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Headche Behind Right Eye

So today i woke up and i had a BAD BAD BAD i mean, the worst headache i have EVER had behind my right eye. I have had it about 3 times this month. every time i get this i vomit really bad. So this morning when i was woken up from it, i automatically went to the bathroom and sat on the floor and eventually started vomiting. The pain i get frightens me and i cant even bare to do anything when this is happening. it usually lasts for 3 hours and the pain doesn't stop it just lightens. I still have a dull pain but its not chronic pain after 3 hours. And my question is, What should i do? Does anyone else experience this?

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K. don't wait. It's a kind of migraine. Go to an allergy specialist as migraines are often set off my allergies to common substances like milk or peanuts.

RUN to the doctor. A headache that is the worst ever could be a sign of stroke or hemorage or something like it. since you have had this before and no major side effects (weakness on one side not being able to swallow or loss of speach or drooping on one side of face) it might be something different.

again GO to the doctor

I believe this is known as a migraine headache. Are you pregnant? If you are I may have a solution especially if you never had them before. I had them only when I was pregnant and I believe it was because I had too much estrogen in my system and I was carrying a girl. The two boys I carried did not give me migraines. Again, I may have a solution for you so e-mail me if this is the case.

If you have had them periodically over the years I would suggest you go to a cranial-sacral massage therapist. No other therapist can do this - only a cranial-sacral massage therapist. Depending on where you are located I have a excellent one that took my headaches away and made me better (although mine where not per se migraines they were like migraines).

If you don't live in the Portland - Hillsboro area then there is a website you can go to and I will try and find it for you or you can look up cranial sacral on the internet.


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That describes one of the versions of the migraines I get.

I get a couple of different versions... (triggered by sinuses, or tight muscles in my neck, or flat light... ironically I live in seattle right now, so have almost a constant sinus infection, and the light is always flat... so I get a lot of headaches). That one you just described is what happens when I have a sinus triggered migraine. For those ones, if I can catch it soon enough, pseudoephedrine hcl will relieve the sinus pressure, which takes the pressure off of the nerve that triggers that particular type migraine. If it gets to the throwing up point though, with any variety, nothing short of a shot will "fix" it. Since I can't afford the shots right now... I just camp out in the dark (SILENCE... my auditory stuff goes wacky with migraines), and wait for them to pass.

Ditto go to the doctor. Because while it COULD be migraines ... a) there are things you can do to stop them, and b) it could be something else entirely.

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I hope by the time you have received some of these posts that you will be at the ER or calling up your family doctor on this. Sounds like a migraine, but please take it serious. It could be even more than a migraine.

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Please go see a doctor about this. It may be nothing to worry about (maybe you are becoming prone to migraines?) but on the other hand... stabbing pain behind your eye to the point that you throw up, is not something to ignore. Especially if it happens multiple times.

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It could be a lot of things that have no serious underlying cause and can be treated symptomatically.

Or it could be something serious. My mother had a headache like the one you describe one morning when I was about sick. She went to the doctor and was sent home with medication. The pain came back and after a few days she finally went to the ER. A blood vessel had ruptured in her brain and she needed surgery. It was a very serious situation and she did suffer some very mild permanent brain damage (she lost her sense of smell and taste).

It's always hard to tell when to see a doctor for a headache, but anything that is unusually painful or lasts for a long time should warrant a trip to the doctor.
Good luck!

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Sounds like a possible migraine. I got really bad headaches behind my eye (one or the other) and thought they were sinus headaches...nope they were migraine. With the location of your pain and the vomiting...that would be my guess.; HOWEVER

Get yourself checked out asap!!

They say if it is the worst headache EVER that the ER is a good place to go in case it is an aneurysm.

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Go see a doctor!!! There are a lot of things that can cause pain like that. Especially if it's a recurring you should try and get it resolved.

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It sounds like you are having a migraine headache. You should go see your doctor because you may be able to get medication that can help with your pain and nausea. I suffer from migraines and I found it was also helpful to see a chiropractor in addition to using prescription pain meds.. I found I had some nerve damage from a car accident that was likely causing my headaches. It took 2 years from the time I was in the accident until I had my first migraine. They will ask you to keep a journal of what you eat to try to identify if you have any triggers that cause your headaches. It also helped me to keep track of what the weather was like when I got a headache. If the weather changes rapidly, it can trigger my headaches. I hope you feel better soon!

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Go to the doctor! I have been dealing with headaches for a long time and finally had a MRI done and I have a pituitary tumor which is not life threatening and easily treated but I am having to see a team of doctors to determine what to do. And apparently this is very common 1in 5 people have it. Good Luck and I hope you feel better.

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