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Hi ladies...I have a health insurance question that I'm hoping someone can help me with! I am about 19 weeks pregnant and we currently have an individual health insurance plan- my husband is self employed and I am a SAHM. He is potentially starting a new job next week that will offer benefits. Will I be able to join the group plan or will I have to stay on my current plan since I have a "pre-existing condition"? We paid a fortune out of pocket with our last child and are on the same insurance plan so I would love to get on a group plan before the baby is born but not sure that I will be able to. If you have any insight to the subject please let me know what you think! thank you!!!

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With my child I switched jobs while pregnant and the new ins didn't consider pregnancy a pre existing condition. Its worth asking the ins Rep for that company. Good luck with the new bundle of joy and the ins!

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Yay for you! Group medical will work for you. Regardless of pre-existing conditions, you are able to join and be covered.

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You need to speak to the HR department at your husband's new job.
(Fingers crossed!)
Sometimes, group insurance plans have waiting periods set up by the employer. It could be 30, 60, 90 days. It could be the first day of the month following the employment date. Which basically means zero wait. You won't know that until you ask.
Your individual policy should be considered creditable coverage as long as you haven't had a break in coverage lasting more than 63 days.
Many plans don't consider pregnancy a pre-existing condition as long as you enroll in the group plan following the guidelines for new or open enrollment.
Keep the coverage you have until something else happens.When your husband gets his new job, give your current info to HR so you can enroll on the group plan.

Best wishes!

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With my child I switched jobs while pregnant and the new ins didn't consider pregnancy a pre existing condition. Its worth asking the ins Rep for that company. Good luck with the new bundle of joy and the ins!

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My husband got a new job when I was about 8 weeks pregnant, and I got on his insurance. I didn't have insurance before that (couldn't afford COBRA). Pregnancy isn't a pre-existing condition like that, so you should be able to get added easily. Just make sure you mention it on the application paper when it asks about it. I did have to wait 3 months to get on, so make sure you keep your other insurance.

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I am being added to my hubby's insurance at 14 weeks. We were told by the insurance rep that HIPPA laws forbid pregnancy from being considered a pre-existing condition with a group plan (individual plans won't cover it). As long as the plan covers maternity you should be fine. "(3) EXCLUSION NOT APPLICABLE TO PREGNANCY. A group health plan, and health insurance issuer offering group health insurance coverage, may not impose any pre-existing condition exclusion relating to pregnancy as a pre-existing condition."
— The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

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I work in hr and deal w/ benes. You'll be able to join... No problem. I think the Obama health reform act made sure of this. Congrats!

I was never able to add prenatal care, birth and delivery costs to my insurance (we have ind health insurance plan too) once I was pregnant. Individual plans will not allow you to do this, but a group plan might?? I hope it does... it is a shame that people have to pay so much to have babies!

I think with the Obamh Healthcare a pre-existing condition shouldn't matter, especially pregnancy. If an HMO is offered (I only know of one in SoCal) they are BIG on early detection and pregnancy and 'thrive'ing. If they don't add you to his insurance because of pregnancy, after the baby is born, you can add yourself and the baby because its considered a 'life changing event' (marriage, divorce, birth, death, adoption).

Hi there. You will be able to join the insurance. HMO's don't have a stipulation regarding pre existing conditions. PPO's do, but pregnancy is not considered a "pre existing condition" anymore. You are good to go. And your plan will probably be better with the group insurance than with the induvidual plan. Congrats on baby!

I didn't have an issue but I would check first before dropping your old coverage. I think it should be ok though.

Congrats! You can certainly add on and be covered. I am on the oppiste end of the spectrum, I am about to loose my coverage. I am taking a new job with no insurance coverage( for now) and am looking for an individual plan. how is your plan ?

You will be able to join the plan. My husband had terrible insurance and I miscarried before my son was born and we paid soo much for that so that was devastating and a constant reminder each time an expensive bill came. Luckily my husband had changed to Kaiser so with my son we paid nothing out of pocket till the hospital stay. Huge change. They are so nice over at Kaiser. So don't worry enjoy your pregnancy.

There is a way to go around all that. Choose a Midwife!! Most charge between $4-8,000 depending on where you live and offer a payment plan. Most OBs charge $9-13,000 for a plain vaginal birth and $16-18,000 for a cesarean.

From my understanding, when you are on a group plan they have to take you regardless of preexisting condition. However, your husband should check with his HR department before you terminate your individual coverage. A lot of insurance companies have made changes over the last few years, so it's better to be on the safe side.

I know with my insurance through work asked if there was any other health coverage in the household. I guess by law they need to know that there is another insurance company covering you or your family. When my husband was working he had the option of getting insurance but he would have to pay for it. Since my work provides insurance without paying for it...we didn't opt to have both insurances. Anyway - you may get double coverage...that would be great. Good luck - let us know how it goes.

You should be covered by the group plan. However, Shane B is correct in that there may be a waiting period after employment before group coverage becomes effective. Don't drop your individual policy until the group policy starts.

You can join the company group plan. No one is excluded from company insurance. That is the benefit of group insurance.

There aren't pre-existing conditions with group plans, they have to cover everyone.

Yay for you! Group medical will work for you. Regardless of pre-existing conditions, you are able to join and be covered.

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