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How Do I Know If I Broke My Toe??????

Last night, I had to get out of bed in the middle of the night to pee(im 3 mos pregnant). All the lights were off,of course,and I stubbed my little toe REALLY BAD on the corner door. This morning when I woke up, my toe was swollen and purple and I can barely walk on my left foot. How would I know if its broken? It's not sticking out in a weird direction or anything but its swollen and purple and hurts something fierce!! I just wanted some advice from some of you before I bother with a Dr visit. A few months ago, I went to see him because I was CERTAIN I had a corn on one of my toes. When my Dr looked at it, he asked me,"so what is the problem?". I said,"this bump. I want it removed". He responded,"well, then I'll have to remove your toe. That's a knuckle not a corn."
Needless to say, I tend to assume the worst when it comes to injuries (or oddities)so before I bother him again, I just wanted to get your take. Thanks!

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It won't really matter whether you broke it or not. They don't do anything for it. I broke mine (same thing, pregnant, night pee, piana leg) and went to the doctor. Had to go to my baby shower in flip flops (27 years ago and they were for only the pool and beach back then).

In the meantime, congrats on baby #1 and best wishes for baby #2.

P.S. If you decide to go with cloth diapers but don't want the hassle, I am a co-owner of Earth Baby Diaper Service. We serve, Rockwall, Collin, Dallas, Denton and Tarrant counties and probably very soon, Hunt and Kaufman Counties.

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It depend on where in your toe it is broken and yes that is what it sounds like you did. I was put in a air boot for 6 weeks and then at 6 weeks when it still had not grone back together the DR said the next step would be to do surgury and put a screw in it. So yes they can and sometimes do more that just tape it to the other toes. I would call and see what they say. 2 years later I don't think that it has grown back together some days it hurts and other days it doesn't. Just call tell them what happened and see what they say. Good luck, J.

Yep, it sounds like it's broken. My aunt just did the same thing, but also fractured her ankle in two places and her knee. lol But her toes were in an odd position; so, the doctor re-broke them to reset them. Then, they buddy-taped them. She also has one of those "shoes" that has the hard sole and straps on the top. I would definitely check in with the doctor.

Hi Alex, Yep, you broke it. I judge by the following:
If it hurts longer than say when you hit your elbow on something.
If it is swollen.
If it is black and blue.
Which you said it was.
I have done what you said you did so many times.
I went to the doctor once and all he did was tape it to the other one and really that isn't even necessary. It will heal in about 6 weeks. Wear shoes as loose as possible and keep elevated as much as your can and yeah ibuprophen for swelling. 3 tabs every 6 hours.
good luck,

Ironically I has sheet rock fall on my toe 2 nights ago. the tell all signs for me were:

pain that lasted, and lasted!
purple, black
extreme swelling
if you touch the top or tip of the toe you feel the "pain" shoot down past your toe into your foot.

I am addicted to my kickbox class so I am skipping it today, however on Sunday I am taping it to my other toe and "trying to get after it"

I have seen great improvement in my toe b/c I have been cing, whirpooliong, and elevating.

Good luck w/ this annoying situation!

Hi Alex,

When my mom broke her little toe it was sticking out to the side, it was also swollen and purple. I don't know of any other way to know if it's broken than going to the doctor.

Good luck!

Taping it to the next will work, but I used to work at a doc office where a lady came in and they had to reset her toe b/c she stubbed it so badly that it was out of place. Just be careful and watch it closely.

The only thing you can do is tape it to the next toe & keep it elevated. Put heat/ice on it for swelling & take ibuprofen. If you can't put any weight on it after a day or two- I'd go see a dr. Good luck- I know it is a pain for something soo small!

sounds to me like ya broke it!!! There really is no need to see a dr, there really isn't anything they can do!! I know this for a fact as I managed to break 2 toes on one foot about a week apart!! It was also the week before thanksgiving and I had the dinner that year...I won't forget that for a million years!! Hobbling around on a messed up foot...it was terrible!! I wouldn't even bother taping it..keep it elevated and make it as comfy as possible...it will heal in time on it's own...


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