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How High of a Temp Before You Go to Doctor ? 8 Month Old

My daughter is at 101.6 right now should i take her to the doctor ? Thanks for all the responses i have gotten already let me be a little more specific... I took the temp under the armpit and yes she is teething, but she has also been congested and coughing for the last few days, and has also has alot of bowel movements that have varied from hard to very runny today. Probably about 6 poopy diapers already today.

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Hi moms thanks for all the great advice. Yesterday afternoon her fever spiked to 102 and my 4 year old ahs a fever of 102 and diareah as well. So i took them both to a walk in clinic and sure enough they both have a stomach bug that has been going around and they both have an upper respitory infection. They are both on antibiotics and are doing much better today. Thanks again.

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Don't forget to go ahead and TREAT the fever with tylenol, if she isn't allergic to it. She doesn't have to HAVE the fever at the time the doctor evaluates her. If in doubt, take her in to the doctor. They really don't mind--it is their job, after all.

Good luck.

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It is possible that something has effected the flora in her intestine, and replacing it would be what I'd do for my crew.
I like Simplexity's bifidus for this. best,.k

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Don't forget to go ahead and TREAT the fever with tylenol, if she isn't allergic to it. She doesn't have to HAVE the fever at the time the doctor evaluates her. If in doubt, take her in to the doctor. They really don't mind--it is their job, after all.

Good luck.

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i know 101 seems scary and not saying it is nothing to worry about, but that's just her body doing it's job. anything over 100, yes, give tylenol or motrin. you don't need an er visit unless the temp is over 104 though and not going down despite the baths and medicine. but you know your baby best, so trust your instinct.

Hi R.,

I'm guessing this is an anal temperature? It depends on how you take it... if you're nervous call the doctor. They likely have an answering service that will forward your concern to an on-call nurse who will call you back (quickly) and tell you what to do.

I'm sure she's fine so don't worry too much. Little ones spike fevers all the time...

What other symptoms does she have? If she's got green gunky junk coming out of her nose and she's had a fever over 100 for more than a day, I would definitely take her in. If she's teething and has no other symptoms, I would give her tylenol and see how she's doing by tomorrow. All that said, go with your gut - better safe than sorry for sure!

If the temp is 101.6 in the armpit means 102.6 orally which is the most accurate ( rectal is no longer advised) . As soon as you feel a temp like this the first thing to do is give the child a tepid bath, no covering her in blankets and plenty of fluids. If the temp doesnt go down, go to the ER cause she will be at risk of having convulsions. All they are going to do is give you Tylenol and if the temp doesnt go down , Motrin around the clock. I had exactly the same problem with my child, so everytime you have this situation just think about ways of putting the temp down first and then go to the doctor. Hope it helps for the future!:) . Looks like and infection to me, but take the temp out of the way always first and never hesitate to seek medical care if you are worried about it...Take care, Cris

I think you have to go by your own child. My son hardly ever ran a fever and when he did he was out for the count. My daughter on the other hand would have 103 and act completely normal. My son rarely got sick but when he did it was always a virus. My daughter had constant ear infections, strep, etc. I don't think my son ever had an ear infection or strep. So I would go by your child. 101.6 is not a high fever for a child, however if she is really lethargic, excessively cranky, having trouble eating or sleeping, then I would get her checked out. Most doctors won't even see children with 101.6 and will tell you to give it a day.

I was told after 100 to give them tylenol. If that doesn't lower it, then a cool bath or shower. If it still doesn't go down after several hours, or gets up to 102, then you should take her to the doctor. In the future, you should get one of those thermometers that go in the ear. If her armpit is 101, then her actual temperature is higher. Rectal or ear is the only way to get an accurate measure that isn't affected by air temperature. If the unusual bowel movements continue it could be teething (which also causes fever) or a reaction to her formula. Try a different brand. And it never hurts to have the pediatrician see her if it continues and she is obviously not feeling well.

It is possible that something has effected the flora in her intestine, and replacing it would be what I'd do for my crew.
I like Simplexity's bifidus for this. best,.k

Your best bet is to just call your pediatrician and let them make the decision. While many docs have a standard 101 for infants under 6 months and 104 for older... whether you can get seen or not can really vary depending on if there are other symptoms, if your child has a medical condition such as asthma etc.

If you think something is wrong, whether the fever is significant or not, trust your gut and just call. Most pediatricians will see you. And for me, I have usually been right- something was going on that needed treatment though my child wasn't textbook for symptoms.

You should call first and tell them whats going on. When my daughter had a fever it went up to 105 and then back to 103 104 for a couple hours. when i talked to her doctor she told me just keep watch on her temp and try to bring it down by a bath,and give her infant motron and infant tyl 4hrs apart from eachother to keep it down, and if it didnt go down to bring her in the next day if it was to late. when i brought my daughter in the next day my doctor told me that a lot of babies were getting sick and having temps up to 105. she also said a fever should only last 3 or4 days i believe........ Your daughter might be teething too. They tend to get a fever when there teething. my daughter had the same temp 2 days ago and she has 2 molars coming in. Now when my daughter gets a fever i dont bother to call the doctor because there is nothing they can do for her besides tell me to give her tyl and mo. and i dont need a doctor to tell me what i already know...but you can just call her dr. tell them whats going on with her just incase theres more to the story, do as he/she say which will probably be to give her motron and 4 hrs after that give her tyl(infant) and if it goes higher try a luke warm bath but not to warm infants arent like us they need to be striped of clothing instead of packed with clothing like we do. hope she feel better=)

My son rarely runs a temperature, and I always call my doctor to get their opinions. Where you take the temperature makes a big difference. If you took it under the armpit you have to add 2 degrees to that, and my doctor says bring them in with a temp of 103 or higher. So I always call and ask them what they think is going on. That is what that nurse/after hours line is there for.

A temp of 101.6 needs Acetaminophen and Ibuprofen. Yes, you can use them at the same time. Follow the dosage recommended for your child's weight/age and at the time intervals recommended. Do you need to take your child to the doctor for a fever? My opinion is a strong no. You do not. Armpit temps are NOT as accurate as a rectal temp, however. I would advise that you take a rectal temp. If your child is sick, which it sounds like she is (runny nose, congestion, cough) then I would just treat the fever to make her more comfortable. That I know of, there is no over the counter medicine for her age for cold symptoms. You can use saline to spray in her nose and suction it out. Use a humidifier at night (cool mist). If she was vomiting and having diarrhea, then I would suggest giving the ped a call but there isn't anything the ped can do for a cold, as a cold is a virus and antibiotics are for bacterial infections, not viruses. Keep an eye on your child and call the doctor if her symptoms get worse or if she seems unusually lethargic. I have 3 children, so I've been through colds plenty of times. If you are still concerned despite the advise you get here, please do not hesitate to call your ped and trust your instincts as only you know your child best. And, if she's teething, she won't be coughing, having a high fever or be coughing. Teething has nothing to do with symptoms that are cold-like.

My doctor would always tell me to give her tylenol and see if the temp would drop. It always did. If the temp was still up in the morning call the office and scedule an appointment.

You know your child best. Is she eating? Is she acting "normal"? Be on the safe side, give the doctor a call.

What kind of thermometer did you use?
On the instructions, it will say what the temperature reading means.
Meaning, rectal temp, underarm temp, forehead temp... which all varies.
Rectal temp is most accurate.
Forehead or arm-pit temp, is usually 2-3 degrees less, than what it actually is.

Don't give her anything orally, without talking to the Doctor. As an FYI, things like Tylenol only masks the fever, or brings down the temperature... NOT curing the illness. So the fever may come back.

Also observe her.... and keep up nursing or Formula if you are doing that. So she does not get dehydrated.

Call your Pediatrician... and ask them, but a Doc will not "diagnose" over the phone. They have to see the baby.... because a fever could be due to many reasons.

All the best,

My son's pediatrician says to "read your kid, not the thermometer." In other words he's more worried about a lethargic kid with a temp of 101 than a kid who's bouncing off the walls with a temp of 103. So, while your kid's temperature is a useful piece of information to have, it isn't the be all and end all of determining how sick said kid is. If you're concerned call the doctor. If your daughter seems pretty okay, just uncomfortable and warm, then plenty of fluids and off to bed.

Usually they say 101.5, so I would give them a call. My kid's Pediatrician has 24hr on call nurse to answer questions, give you advice on how to reduce the fever, tell you to go to ER, or make an appointment for the next day.

We took our 7 month old to the doctor when she had 101..she had a runny nose and cough along with it. It was a viral infection and it cleared up within a week.

You must take the temperature rectally to have an accurate reading, your child's temperature is no doubt higher than 101.6, possibly a lot higher because axillary measurements are very imprecise. My pediatrician's policy is to call if you have more than 102.5 for kids 3 months or older. Get your doctor's guidelines for future reference.

I was always told to give the baby something for the fever. If it doesn't go down in a few hours then try a luke warm bath. A lot of times it will bring the fever down. If that doesn't work consult your doctor.

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