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Stickers on Refrigerator

I thought I'd ask if anyone knows how to clean off the stickers of the refrigerator. I haven't tried yet but I figured I'd ask someone how to get them off with a particular cleaner that does it fast and I won't have to spend time soaking then scraping. Is there any easier way?

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I'd get off what I could as much as possible, then with a soft cloth or cotton balls (whatever is good for the surface of your refrigerator) wipe off (or saturate if necessary) any residue with "GOO GONE"! It is the best thing on the market for your need and many more. It has citrus power so the smell is absolutely wonderful like an orange! It's very inexpensive and is sold everywhere.

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Try Goo Be Gone. You can buy it at places like Home Depot and Lowes.


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Use a hairdyer, blow the hot air directly in the sticker to melt the glue. Should come right off!

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Sol u Meal will take it right off. It will also take off tattoos left on your kids, permanente marker, gum, paint tar, and do so much more. I will not live without this stuff.

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This site may help you... I find that Lemon Essential Oil works great to take off all kinds of glue's, wood stain and other stains as well

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There is a product that is kinda clear/orange colored, I think it is called Goo-Off. It works like magic. You can also use WD-40 or alcohol. WD-40 is awesome too.

I've used two methods: blow dryer to warm up the adhesive, which then releases the sticker or rub cooking oil on the stickers and let sit for a few hours. Both methods will require clean-up afterwards, but it's worth it!

WD 40 will get it off. Just spray and let it soak a few seconds and it will start to work. Get off the top layer and spray again. Always works for me. God Bless

rubbing alcohol, finger nail polish remover acetone free, & a butter knife.........................that will work xoxoxoxo

Goo Gone is the best to get sticker glue off of anything.

You should be able to get it at the grocery store or walmart/target.


try baby oil on one and wd40 on another and see which one works better. Be careful with the wd40 and the floor you might spray on a paper towel and then wipe over it.There is also a product out there at the stores in the cleaning section at HEB to remove stickers.

Try a Mr Clean Eraser. I love them! The paper and sticky just rolls up in to little pills and falls off.

My favorite for removing stickers/labels is Ronsonol Lighter Fuel. Get it where the cigarettes are. Definitely toxic and flammable- but it WORKS! Also good for removing stickers that the kids left on their clothes and then you put them through the dryer. (Wash the clothes again after removing the label.)

Goo Gone works for everything!

WD40 or Goo Gone works well. I tend to have more luck with the WD40.

there is a product called "Goof Off" you can get it most anywhere, especially Lowe's and home depot or any hardware store.
It works on any non-porous surface like car windows...LOL that's were our stickers usually end up...

Try natural items like peanut butter or mayonnaise! I have used these for everything from taking off old bumper stickers, removing gum from hair, stickers off of glass - just about anything! Put a good coating of either on the problem, give it a few minutes and I'll bet it comes right off. No harsh chemicals. :-)

Peanut butter is amazing for removing stickers and labels from smooth surfaces.

Goo Gone or Goof Off. Look in the hardware section of some groceries or check your local home improvement store.
You can also try heating the sticker with a blow dryer to reconstitute the sticky so you can just peel them off.


I use Basic H made by shaklee. It gets ANYTHING sticky off, including gum in hair or carpet, wall paper, or stickers...

Goo-Gone, it works wonders!

Goo-Gone and a razor work perfect! WOrking in a daycare knows all the tricks of sticker, paint, crayons etc. You can buy it at any store, HEB, Walmart, and let it soke a little and the scrap off.

It is a clear bottle with yellow liquid!

Googone! Your local grocery store should have it. It takes those stickers right off. I worked at a retail store for 8 years and this is what we used to get those pesky stickers off of everything. Works great!

Goo-Gone! It gets any kind of adhesive sticky mess off of anything.

Good luck!

I have found that Googone or Off really don't work very well even though these are products designed for adhesive removal. My two favorites are ....WD 40 you can purchase at the Dollar Store!! Also, Skin So Soft by Avon is excellent and smells so much better than WD 40...works FAST! I use these for removal of price stickers when they put them on the glass of a picture frame,etc.

Pam Humphries

I use a product called Goo Gone. Works on everything I've tried it on so far, every kind of surface for stickers left behind and where paper has been taped to the wall and didn't quite all come off.

Goo Gone works like a champ!

Alcohol could ruin the finish, goo gone takes of the sticky part with an organge oil. It works beautifully and is safe for the finish and for the kids.

Use a hairdryer to warm them up and most will peel right up with little or no residue left to clean.

"Goo Gone"..removes literally ANYTHING. Get it at a craft store, office supply or Home Depot. Good Luck

If you can take the papery part off, rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball will take off the sticky residue. I had to do this to my crib with those stickers that tell you how to put it together and the warning sticker.

You might try a product called goo gone. It works really well getty sticky thinks off of clothes...it may work on your fridge too...

Good Luck... ;-)

Usually I use just regular glass cleaner if that's what I have avail. & soak & try to let it 'sit' for a few minutes. Also, rubbing alcohol or even Everclear liquor works good as a cleaner. I know being on a fridge is hard to let anything liquid 'sit' but you can always hold a papertowl under it to keep the cleaner from 'running'. Then try to use a regular nylon scrubbie (the kind you use for dishes, that looks like "fishnet" w/all the tiny holes in them, they come in different colors, etc.) to rub it off. Me & my sibling got in trouble for putting stickers on the fridge & we didn't do it again. Good luck!

Goo Gone is what I use, also. It is quick and easy. For stickers that have been on for a while, you don't even need to peel any of it off first most of the time. Just take a little blade and make a cut (or more depending on the size of the sticker) and apply the Goo Gone with a soaked cotton ball. The sticker will change looks as the Goo Gone soaks in. When the sticker has chaged completely (this is the reason for slicing the sticker), the sticker should be really easy to remove. If not, repeat the soaking process and you won't need to scrape as much.

Good Luck!

a product called 'goof-off' available at home improvement stores and some grocery stores.

Or try WD-40 also.

Try cleaning it with paint thinner, it worked for me, good luck.

I use the same product called Goo Gone for anything sticky to be removed. All you do is put it on a cloth or cotton ball, rub, and it will come off. Some things take more rubbing than others...but it gets ALL the sticky off.

Good luck!

goo gone - citrus based works great for "sticky" stuff- takes a bit of elbow gease- but it works- my suggestion is to saturate everythign with a wet spnge first- so you remove that thin paper layer FIRST- then you can attack all the sticky stuff... have fun!?

i've never tried it on a fridge, but it will probably work just like it does on plastic. use a hairdryer to heat up the sticker. the adhesive will become soft and the sticker will typically peel off easily. if it doesn't, heat it a little longer. then you can clean any remaining adhesive off with window cleaner or alcohol. good luck!

Goo Gone is great. It's cheap and you can buy it at Wal-mart, Home Depot, etc. Pull the stickers off of the fridge as best you can. Then apply the Goo Gone with a sponge or old rag. Let it sit for 10 minutes then start wiping (or scraping, if need be) with something like hard plastic. It smells like oranges too.

Ooh, ooh, I know!! Goo Gone!! Everyone should have a bottle on hand at all times -- it's so helpful for so many situations!! They sell it at Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and Home Depot-type places.

Goo Gone is great with removing sticky spots left by stickers or other adhesives. I've bought it at Home Depot.

Hope this helps!

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