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4 Month Old with Fever

my 4 month old daughter woke up yesterday morning with a bad caugh,but no temp so i took her to get her 4 month imunizations.when we got haom she felt hot to the touch so i removed her shirt and took her temp and it was 101.
The only thing i knew to do was to give her some infant tylenol.2-3 hours later she was realy fussy so i took her temp again and it spiked up to 101.6.
I waited another hour and gave her another dose of her med.
she doesnt have a doctor (looking for one that is close)We live on the north side if Tulsa and have dificulties with transportation.
What can i do to help her to be more comfey??

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Thanks to everyone who gave me advise on my daughter..:)She still has a caugh,but her fever finally broke.

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What I would do, was to switch Motrin/ Tylenol every 4 hours. Give about 1/2 teaspoon (don't mix in the bottle). When she is running that high of a fever, take her shirt off and wipe her with a warm wash cloth, make sure to get her head and body, you will feel the heat coming off of her body. Warm works better than cold, (that is my opinion..) and it makes them feel better.
When my son or daughter got that high it worked. My daughter got sick most of the time when she got shots. Give meds to her before you take her to the doctor...

We go to the Warren Clinic on 31/Memorial. Their doctor is Mona Mange. She is really nice..

If you have trasportion issues, and have state medical, call Sooner Ride. They give rides to and from doctor appointments.

Hope that it helps...

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Although it's hard to do right now with all the ice and stuff. Strip her down to a diaper and tshirt. No blankets, sleepers or sweats. The key is to allow the heat to escape her body. Keep up with the Tylenol, give her more formula or nursing if she wants it and hold her a lot. cooler baths say closer to normal body temperature will also help. Say 2-3 times a day. You can use your thermometer to check the temperature of the water.

Her temp will go up when she sleeps, that's natural. If her temp hits 102.6 then it's time to brave the streets and go to the ER.

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I say use tylenol and in Motrin. Doing this you can rotate the medicine and give it to her every two hours. This is prob. what the doctor will tlel you also. There is a virus going around. Make sure if you give her a bath do not make the water to warm. In fact a little cool would be good. If the fever still does not come down you may want to do the emergency room. She could have an ear infection. As everyone else has said. Fever is typical with immunizations.

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My 5 month old did the same thing when she got her 4 month shots. Also my 3 year old has febrile seizures (fever induced) So I have lots of tips. First you can give her tylenol every 3 hrs. It starts to wear down after the 3 rd hour and when you give it to her it takes about an hour to take affect. Also, luke warm baths really do help. You want to make sure that its not too cold tho and has some warmness to the water. You can also use a cool rag and place it on different parts of her body like her forehead, back of the head at the base of her neck, and armpits. I would strip her down to a onsie and use a light blanket like a recieving blanket. I am sure the temp is from the shots, but if you notice that she is short of breath and her breathing is heavier. I would think about going to the ER. RSV is going around like crazy, you saying she had a cough made me think of that. But you should be fine. A bath will really help along with the tylenol and make sure she is still eating ok. And you want to rub her legs at the injection site to make sure she doesn't hard knots there. That will cause her more pain and crankiness on your part:) She probably won't like you rubbing them much but if you do it while she is eating she won't mind as much. Good luck and let me know how it goes!!!

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Hi M.,
First, some immunizations do cause a mild fever. If you think your daughter might have been getting sick prior to the immun.s I would watch her breathing and coloring but I wouldn't worry about it until her fever exceeds 102.5. My daughter would sometimes get a runny nose along with fever after immunizations that would only last 24-48 hours. I am not a doctor, so I can only tell you what I have been told or what has helped me. My doctor has told me to refrain from administering any fever reducer until my daughter hits 102 and if it doesn't decrease to rotate Motrin and Tylenol every 2-3 hours. (I only do this if she has a fever of 103+). Remember fevers actually help the body and are productive until they climb past 102.
My daughter was very sick recently with a virus on top of a sinus infection (she and I are prone to sinus infections) and she had a fever of 105-106 that lasted almost 5 days. It was terrifying. Things you can do to reduce high fevers (104+)are: Rotating med.s (as expalined earlier), luke warm baths, light clothing and wetting the head with a wet cloth. One thing to remember when reducing a high fever is to prevent your child from shivering. Try to reduce a fever gradually if possible and if you child starts to shiver cover them in a LIGHT blanket. Shivering is the bodys way of warming itself and will cause a fever to spike.
I know of 2 really great doctors. They aren't necessarily in your area but their names are Dr. Patrick Daley and Dr. Carl Phanstiel. If you ever get a chance to see one of them they are great at listening to a mothers intuition.
If you have any more questions I'll do my best to help.

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Immunizations can cause the fever, but should go away pretty quick. 101.6 isn't to bad so I would alternate tylenol and motrin (check age on it..can't remember if you can take motrin @ 4 months) every 2 hours. A cool rag for her head may make her comfy. ....If you are only giving tylenol don't give it more frequent than every 4 hours, it's not that good on them. Just keep chicking her temp.

My daughter got a 104.6 fever and they told me to give her motrin and put her in a cool (not cold--they freak) bath. It helped and the fever came down.

If her temp is still over 101 by tomorrow it might be something else and I would take her to a clinic...quicker and cheaper than ER. (or call the place where you got her shots)

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Hi M.. When she gets a fever that high try to rotate tylenol and infants motrin, the motrin is an every 6-8hr med., so try the tylenol 1st then a couple hrs later do the motrin and so on. Also my doctor told me that when a fever get around 102 it's ok to double up on the dosage. We use Dr. Barnes in Claremore & he is wonderful, I know thats not that close though. Good luck

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