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How Do I Clean Burnt Food from Pot

HELP! ! ! Last night my daughter burned the meatsauce in the pot. It burned around 1/2" up the sides of the pan as well as thickly coating the bottom. My daughter, her friend and I scrubbed till our arms just about fell off. It is a Calphalon non-stick pot. I have read some online tips involving amonia, oven cleaner and like items. Since this was part of an expensive set, I do not want to risk ruining the non-stick surface. Also hose type of cleaners give off terrible, toxic fumes and cannot be good to have wafting through the house. Any tried and true remedies, moms? Thanks, J.

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Whew! I never thought that I'd get so great many responses, thank you moms! ! ! I tried simmering just water; water with dishwashing liquid, with vinegar, with baking soda, dryer sheet, each seperately. But the pot was really bad and these hints just didn't seem to pack enough wallop to get all the stuff off, although they each helped a bit. It's not as horrendous as it was thank goodness but, it still needs some work. Tomorrow, I will pick up some ammonia and do that hint when it's not raining this week. I think that should finally take care of the pot. Thank all of you again! J.

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I've gotten rid of some bad burnt food issues by filling the burnt area with water and adding Bar Keeper's Friend to it. I let it sit for a few hours, and then I come back and scrub it out.

Bar Keeper's Friend is a soft scrub cleaner (sort of like Comet), and it works really well for this.

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I am great at burning things to pots! Try an Effordent tablet or some kind of denture cleaner. Fill the pot up with water, drop it in and wait an hour. It usually disolves whatever grime is in the pot. I love to use this for baking dishes and crock pots. Good Luck.

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i have heard about putting a drier sheet in pots n pans with cool water and soaking over night. My friend swears by this she saves all her drier sheets specifically for this reason. Good Luck.

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I too was going to say baking soda. I also found putting the pot on the stove with water and baking soda mix and bring to a boil, then let sit overnight. Tried adn true, it works!

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look it up on line or call the company. xo

I didn't read the rest, but boil water and add baking soda then let it sit for a while, and the best one I know is to boil water, turn it off and add a fabric softener sheet to it and let it sit over night. Always works for me, and my daughter is a "food burner".

I usually Soak powdered dishwasher soap overnite. If you usually wash it in a dishwasher this should be safe.

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