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How Do You Get Prescription Labels off the Bottles?

Okay, I know this is dumb. But, my husband and I are on daily medications for life. We accumulate a ton of those little orange containers that the pills come in. I looked on the bottom of one and they are recyclable....but getting the label off is not an easy task (and probably shouldn't be for safety's sake). I don't want our names on these medicine bottles when we discard them. I tried a black marker, but you could still see through it.

Any ideas?

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I agree with the poster who suggested you soak them in hot, soapy water. It will take the label off without making a huge mess.

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Peanut butter works for all my sticker stuff. Peel off some if you can then just spread peanut butter over the label and let sit overnight. Rub or scratch off with your fingernail and a paper towel.
Best of luck to you.

Soak in HOT water or Rubbing Alcohol.

No, not dumb at all. I like to scratch mine off before I put them in the trash. No one needs to know what meds I'm on. I also kept meaning to ask if the pharmacist can just take them back. I guess I need to recycle them anyway. I would try hot soapy water as someone suggested or goo gone.

Try taking a blow dryer to the labels. The heat may loosen the adhesive on the labels. I have also used Goo Gone on labels and that seems to work on the adhesive as well.

try soaking them in HOT soapy water

soaking them in water or goo gone might work

unless you think someone might be digging in your trash for a particular reason, i wouldn't worry about it. it's not that big of a deal, your name on a bottle that says you take some kind of drug that helps you live healthier.

I agree with the poster who suggested you soak them in hot, soapy water. It will take the label off without making a huge mess.

We don't use a lot of Rx but the label just peels off the bottles I have recieved.

I shred the label and trash the bottle.

Our address isn't on there so I don't worry about it. I don't take the labels off other products when I recycle. Take a key or a coin and scratch them enough so you can't read them.

She's right, peanut butter sounds like the least possible thing to use in removing anything, but I tried it, and it's a WONDERFUL thing! I put peanut butter on any stickers I want to remove, I never try to remove any part of it before hand, and i let it sit for a few hours, and presto, the entire thing peels off with ease, without leaving anything behind! It's a beautiful thing!


I use Shaklee Basic-H2, make a spray bottle of 1 teaspoon to 16oz of water and spray the labels or put 1 teaspoon in a pint of water in a pan and let soak overnight the labels will litterally fall off! the theory is that Basic-h makes water wetter! this is a great non-toxic biodegradeable all purpose cleaner as well!
here is a link www.shaklee.net/getcleanlivegreen/product/00015

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