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Help, I'm Leaking Urine?

Ok I know this might be too much information but has anyone experienced this, if so what have you learned? I seem to be leaking urine only when I am having my period and wearing a tampon. It seems to be the worst in the beginning when I start my period and strangly it seems to happen more at night, although on the first day of the flow I leak randomly during the day or night. I had a baby 18 months ago (my second pregnancy) and it was really bad (day and night) when I first got my period after he was born (6 mos). It has gotten better, but still it is really annoying and bothersome. I have never leaked urine before for any reason, nor do I leak when I am not having my period. I exercise pretty hard and dont have a problem during exercise, unless of course its my first day of my period. After my first pregnancy I did not experience this. (I know I have a tipped uterus). I have not been back to the doc since my 6 week post op. appt. I have an appt. in a few weeks, just wanted to see what any of you have to say about this. Oh, both pregnancies were c-sections, although my firt pregnancy I did labor all the way until the very end, second delivery I never went into labor and my baby was 9lbs. 6oz. Thanks in advance for your insight!

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Hi A.,

Sorry to hear about your problem. I would say coming from a holistic standpoint that your sacral area (which includes you ovaries/uterus/bladder) could energetically be weak due to the c-sections. Something easy to do get the area energized again is to take wheat germ oil caps and break it open and rub on the scar 2-3x/day for 6 weeks. Will help break down the scar tissue. Try taking a good probiotic 2x/day to help with bladder issues. Also try working on the kegel exercises and pilates exercises which focus on stregthening that hard to reach pelvic floor muscle. An acupuncturist would also be a great option to get the stagnant chi flowing around that c-section scar. Hang in there it will improve over time. Hope this helps.

This is quite common, believe it or not.
You should talk to your OB.
Kegel excersizes can sometimes fix this, if not - there is a procedure the OB can do to fix it.
Personally I think the reason you're only experiencing this during your period, is your tampon itself.
It puts extra pressure, and therefor less room for your bladder etc....you get the picture.
I'd talk to your OB, they hear it every day, so no worries!

My sister suffers incontinence when she sneezes and other times when there is pressure in that area. This is something that happens to women from having children. Things get stretched out. I would guess that your uterus swells some with your period and puts pressure on your bladder. Incontinence gets worse as a women ages, my sister was in her 50s before hers showed up. Definitely talk to your doctor. If your doctor doesn’t offer you help find a urologist. You don’t have to live with this. However, the cure may include surgery, though there maybe other options available. It’s a matter of deciding how much this bothers you and if the treatment is worth it.

I've never experienced this, and when I asked around nobody else had either. So, my advice to you is definitely talk to your doctor.

I even googled it and couldn't find anything that wasn't directly linked to hormone issues.

Good Luck!

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