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Home Remedies for Diaper Rash

My 2.5 yr old DD has a diaper rash as an allergic reaction to eating strawberries. She is not yet PT, working on it. The urine seems to be burning her. Any home remedies to help ease her discomfort? I am all out of diaper ointment since she has not had a rash since she was 4 mo. I can't get out to the stores since what I want is closed on a Sunday night. Any help woul be appreciated. TIA!

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Thanks ladies!
I used the cornstarch on her and it seems to have cleared right up. DD is allergic to strawberries but I like to try again every 6mo. to see if she still is, per my pedi. It is hard because she loves them so much.

Now on to potty training!

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I have a wonderful pediatrician who I thought was maybe a little crazy at first when he told me to use Crisco (shortening for baking) for diaper rash. When my son got his first really bad diaper rash I finally tried the Crisco and it amazed me how well (and quickly) it worked! He also recommended using a soft cloth with olive oil for cleaning a bad diaper rash, which I must admit, I had to try and it works wonders as well.

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hi there,
sorry to hear that your baby has a rash. I remember my mom using cornstarch if it is not too bad. On a completely different approach ointments like aquaphor can create a great barrier if you are in a bind.
hope that helps,

L. S. Mommy of 3, ages 5,3 and 2.

We use olive oil...for diaper rash AND just moisturizing after baths. Paul Newman's Organic Olive Oil.

Also, corn-baed baby powder - not talc - can be helpful.

I agree with the first mom on the vasaline and cornstarch and always wipe with a warm wash cloth. However, the one I have used more often is the no flavor Maalox put on with a cotton ball, let dry and than put on A & D. Do this at least three times a day. And if you can let her air dry. If her urine burns I would check that out with a doctor. Also, she could be allergic to strawberries alot of children are.

Hope this helps,
S. mother of three all under the age of 3 1/2

this might be too late - as i know you needed it last night - but here are some helpful things to add what other moms have said - like letting her bottom get lots we used baby bottom balm from nature's gift at every diaper change with my son(and only used warm water on soft bottom cloths(from pump
station - but we found them cheaper) - no wipes) and we never had a diaper rash problem. if oliver ever started to look red - i put some burt's bee's diaper cream on him - and he was fine.
this is an old post of mine that has links to what we used. i swear by what we did!!! (no commercial wipes, a special salve with every diaper change and burt's bee's diaper cream if he started to look red)wishing your little one quick healing!!

i have found that any creams or wipes are too harsh!! we use these really soft cotton wipes (they are actually camera lens wipes that we buy on line in bulk) we wet them with water only and then we put a salve on him at every diaper change. it is an amazing thing we found at www.naturesgift.com called baby bottom balm and it smells wonderful!! it is organic and so gentle on his skin - and he has had perfect skin for over 2 years now. never a bad diaper rash or anything except when i started trying to use regular wipes - and then his tush started to get red so i went back to just water and the salve. sometimes we use burt's bee's diaper creme - but rarely. i think it also helps to make sure you change your little one often. when they sit around in a wet diaper it really irritates their skin.

here's the link to where we get our skin cream
we use their baby bottom balm (never had diaper rash!!), baby wash and baby massage oil – they all smell so good!!!! and are organic I believe http://www.stolatorganics.com/- the company was founded by a woman (my best friend)who made salves for her children who had severe skin issues like eczema and allergies. we love the 100% pure organic shea
butter and also the lavender body wash!

http://www.earthmamaangelbaby.com/angel_baby_bottom_balm.... - earth mama angel baby is another great site for really yummy products! I love this balm!!

http://www.misterart.com/store/view/001/group_id/1539/Web... - these are the bottom wipes we use instead of baby wipes. We just wet them with warm water – so soft, no chemicals and oliver never had a diaper rash problem

Screen=PROD&Store_Code=HMC&Product_Code=1724Y&Category_Code=2241 –
for the first few months, when your baby goes to the bathroom in the middle of changing, these will prevent you from having to wash the changing pad cover. they're also good for when you are out and about

Virgin Coconut Oil....make sure it says unrefined and organic. Check health food stores! Whole Foods, trader Joes.....

Try an oatmeal bath. Aveeno is a little pricey... but you can always take some oatmeal and put about 1 cup in a knee-high stocking. Run a warm bath and drop the stocking with oatmeal in the water. NO SOAP! It will help to sooth her rash. Also, my mother-in-law says brown (scorch) some flour on the stove and powder the baby down with that. She is from down south and has all those down home remedies. Good luck to you and your little one!

Milk of Magnesia takes the burn out of diaper rash. Dab it on with cotton ball and allow to dry and apply more- allow to dry before putting on diaper.

Put a heavy sprinkling of cornstarch in her diaper. Use is just like you would powder. Do this every diaper change. It has worked wonders for me. If you feel you need to have a paste, mix desitin with the corn starch for a thick paste and use that.
Good luck!

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