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How Much Does the Tooth Fairy Give for a Tooth?

My oldest daughter is on the verge of losing her first tooth. How much does the tooth fairy leave for a tooth these days?

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Wow! Thanks everyone for all of the responses! We will probably go with a dollar, maybe a little more for the first one. I do like the idea of the $2 bill too. I used to get those from my great-grandfather when I was younger and was always fascinated by them. Thanks again for all the advice, you gals are great!

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My parents always left a Two Dollar Bill. Since those are something you don't see often it was a special bill the Tooth Fairy gives. I always thought it was so cool to have a Two Dollar Bill, so I plan on doing the same for my children!

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I have a 15month old so it will be a while before I have to think about this stuff...but I read an idea years ago that has really stuck with me.
My plan is to give my son coins from other countries for each tooth lost. The amount of the coins is not relevant, just that they come from other countries. (Along with this will come a story about how the tooth fairy has money from all over the world since she travels everywhere to collect teeth. We might even have a ditzy tooth fairy that just can't seem to remember that my little guy lives in the USA and thus he gets coins from all over the place.)
This may become difficult with so many countries using the euro, rather than their own currency, but I'm hopeful I can scrounge up some deuchmarks or francs when the time comes...or perhaps a canadian quarter. ;)

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We always put a few various coins, a different amount everytime, whatever is in our pockets, usually. I make sure it is at least over a dollar so they can buy something from a dollar section or get a candy of some sort, and then we always include a little toy, maybe chapstick for a girl, or a matchbox car or mini starwars guy, a baby my little pony, etc. Stickers are always fun. You could even start a sticker tradition, and for the first tooth, you could make a mini sticker scrapbook that has room for a story about how they lost each tooth, a picture and a blank page to put the stickers on. Throughout the years, even into the teenage ones, your kids will see what type of stickers thy got each time, which will coorelate to what they are into at the time. Spiderman, batman, cars, etc. Or ponies, strawberry shortcake, barbie, jonas brothers, hannah montana, etc. On another note, I, the tooth fairy, have failed to remember to give my child their "gift" on more than one occasion because by the time they were asleep, I had forgot and went to bed. So...we made up a story. The Tooth fairy isn't Santa, she can't get all over the world in one night, so leave your tooth out and when she is passing over Florida, she will stop in. Maybe she's in Africa tonight, or Ireland...what about Austrailia? We got the kids wondering how many nights is woudl take for her to be "in our area". ;-)

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My parents always left a Two Dollar Bill. Since those are something you don't see often it was a special bill the Tooth Fairy gives. I always thought it was so cool to have a Two Dollar Bill, so I plan on doing the same for my children!

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I've heard of some tooth fairies leaving outrageous amounts of money under the pillows of my five year old's friends, but our tooth fairy has a budget (and some common sense)! After putting her first tooth under her pillow, my daughter awoke to find a note from the tooth fairy congratulating her and encouraging her practice good dental hygiene. Along with the note was some fluoride rinse and $2. After the second tooth, she left another note, $2 (in coins -- for counting practice)and a pack of sugarless gum. My daughter was delighted. I think she liked the notes and goodies more than the money!

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My son received $20 for his first because it took us by surprise and that's all we had. Afterward, he has gotten $5 per tooth which is the norm in our area. :)


Hi B.,
I don't know about anybody else but I gave my daughter $10.00 for her first tooth and a dollar for any after that. I made the first tooth a big deal for the tooth fair to get and that she only pays big for the first one. I also have keep her first tooth for my scrapbook. I told her that the tooth fair left me her first tooth so that we could remember it. Hope this helps. They sure grow up fast don't they.

God Bless


I gave my eight year old a quarter for his first few. Now that he's a bit older, he is well aware that it's me and I just put the quarters in a jar of money he's collecting. It's not much, but the budget is tight here :) Plus I have a six year old who will also start losing his soon.

For my kids I had a pillowcase with a small pocket sewn on it. Whoever was about to loose a tooth, got to use it. For my grandaughter I crosstitched a tooth fairy pillow.
She got a dollar for her first. She was so happy about it, it could have been a million! Remember it's more about the surprise than the actual amount.--But beware, the larger the amount the first time, the more she'll want next time!

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