area with the vitamins at the grocery store or Wal-Mart. If you are still dealing with anything that resembles a bona fide sore, I would recommend neosporin. Takes care of the infection and has a pain relief ingredient as well.

I had this same thing happened to me and my OB sent me to a dermatoligist. They prescribed a steroid lotion for my belly. After a few days, it did go away but I know exactly what you are going through. The dermatologist couldn't find a cause so they just treated the symptoms. It was so itchy and then I would scratch (impossible not to) and they would scab over. Best of luck to you and if you can hold out, the itchiness goes away as soon as the baby arrives.

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I too had painful stretch marks, with rash type symptoms that eventually spread to the rest of my body. I was MISERABLE! This condition is known as PUPPPS. It sounds very similar to what you are experiencing. This occurs in less than 5% of pregnancies. The only way to stop it is to have the baby (in my case babies). It's your bodies way of telling you it has had enough. You can use topical benedryl. Call your Dr. to make sure he/she is ok with it. I was going through a tube a day! Here is a web site that will give you just a little info.


Hope this helps, and I am really sorry because this is not a good way to end a pregnancy (plus if you do have this, just about every nurse or dr. will want to see it because it is so rare. But it can also earn you an extra day or 2 in the hospital with iv benadryl).

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Hi C.,
If you have trouble with the added chemicals burning, I would recommend Burt's Baby Bee Apricot oil or the Baby Bee Lotion (The milk bath is great and gentle too.) These products smell much better than the Cocoa Butter creams for stretch marks. (I got sick of smelling like a chocolate bar). Try everything in the sample size kit to see if it works for you. If so, you can order it from Diapers.com or I saw it in my Target last week. PS... After you deliver you canuse everything on baby too :) You can also try popping vitamin E capsules open with a pin and rubbing the vitamin E onto your skin.
Also, make sure you are getting enough protein to help you heal. Protein is mainly in meat and dairy foods. Ensure or somehthing comprabale like Boost is another way to get it, but I wouldn't use any crazy stuff from Health food stores etc while you are pregnant. I hope this helps.

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I also had infected stretch marks, but I didn't have the PUPPS rash some of these women are talking about.

The strech marks, which are actually "fractures" in the tissue below the skin became infected and they were like running tunnels of ickyness.

I ended up using warm moist compresses to encourage them to drain, then used hydrocortisone cream...do NOT use Neosporin ointment...don't you any ointments, only water based creams until they are all healed, then you can switch to the oils that are advertised to help the marks left behind.

If you put anything that can't "breah" over those infected sores, they can't drain, or heal.

I discovered it the hard way.

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Hi, C.. I feel your pain. This is my first as well, and I have the PUPPS rash as well. I have very sensitive skin to begin with so I think I was susceptible to it. It was horrible back in July. It had spread from my belly to my thighs, creeping toward my bottom. Everthing made it itch, heat, moisturizer (even Palmer's), clothing with any type of texture, sheets with less than 300 thread count. I fantasized about walking around naked, smeared with cool aloe gel. It was absolutely ridiculous. Talk about not being able to sleep. Tried hyrocortisone cream, but it only helped for about 2 days, and then stopped working. You can't use it continuously for more than about 5 days so I had to stop using it.

Well, I did some research and found that Organic Dandelion Root capsules are safe during the second and third trimesters, which works out because that's when PUPPS usually emerges. Mine started at week 23. I've been taking the capsules daily with my prenatal vitamins, and they have helped, although some rash remains on my belly, it is now contained and not so unbearable. The rash has disappeared from my thighs and nearby areas. Thank goodness! This PUPPS will not go away until after your little one has been born, unfortunately. Try some relaxation breathing and soft music with the AC cranked up. All this stress is not good for you and the baby. Good luck, dear!

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C. -

I don't know if this has already been mentioned, but Arbonne International has a wonderful Rejuvenating Cream that comes free with every ABC Baby Products Set, because it is for mom and her stretch marks. Arbonne's products are botanically based, with no mineral oil, animal by-products, or fragrance -- completely pure, safe and beneficial to use for you and baby. Let me know if you need more information on the Rejuvenating Cream(you can purchase it separately too) or would like to try a sample of the baby products.

L. L.

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Have you tried Beaudreaux's Butt Paste? It is a diaper rash ointment that is above and beyond. You can buy this product at Walmart. Dr. Beaudreaux is a Pediatrician out of Louisiana and he was featured on Opra. When she interviewed him he said he had gotten so many request before he put his product on the market by many people for many different uses such as a diaper rash, lip balm, and even jock itch. I have used this product and it cleared diaper rash within 24 hours. I also use it under my breast when I develop yeast and become a little raw and it works. I know for a fact that that it works better than hydrocortisone especially with the itching. The main ingredient is Zinc so compare this product to any athlete foot product. Try it and let me know.

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try cocoa butter stick. rub it on your skin and after a few minutes it will get warm and more liquidy. i used it back when i was sixteen to help with scarring and to soften the skin, after a breast reduction. since you gained a good deal of weight in a short period of time your skin stretched out quickly,that is why it hurts. try any of the palmers skin products. you can find them in walmart. there is one for after preganancy called firming butter.

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I'm so glad someone mentioned PUPPPS on here. For me, it manifested within a week after the birth of my first child, which they say is unusual, because most women get it during their last month of pregnancy.

I too barely got big until the very end, then suddenly balooned and swelled and the heat I think made it worse. Mine manifested in my stretchmarks, you know the newly damaged and extremely tender skin areas, and it was absolutely miserable.

Anyway, as my OB explained, it's basically your body exhibiting an allergic reaction to being pregnant - all the hormones, etc. floating around. There isn't a lot to do for it, unfortunately, though I'm really curious about the soap someone mentioned below that they used for PUPPPS. But I found soaking in the bath in a little epsom salt comforting. As well as aloe and calamine. You have to resist the urge to scratch, as it can all get infected with something worse.

I also found a good pro-biotic to be helpful and I think that's why my case did not get worse or last as long. I currently use Garden of Life's Primal Defense. And lots of water. In general, I believe supporting your immune system and the flow of toxins (even excess hormones) out of your body is helpful.

Lastly, I did not know of this product back then, but I use it now for skin irritation and it's *wonderful!* As in "omg, that feels so much better" wonderful. It's called: Wally's Ear Oil. It is marketed for ears, but it's great on cuts, scrapes, rashes, etc.. Naturally mildly anti-septic and extremely soothing. Speeds the healing too. If I'd had this product back then, I would have definitely put it on any sores. You can buy it online here: http://www.outletnutrition.com/609280105001.html. I found Outletnutrition to have some of the best online prices for vitamins and natural products. (Don't forget to use their coupons listed on the side bar.) GNC carries Wally's online as well - so that may mean they carry it in their stores. Unfortunately I haven't found a lot of herbs stores in Austin that carry it.

I hope you feel better very soon!

PS Also, some drs are not aware of PUPPPS. But they can look it up. Be sure if your doctor is not aware of it that they do go check it out and get that info for you!

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I am 23 myself and just had my first daughter in May. I am a smaller build and I started getting stretch marks into my 3rd month. I began to use baby oil right after the shower, just before I dried off. Massage a decent amount into your skin and dry off lightly. I also used Burt's Bees Mama butter...that stuff worked miracles because my tummy is stretch mark free. I have them on my bottom and hip area because I gained 30 lbs in the last few months. Even after your little one is here continue to do these things. At the least they will help the stetch marks and your itching for sure...you might want to try cutting open vitamin e capsules and massaging that into the skin as well. Good luck and an early congratulations!!!! you will love being a mother.

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There's a great product called Pentaxyl that will help with stretch marks. It contains an ingredient called Matrixyl originally studied by the NIH for wound healing. Contact me if you'd like more information.

I found with my two pregnancy's I used coco butter and it really helped. But I have to say I never had scabs. What did your doctor say. use could probally also use camomeal( i think its spelled this way) tea. Just brew a cup of tea, let it sit and when its luke warm, soak a wash cloth in it and apply to your stomach, this might help and there's no chemicals involved.

Hi C.- check online for the PUPPS rash I saw someone else mentioned it too. I had it and it sounds just like that- it's a rash or red bumps that starts in your stretch marks. My understanding (based on the explanaation given to me) is that it's a hormonal reaction to the baby, it usually starts right after birth (but maybe before too), common with (or more common with) preeclampsia. My rash started on my lower belly after birth ( I had a c-section and originally thought it was due to that) then spread to my legs- lower legs, inner thighs, the side of my trunk-basically everywhere but my upper back. It was itchy and miserable but cleared up with a strong cream (I had to go in 2X to get the right one). Hope this clears up for you!

I had PUPPPS with my first and it was HORRIBLE. I tell everyone I would've done labor over and over compared to having that dang rash. It started a few weeks before I delivered and it hung around and hung around. It was supposed to go away after delivering is what everyone keep saying. I begged my general doctor, my OBGYN, nurses, anyone who could help me. Everyone said just to wait it out. Meanwhile I had a newborn and was trying to breastfeed. I couldn't sleep because I would wake up clawing myself and ended up in the ER because it was so bad. They gave me a steriod shot, which gave me relief, but as soon as it wore off I was right back where I started. Then I was prescribed a steroid pack, again I felt great, but as soon as it was done I was itching again. About 4 weeks after my daughter was born I went to the dermatologist. He said what had started off as PUPPPS had now progressed into eczema. Prescribed me special soap and creams and it was cleared up withint a week. I just wanted to share this with you in case what you are trying does not help or if it gets any worse, because I wouldn't wish what I went through on my worst enemy!

You may have PUPPS (Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques of Pregnancy). Don't be alarmed if this is what you have but you might want to ask your doctor. I had it with my daughter. I was extremely itchy! Whether you have PUPPS or stretch marks I would try Aveeno with oatmeal products. That is what I used and it helped.

hi there
and congrats on your new little joy!...with kids you just cant plan, and if you are open to that it will be ok...you will be just fine. You will learn to go with the flow and just dont worry. I suggest getting the parents magazine. Its super helpful for every stage of your babies life...super helpful and easy to keep handy to read when you can. Anyway, sorry to hear your in discomfort. I use and sell skin care products that i have found to be the only thing that has worked on the most sensitive skin ever. All i can say is Arbonne products truly work...they are 100% pure, safe and beneficial. You may have skin irratations to your skin stretching, hormones, what you ate (body does all kinds of weird things when prego). If you are interested in trying any products, just let me know. If you dont find that they help there is a 45day money back guarentee. Keep me posted on how you are feeling otherwise! Where do you live?
AND congrats on the boy! Im a mom of 2 boys...love them to death! They are such mommy boys too.

When i was pregnant, my skin became very vey itchy, I was always itching my legs, my belly, my arms, but what I found to work the best to put moisture back into my skin, was Johnson and Johnson BABY LOTION, it was a miracle.

Hi C.,

I had the same thing happen to me when I was pregnant w/ my son. I thought it was just a nasty rash but was so embarrassed when my doc said it was stretch marks! It was super inflamed and very painful. The only thing that worked for me is a cream called Carmol 20. The only place I've found it is at Bartell's drug. Do you have one of those near you? You might be able to find it online too.It is paraben free and the best cream I've found for really sensitive skin. Its worth a try!

I am so sorry you are going through this! It sounds like the PUPPs rash. I had it with my first pregnancy, and it is horrible!!!! It usually goes away after the baby is born, but for some reason, mine didn't appear (everywhere except my face)until after the baby was born. It lasted for 16 weeks! The only thing that worked was prednisone (orally), which I had to BEG for since I was nursing. I don't know if it's safe for use during pregnancy, but it's worth asking. Good luck, and I hope you find some relief.

Hey C.,
Beauticontrol has some great products for stretch marks. Look up Demarkable and Sculptique-these will work great for your stretch marke, orange peel skin.

You can order directly from my website


I'm so sorry to hear this. I had PUPPPS too and it was miserable. it showed up a week or so before delivery and actually started to spread during labor. It hung around a bit after delivery but they were able to give me a shot after delivery. I cared more about getting my shot than getting pain medicine after delivery (I had a c-section)

Anyway, once I started scratching it was terrible and the only thing that relieved it was ice! I would go to the fridge and just rub ice all over my belly to numb it. I tried oatmeal baths etc. not much help. Delivery is the cure, sorry to say.

I don't think it has anything to do with having stretch marks. that's just where it starts.

may your baby come soon!

Hi Candace, ONE Group has just launched a brand new range of baby products, including Belly Balm to help w/ those stretch marks! The products are excellent, certified organic/natural from Australia. I have a member's perk on Mamasource, which may be helpful to you and your baby.

Best wishes to you!


You may want to go to an actual dermatologist for this condition because it doesn't normal, and for your best chance of healing now and after the birth, you'lll want something that will be right for the proper diagnosis.

For natural products, try: www.earthmamaangelbaby.com


Dear C.,

Two things that I would try would be aloe vera. Not what comes in the bottle but the actual plant - just snap off a
leaf & rub it all over the irritated area. It will be gooey
but it's worth it. The other would be vitamin E oil. I've
heard it does wonders for the skin - it's worth a try. Good
luck & congratulations on your precious son. I had 2 daughters but there's nothing like it in the whole world. I
treasured every minute of it!


I had PUPPP as well in the last couple of weeks before my son was born. It started, as you said, with itchiness under my belly, and it spread all the way down my legs into these red rashy sores. Think shingles. Besides topical stuff, there's not much they can do.

It completely disappeared about 12 hours after I delivered. It didn't happen with my next/last pregnancy.

I know you already got a bunch of replies to this and I didn't read through to see what everyone suggested so forgive me if it's already been suggested. My 9 month old son is wearing a DOC band to reshape his head right now. He recently started getting a sore on the back of his head which they thought was from heat. It's scabby looking. I was told by the people who gave us the helmet to use hydrocortosone cream, but it wasn't helping at all. So I spoke to his pediatrician who suggested aquaphor. That has worked great. Your stretch marks almost sound very similar to the way my sons head looked, which was why I was thinking maybe the aquaphor would help more. In three days of using it the sore is completely gone on his head. Maybe it would hurt less than the hydrocortisone too.


I, like many who have responded, had PUPPS with my twin pregnancy. It started on my belly as tiny white/red blisters and then spread to my ankles. It itched terribly, mostly at night when I needed sleep. My OB/GYN saw me when it was just starting so he wasn't sure what it was (and didn't prescribe anything). A few weeks later, when I went into delivery he was shocked at how bad it got and diagnosed it as PUPPS. It cleared up about a week after deliver (and wasn't nearly as itchy a day or two after the boys were born). I had some residual scabs and marks on my legs for a while (the stretch marks will be with me the rest of my life...!), but those too went away.

Given I didn't get anything prescribed, I used all kinds of over the counter creams. Oatmeal creams and batch's did not work for me. The best lotion I could find is called SARNA anti-itch cream. Warning, it makes you cold (but much better than itchy!). I slathered this stuff on several times a night when I woke up in a scratching frenzy.

See the attached website that I found helpful (and funny) regarding this terrible rash


Dear C.,

I had somethign similar in my pregnancy. (My son is now four--and don't worry-it's awesome!! life changing..hard, but terribly rewarding!) Anyway, I had one stretch mark but an awful rash which was terribly painful and my only relief was aveno baths. I remember looking it up on the internet and reading something about a condition called "PUPS". It was kind of scary and it turned out I did not have this--but you might want to check it out on the internet. Good luck and I know you will soon have a beautiful little baby in your arms and this will all be behind you!

HI C.,

Just wondering why you would want to put anything on your body that irritates it further? Anything we put on our skin i.e. - alcohol etc.. gets absorbed into our bodies. Arbonne carries any amazing line of products only made from 100% botanical ingredients that actually work. For stretch marks I have heard the intelligence rejuvinating cream works wonders & its soothing. Let me know if you have any Qs.


Healing Cream and Helichrysum oil mixed together work wonders! Let me know if you have questions.
~R. ____@____.com www.myherblady.com

Okay I did not read all the responses, but could it be a yeast infection on the skin. I had this when my daughter was born. On stomach, under breast and let me just say OUCH!!!!It inched something fierce and hurt the only way I got rid of it was for my Doctor to give me a Rx cream that I had to apply several several several times a day if you get my meaning. It did go away just took alittle time. Hope this helps. One other thing I would say is your Dr it there to help you, make him do it! If you are having trouble or are uncomfortable with something make them aware, and if you are not happy with the answer say so. I truly believe a woman knows her body and when something is not right with it we know it.. Good Luck

I didn't see the original request but when I was pregnant I used straight Vitamin E OIL in the bottle. I found it in the commissary in the Vitamin section in a small bottle. Rub it everywhere. Works great. Yeah, I still have a few stretch marks but they are hardly noticable and not dark at all. Helped witht he itching too. Sounds like you just need moisture. I would not use the hydrocortizone. That stuff dries you out even more. I know from experience.

Good luck. Congrats on your baby!!!


Hi C. -

I hope you have found relief from the "rash" and itching. If not, I would suggest you visit your nearest herb store and look for a salve that contains Plantain and Calendula. Both are excellent for any kind of rash/itching and they won't block your pores like many "oils". Remember, rashes are the body's way of detoxing through the skin - though uncomfortable, they are often necessary. Blood cleansers, like Red Clover, are gentle and safe to use while pregnant or when you are breastfeeding.

If you need help locating a local herb store, let me know.


M. M. Ernsberger
Certified Herbalist

I haven'te read all the responses you received but I wanted to say that Calendula Homeopathic Cream, Ointment and Lotion by Boiron are amazing for scars, scabs, cuts, itching, burning etc. Taking arnica and calendula oral homeopathics will also help you heal quicker and they have no side effects or dangers for babies, other meds, etc. I know it has been a while....but I wanted to throw that in.

I am sure you have had your little guy by now, but I had something every similar it sounds like and my doc called it a PPP, I cannot remember the technical name for it, but very painful sores that itched like crazy, had them with both pregnancies, he prescribed Triamcinoline Acetonide, it is a steriod only to be used very lightly and sparingly, but after about 2 days of use it took all the pain away and the sores. So if you still have them, talk to your doc about this tuff it is awesome! Good Luck with your new little one!

I know you already received several responses but I wanted to add something. I have a very small frame and was pregnant with identical twins. I spent a week in the hospital before I had an emergency c-section at 29 weeks. The stretching in my skin was incredibly painful. Every move I made hurt. In the hospital I alternated between hydrocortisone and Caladryl. We also tried a cold compress and cool showers which provided temporary relief. I had to wear my husbands old cotton t-shirts because the hospital gown irritated my skin. Do not take hot or warm showers. Heat makes it worse. I wish you the best.

Stretch marks are caused by breaks in your Collagen. You can't do anything to prevent them. However, you can moisturize the skin and prevent the itch. I would stay away from anything with Paraben's in it. They are a chemical preservative found in Breast Cancer molecules. They are a preservative with the ending of -ben.
The best products would be the natural oils like cocoa, olive, and apricot oil. Shea butter also works well. When you have the baby look for products without those Parabens as well. Just google it and you can read more.
I can also give you more info off line.
Good Luck,
C. B.

I know you talked to your doctor already, but it sounds like you have a PUPPP rash. I had one during my first pregnancy, and it was painful and itchy. Here is a link:

I assume you've had your boy by now, but still may be suffering from the belly pain. Try baby lotion or baby oil gel. If you use the gel, lube up after the water's off in the shower but before you dry off (maximum absorption time when the skin's open). The best lotion I've found is Grins and Giggles (Gerber) - gentle enough for baby, strong enough for Mom - which I still use (my guy is almost 6). Every chance I got I was slathering away, especially before bed.
What worked for me was to drink lots of water, lay off the salt, and slather my expanding belly with gel and baby lotion from the moment I found out I was pregnant. I was 37 and figured my skin would be all stretched out and this really helped. I was itchy too, but keeping hydrated from both inside and out helped a ton. As a result, there were no stretch marks.
Luckily, you have youth on your side, so keeping up the hydration will go a long way.

C., Hi! My only suggestion is that if nothing else helps and you want to stay away from meds and or med. creams. Our family uses a aloe vera products that helps with itchy, stinging, and healing. Hope it doesn't get worse for you, hang in there!


I had this same thing happened to me and my OB sent me to a dermatoligist. They prescribed a steroid lotion for my belly. After a few days, it did go away but I know exactly what you are going through. The dermatologist couldn't find a cause so they just treated the symptoms. It was so itchy and then I would scratch (impossible not to) and they would scab over. Best of luck to you and if you can hold out, the itchiness goes away as soon as the baby arrives.

I would get to the local herb shop. I liked Dr. Christopher's Complete Beauty Facial cream; test it on a very small area first. they should have this or be able to order it in for you. Of course cocoa butter or anything that is healthy for your skin and/or you. There are herbs that are safe for and even help with pregnancy, so ask a knowledgeable herbalist. There may be some things to help you lose the excess water weight safely. I was very healthy during my pregnancy and my belly measured smaller than normal. The doctor kept sending me in for ultrasounds saying the baby was too small - he was 8 lbs 5 oz when born. lol

If nothing else keep up with your diet, eat healthy oils like flaxseed oil - you can mix it in tuna fish, salad dressing and peanut butter.

Sunflower seeds are healthy for your skin too.

It sounds like PUPPP. I got that too (same as you described) at the end of my pregnancy. It was very uncomfortable and it didn't go away for a while. I just used hydrocortisone gel (the stuff that's like vasoline, not lotion). It helped, but never enough. It does eventually go away after you have the baby. Once course for me, as soon as that went away, I broke out in hives all over my butt and legs for no obvious reason. My midwife told me to just stop taking my prenatal vitamin and Ibpofin (that's all I was taking) but it didn't help. I now have what looks like eczema on my calves and have had it all summer. All this skin stuff is so weird to me. I never had a problem pre-pregnancy so I'm assuming that it's just the price we sometimes have to pay for having babies.

I think it might be best for you to see a dermatologist.
Everything else is just speculation and I always worry about any skin issue.

Don't know where you are with this since it was originally posted in the middle of July but you might want to try vitamin e oil. I first learned about it in middle school when my golden retriever bit me in the face, right on my cheek, thought I would be ugly for the rest of my life and by the time I hit high school, you really had to look at my face to even notice any scarring at all. Most people don't believe the story when I tell it today.

Vitamin E is good for scarring and also shouldn't have problems with pain like you can with lotions. You can buy a bottle of it in the area with the vitamins at the grocery store or Wal-Mart. If you are still dealing with anything that resembles a bona fide sore, I would recommend neosporin. Takes care of the infection and has a pain relief ingredient as well.

Your painful stretch marks are a thing called pops....It happens in pregnant women from time to time (I hade them) In the summer they can be awful with the heat. Mine got so bad that I had to have a perscription type steriod cream(which was safe to use)Hydrocortison did not work what so ever and trust me when I said I tried everything from OTC creams, and herbal stuff over. It will stop once your baby is born though, that is the only good thing. I hope this helps.

I had this and cured it prior to delivery of my son, though your doc is likey to say you can't do that. You need to pour lemon juice straight into water. Add as much as you can handle and drink as much of it as you can, I drank it even when sitting on the toilet!!! It flushes your system and cleans your liver of the hormone build up. It was a god send to me as the itching was so horrible and the rash that started in the stretch marks on my tummy had spread to my ankles by the time I found this cure online. Good luck

I know exactly what this is! This is called PUPPS rash. Please see your doctor again. You can get info about it online - it is not dangerous to your baby, but it is AWFUL!

C.-I experienced this with my first baby and I suggest you talk to your OB about it. Mine gave me a cream to stop the itching. I do not remember what it was called but it helped a great deal. Definately talk to your OB-no need to be itchy or in pain if it can be helped right? Good luck with the upcoming special event!

I would definitely contact your ob/gyn about these and get some help. As far as cocoa butter, lotions, this, that, whatever, I've had 3 children. I lived in a humid climate for two of the pregnancies (meaning, more moisture for skin). I slathered on anything and everything suggested for my second pregnancy that I didn't try during my first, although I'd tried all the things suggested thus far in my first...and then onto my third. I have an American roadmap on my stomach...sigh. My point is, take care of your belly...it may or may not help. I took very good care of my belly. Nevertheless, I have terrible stretch marks, more added with each pregnancy. My mother also has stretch marks from her 4 pregnancies. I figure I was born with my mother's skin. I guess my stretch marks could be worse if I hadn't taken any care of myself, but I do tend to believe a lot of it just must be genetic. My two sister-in-laws did squat to take care of theirs and neither have stretch marks and they were both much larger than me!

Talk to your doctor, but it sounds like you have what are called PUPPP or "Pruitic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy."

You can get a medicated cream from your doctor to treat them and they should go away after delivery.

For my first pregnancy, my Mom got me some "Pregnant Belly Oil" (yea, that WAS the name of it!) at a natural food store like Wild Oats. The only stretch marks I got that time were in a scar I already had.

The second pregnancy, I just kept lotion around all the time and if I felt an itch, I would slather myself up!

Get something for dry skin. I LOVE Shea Body Butter from The Body Shop. (But I didn't know about it when I was pregnant.) Just keep using lotion and the itch should go away.

Oh, and congratulations on the new addition!

Go get some Vitamin E oil or Palmers cocoa butter lotion that is the best stuff! I used it my whole pregnancy I did not get one stretch mark on my belly! It works I tell you!The main thing is DO NOT ITCH! The more you itch the more stretch marks you will get, and the itchier you will become.Just put the cocoa butter on every time it itches and it will aliviate the itch and pain.This stuff heals your skin it is specifically used for pregnancy.You can buy it at most grocery stores.

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