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How Long Are Ears Supposed to Be Sore After Getting Them Peirced??

Hi Moms,
My 6 yr old got her ears peirced yesterday for the 3rd time!
The first 2 times one ear would always get infected really bad so we'd have
to let them close up.

She insisted on getting them done again so we figured maybe the 3rd times a
charm! : )
Well, now they're very sore and she keeps complaining about them hurting and I
don't remember her ever saying they were sore before and I also don't remember having any problems after mine were peirced.

Has anyone had soreness/pain after getting their ears (or childs ears) peirced?
If so, how long did it take to go away?

I'm just worried we're already having problems again and we're going to have to let them grow in as well....
Thanks so much for any helpful info.

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I am one of those people with super-sensitive ears. I can't even wear my gold or silver earrings without them getting crusty and nasty. Ugh! For a couple of hours on a special occasion here and there, I go ahead and suffer for beauty. LOL

But the only earrings I can wear without pain are from Simply Whispers. They are nickel-free and hypoallergenic, and I can wear them without pain. http://www.simplywhispers.com I would take your daughter's earrings out and replace them with some posts from here, and see if that helps, while treating them as others have described.

Good luck!

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This may sound silly, but did they give her a solution to put on them everyday? I got my second set of piercings done at Claire's and they give you a big bottle of solution to use every night. I put it on every morning also and they healed very quickly. They used rubbing alcohol when I got my first set done, but the stuff they gave me last time didn't burn at all.

Also, like other have said, make sure they're surgical steel posts. My ears are sensitive to the alloys, my earrings must be surgical steel or 14K or I have problems.

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it is very normal for ears to hurt after getting them pierced for the third time. the scar tissue makes it harder for the piercing to heal, and makes it hurt more durning and after the piercing. make sure you are washing her ears 3-4 times a day with antibacterial soap. dont use alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. it will dry the ears out causeing splitting and infection. try to keep the earrings in or it will be worse next time. if they start to bother her switch them out for pure gold or surgical steel. not titianium or silver.
hope this helps

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Try going to a doctor. Perhaps there is something they can give to help with the infections.

When my sister had her ears done (2nd holes) she only felt discomfort for a couple days. It did not *hurt*.

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Is the one side that gets infected the same side that she sleeps on? If so, I would recomend getting one side pierced at a time...makeing sure not to sleep on the pierced side till it is healed and she can take them out at night...or put small hoops in (they are more comfortable to sleep in).

Hope this helps!


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i did not read through all the other responses, so i'm sorry if this is a repeat - have you checked to see if she is allergic to the metal in the earrings? she may need special earrings (i think it is surgical steel) - i had a friend in high school that neededspecial earrings otherwise she would get infections and her ears would swell up - hope this helps - good luck to your daughter

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This may sound crazy -but I would recommend that you go to the tatoo shop in Deep Ellum (the one with the purple front and black and white animal print sofa) and get their piercing kit. It has a special salt that you mix with water and antimicrobial lotion that works wonders. Also, make sure that you have earrings that are surgical steel or gold as a lot of other materials can increase the risk of infection. My daughter got her ear pierced and we didn't get the kit because it cost around $15 and we didn't think we needed it. A week later I headed back to the store and got it. It worked wonders and she's never had problems since then. Sorry, I don't know the name of the shop. Also, just a word of warning, you may want to make this trip without your daughter. The people there are very nice, the place is super clean...but, they display some unusual piercings in their display case. I had my 15 year old daughter with me and the man was nice enought to turn them around when we came up. It is worth the trip to get this package I promise you, and the guys that work there really are very knowledgeable and can answer any questions that you have. Don't let the tatoo shop throw you off, they are very professional.

Your daughter may not be able to tolerate earings. I got mine pierced at a young age and was never able to wear them because my ears stayed infected. I had them pierced more than once and had the same results each time. I have even tried wearing clip ons and they still get infected. Good luck!

Hi N., I agree with Tracy; make sure to get her surgical steel posts. My ears are very sensitive to any gold-plated or even sterling silver earrings.

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