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I have a really bad headache that tylenol, cafine, chocolate, or anything else besides sleep will ease. I don't what to do, I'm only 6 weeks along right now. My stomache is so upset I can't eat. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

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Fortunatly the headaches became less frequent.

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I would reccomend advil or excedrin for headaches. that is what I take and they really help me with my headache. Within 15-20 mintues my headache is gone.


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Hi A.,

You may want to try peppermint oil. For your headache,rub the oil on your temples and on the back of your neck. To releive the nausea, place 2 drops under your tongue. Peppermint oil can be found and your local healthfood store. Be sure and give your OB/GYN a quick call first before trying this.

You may also want to put the potty training on the back burner for a bit, just until you get to feeling better. Good luck and I hope this helps.


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Do call your dr and make sure they don't want to take blood, urine, and blood pressure tests. Headaches, even migraines, are normal during pregnancies.

You need to get some nutrients into your body. I suggest you go get some Boost. It will give you and your baby protein and calcium. Drink plenty of water, make sure you are getting 8 glasses in a 24 hour period. Being dehydrated will not help your headache.

The next thing I suggest is that you get a rice bag from Walgreens. These are long sock looking heat wraps that you put in the microwave and heat up. Don't make it too hot, so just put it in for a minute at a time until you get it to a comfortable heat. Place this at the base of your skull on the back of your neck. Sit in an incline position with your feet up and close your eyes. Get away from noise and the TV.

There are several things that can cause this, but since you are pregnant the main thing is probably your hormones. You have just hit the hardest time. This is going to last a few weeks, so figure out a way to make yourself comfortable and get as much rest as possible.

And lastly, try to relax... I'm 24 weeks into mine and at the stage you are going through, I was about to think I could never do this again. Every pregnancy is different and as we age, our body's reaction to things change. I'm sure you will be fine!

Good luck and my thoughts are with you!!!!!


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Consider going to a chiropractor. Dr. Bill Rauhauser in Highland Villiage will charge your regular medical insurance co-pay if your insurande doesn't cover chiropractic care. Address 2430 Fm 407 Ste B
Phone ###-###-####

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I'm a little confused. Did you mean that tylenol, caffine, etc. does or doesn't help. The stomache being upset is part of being pregnant unless it's from a migraine headache. You can tell if it's a true migraine mostly by not being able to tolerate light. As far as the stomache nausea - baking soda & water is great & cheap directions on box, it will stabalize acid etc. I have stomach problems as if I were pregnant, nausea, etc. I usually snack on cheez-it crackers or pretzels if I do not want saltine crackers. The baking soda is why they help. Drink Sprite but at room tempature and best if you can flatten it. Anything cold is a shock to the stomach and will cause cramping. If you will open sprite and let it sit until it gets room temp, sometimes that will flatten it. Otherwise shake it and let fizz out when you open it, may have to do that a few times - so get a bottled one. If caffeine helps & you like Coke or Dr Pepper - make sure it's room temperature, don't worry about flattening it but drink it with cheeze-it crackers and Soda will make you burp and crackers settle your stomach. If it is a migraine - ask someone else, you may have to go or call your Dr. He may want to put you on a prescription. Don't get Dehydrated! Good Luck!

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It is most likely hormonal, and should decrease as you get in to your second trimester. Talk to your doc. I had the same thing, my doc actually prescribed a pain killer, I am sorry, I forget which one, but I was surprised that he prescribed it, but it fell in to a category that would not negatively affect me or the baby. I never ended up filling the perscription, because I was not sure that I wanted to take it. But for sure talk to your doc. Also, hydration and rest will help. I would get a headache everyday on the clock in the late afternoon. YOU might not feel tired, but trust me, your body is!! Unfortunately, many times sleep for me, was the only thing that helped. FORTUNATELY THOUGH, like I said, as you get in to your second trimester, they most likely will decrease, or go away all together.

Father, I don't have tons of wisdom to pour out for this lady, but You do. You are a healer and help when we need it. I pray that you would sustain her as she goes through this. I pray that you would encourage her and give her hope. I pray that you would ease her pain and send her someone who can help her find a solution. I pray that the OBGYN she works with will have wisdom and a means to help her. I pray that she has a church family or friends that will rally around her to support and be there for her and her daughter. Oh, Father heal her relationships that have broken so much that she can't see her son. Give her hope and peace today. In Jesus name-

Do you have a history of high blood pressure? I know you are very early in your pregnancy but sometimes a headache is a symptom of high blood pressure. If not that, it sounds like you are having a migraine. I have had only a few in my life but they have all been hormone-induced. I would say if you are not better in a couple of hours or if you get worse, go to the doctor. Good Luck!

Take a nap and QUIT potty training (really, save yourself some trouble and wait until she's 2 1/2)! Sounds like a pregnancy-related headache, so your doctor might have a solution. You might also get a headache from not eating. Your doc could also prescribe a medicine for the upset stomach if it's really interfering with your ability to function or with your nutrition.

Front or back? Check your blood pressure and get a good neck and shoulder massage for the back of the head and for the front, you can figure on allergies. People who move to Texas and never have had allergies very often develop them here.
The pollen count is high right now and so relief in sight for spring. Check with your doctor about using an antihistamine and know for general purposes that not all antihistamines work the same. It may take a couple of trys, but one that has been a pretty good all purpose for me is Tylenol for Sinus. Since you are expecting, I suggest checking with your doc again. Also for some relief, I suggest a warm moist wash cloth over your eyes and upper face. Saline nose spray gets me through heating the house especially at night when my nose tents to dry out. It is all inter-related. Healthy membranes inside your nose reduce the problems with active sinuses.
I hope this helps some. You have my total sympathy.
C. S.

Hi A.,

I can easily help you with a natural solution.


I would reccomend advil or excedrin for headaches. that is what I take and they really help me with my headache. Within 15-20 mintues my headache is gone.


I think you have received a lot of advice on the headache stuff...the rice bag thing worked for me this week when I had a headache. I would suggest Benadryl except you may need to be available for the other kids. I know I was able to take it pregnant. To get nourishment, drink Ensures...they are fast and taste yummy.

Relax some. Your daughter will potty train soon enough, so take care of you and let her be little for now. You may be putting too much pressure on yourself while pregnant. I got migraines in my second trimester for a few weeks only in the evening, but basically I had to take benadryl and go to bed for the night. It lasted about four weeks and then I haven't had any more until Friday...probably sinuses. Not sure.

Good luck, relax and take care of YOU; call in reinforcements if you can.


Call your doctor. A really bad headache should be treated but you need to ask the doctor what you can take.

Ice packs are a big help. So is darkness, a cozy spot and quiet. Try to get a 15 minutes and put an ice pack on the back of your neck and another ice pack on your forehead.

If you think it could be your sinuses, take a steamy shower. If that helps, keep steaming your face/nose every hour or two. Pour some boiling water in the kitchen sink, get a towel and drape your head while breathing in the steam with your nose and mouth.

It might be pregnancy induced hypertention, although it is early for you. If your vision is blurred, you are seeing spots, or you have pain under your right breast, call your doctor immediately! If you let it go, you could get seizures. Regardless, make sure you are getting enough rest and are not stressed out. It might be a migraine too.

Have you had your blood pressure tested lately? I Had a really bad headache like that right after my dughter was born and i ended up in the ER with blood pressure so high if i had waited any longer i would have a had a stroke. I don't mean to worry you but i would definatly get it checked out by a doctor.

Generally the longer you go without eating the worse that all will get. Try to get some gingerale that might help. As for the headache how long have you had it? It could be form not eating, but more likely welcome to hormone fuctuation. Call your doctor tell them what you have tried and ask if there is anything else you can try.

I just wanted to add that if you are not eating much, you are probably drinking less. I suffer severe nausea and vommiting with every pregnancy. It took a little while for me to ask for help, I figured everyone went through this, so if you think it is severe enough that you arent able to keep enough fluid down, ask for some Zofran. It is expensive, and some insurance may not cover it, but they might cover phenergen. I found phenergen made me really drowsy, but it might help out. Also, I got severe headaches due to dehydration, so ask your dr. about getting an IV run with some fluid, it really made me feel so much better. They will suggest other things first, popsicles, eat watermelon or cantaloupe, any drink you can tolerate really. I know that cold drinks can upset some peoples stomachs,, but for me icees, snow cones, or popsicles worked the best. I would highly suggest more fluids, but know how hard that can be when you are certain if you drink one sip of water you will be sick. Be sure to ask your dr for help. Check to see if you have lost any weight, it might be a sure sign. And I hate to say it, but I agree with the others, this is the time to let go of potty training for a little while, take care of your self, and allow your self to cut a few corners. ~A.~

Sounds like a migraine. Try eating just a few crackers and a little gingerale and then lie down in a cool, dark room w/ an ice pack on your head. It should help. Some women start getting migraines when they're pregnant b/c of all the hormone fluxuations. Talk to your doctor b/c all the normal migraine medications that I take for mine are un-safe during pregnancy. Your doctor probably knows of something that could help if you get one again. Goof luck & feel better!

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