Hcg Levels After Miscarriage?

Updated on March 19, 2009
P.A. asks from Thousand Oaks, CA
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I had to have a D&C to end a miscarriage Febuary 4th. I have had a 3 day period of bleeding and then two weeks later a "normal" period. We haven't started trying yet, but we haven't been not trying to get pregnant again either. I took a PG test, just because, and it was Positive right away. I wen to the Dr. and her test was NEG. I got blood work done and my hcg levels are at 104 (I will go back to see if they continue to rise or fall). My question is how long does it take for hcg levels to get to 0, and has anyone ever had a POS home pg test and the Dr was NEG? What were the results? I hate not knowing if I am or am not PG!

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So What Happened?

Thank you for your advice and support. I found out that my levels are going down. So the Dr.'s results were correct. I am just amazed at how long it took my body to get rid of hcg. Thank you!

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I think how long it takes for your hormones to go to zero depends on how far along you were. I'd be surprised if you still had a HCG level after over a month. But that could be caused by them not getting all the tissue out when they did the D&C, or you could be pregnant. Urine tests vary in their sensitivity so it depends on what sort of test they used and how diluted your urine was when you took it. They will likely retest your blood when you go back. If your HCG level is higher, you are pregnant and if it is lower your are not (or won't be for long). I know the waiting is hard. Good luck to you!



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Hi P.,

I had a miscarriage and my hcg level was over a hundred and my doctor saw me every week for about three weeks and by the third week was at 15-20 hcg but it went back up because I got pregnant again. My doctor was upset because I hadn't waited until my hcg levels were at zero. What i was told was that anytime after you miscarry, you are capable of getting pregnant again if you have unprotected sex and that's what happened to my husband and I. So my doctor had me wait another two weeks and did a vaginal ultrasound to verify if I were pregnant for sure.

The best thing that came out of that was that my due date was very accurate and I had a beautiful baby girl.



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Yes! Both of my daughters were negatives at the doctors office, but positive at home, I made them give me a blood test to prove both were positive and I have two beautiful girls, 4yrs and 22 months! Best of luck to you!



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You can have a pos home pg test up to a couple of months after a lost pregnancy because of your HCG levels - this happened to me too, but within days you will know by blood test if your levels are going up or down, so you don't have to be too patient :) I know at this point it probably feels like you'll never be blessed with another baby again, but you most likely will... and it will be with God's perfect timing, like He always does everything - perfectly. Just look at your perfect almost two year old and know that when your second one comes, it will be the right time for your whole family - until then just enjoy your child and husband, the less you stress the easier it'll happen - I know, I'm listening to my second little monster babble and play right now :)



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I had to have a D&C a couple of years ago as well. They told us to wait 30 days to have intercourse, but we only waited 17 days. As you know, you have a lot of bleeding after the DNC. Well, apparently it counts as a menstrual cycle for some, because I got pregnant on that 17th day afterwards!!! When I went back to the doctor a couple of weeks later to make sure that my hcg levels had gone down to 0, they informed me that they were up a little. They told me not to get my hopes up...that the levels just might not have gone down all the way yet. However, 2 weeks later, they had more than doubled and now I have a beautiful 2 year old son to prove it!!! So, yes, it is possible to be pregnant. Just keep checking those levels.



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It is unusual to have a neg pregnancy test when you have hcg levels, so I can't explain that. From a personal experience your HCG levels can remain high for the first month, month and a half after having a D&C, while your body sorts itself out, especially if your miscarriage was a missed miscarriage rather than a spontaneous one. This is why in general Dr's recommend you don't attempt to get pregnant for 6 weeks after a miscarriage (well at least mine did). I'm happy to say that having gone through multiple missed miscarriages and a spontaneous one where I didn't require a D&C, just weekly blood tests to make sure the hcg levels were going down I have two healthy boys. The hormonal swings from being pregnant, then not pregnant are rough and I know you are going through an emotional time right now, but give your body a rest wait to have one normal period then go for it. Good luck!

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