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I'm thinking about starting a morning routine with exercise DVD's. Doea anyone have a tried and true workout DVD(s) that they can recommend? I'm in "fair" physical shape and would like to see a gradual improvement. I also don't want something that will put me to sleep, OR make it impossible for me to walk and take care of my kids for a week!


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WOW!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the great responses!! I'm really excited to get started on some of your recommendations. This is going to be so helpful for me. I think I will take the suggestion of one of the responders and work on putting together a small library of videos so I don't get bored. With all your suggestions that's going to be a slam-dunk! This has been a great thread. Thanks again everyone and I'll try to do an update on my progress!!

Best! J.

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I really love Cindy Crawford's workout. You really feel it when you don't do it for a while, or when you're starting out. But you really get more fit as time goes by. My doctor told me I had a 6 pack and that made my day.

I have a 4 month old and I use Leslie Sansome. She has walking videos that vary from easy to heard. She also had streigth and streching plus wieght training as well with the walking. I lost 37 pound with it.
Good Luck..

I hate exercise but doctor told me I had to get rid of my tummy after my last baby. I did the Sweatin to the Oldies. It does aerobic and then strength training and on DVD you can do both or its easy to select a chapter and just do one or the other. I definately felt it but was not sore the next day. Its upbeat music and I actually enjoyed myself. Good luck.

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I like the Denise Austin videos - especially her Hit the Spot and Shortcuts series. Both offer several routines in each video, beginning with a less advanced routine and progressing to more challenging. She can be a bit cheesy and way too perky for early morning sometimes, but I like the workouts. Good luck!

To start with a good stretch and strengthening check out Classical Stretch on channel 6. It's on from 5:30 to 6 am M-F. If that's too early for you - record it! Once you get into that you can look at adding something like pilates to step it up.

I'm a big fan od the ty-bo (I think that's how you spell it)- it really does dive you an awesome workout in 30 minutes! And if you're crunched for time, the 8 minute workout really does work! Beware though- it is REALLY fast-paced (the 8 minute one) so you'll feel like you ran a few miles after doing that one! ;-) Good luck!

hi there, good for you finding time for yourself!! that is hard. i found that if you have on demand (comcast)there is workouts that you can chose from. i have tried the mile walk and it only takes about 15 min so you can find little times throughout the day to do it. good luck on you fit journey. god bless!!

I hate exercise but doctor told me I had to get rid of my tummy after my last baby. I did the Sweatin to the Oldies. It does aerobic and then strength training and on DVD you can do both or its easy to select a chapter and just do one or the other. I definately felt it but was not sore the next day. Its upbeat music and I actually enjoyed myself. Good luck.

any yoga or pilates dvd is good. i also like kick boxing

I don't know if you have cable or not, but if you do on FIT TV, there is a program called Namaste Yoga. Basic Yoga easy for beginers. I do it all the time and never feel sore or tired. It is on at least three times a day, and then you don't have to buy videos. Plus they have so many, you rarely do the same routine. It has really helped slim me down, and it is a really relaxing exercise. My kids actually half the time try and follow along. They think the poses are fun. Good Luck.

I have tons of exercise videos and a few DVDs!. I like Tammy Lee Webb's Buns of Steel, Abs and Arms of Steel, and Thighs of Steel. She is awesome! But you will be sore, so pace yourself when you do her workouts. I have heard that Pilates is great and I actually have some tapes of those but haven't used them. I have used the Yoga Pilates and it was OK. I have two Tae Bo tapes that are really awesome! I have heard that the exercise ball gives great, fast results. I have one of those but haven't used it too much. So, whatever you invest in you are going to want to make sure that you will use it!! That is if you want to invest in something other than tapes or DVDs.

I think anything with a good cardio workout is going to give you the best results along with muscle toning exercises. You need both in order to make a difference and you don't need a home-gym in order to get results. I used to be an exercise fanatic, so I'm not just flapping' my lips!

The library is a great place to checkout tapes and DVDs without having to spend your money on something that you don't like. I tried an abdominal workout For Dummies or some such thing and my abs were sore for a while! I hadn't worked them that well in ages!

Just remember not to overdo it, pace yourself, and rest in between the days you exercise. Results take time!

now it's not an exercise video but it does give you all you need to know. it's an online book i found called "fit yummy mummy." it's by a woman in kentucky who is a personal trainer and mom. i am finding great results with it and finally the "muffin top" is disappearing. yay! i think you can find it at www.clubfym.com. best wishes!

I highly recommend the Turbo Jam series! It is so fun and I love it!!! She's not annoying to listen to or watch either like some other work-outs that I've tried.

I started off loving Slim-in-6 series and Taebo, but I love to exercise everyday now because of Turbo Jam. I still do the others to give me variety. Turbo Jam works your core at the same time which I think is awesome. I lost 35 pounds in 12 weeks doing Turbo Jam and eating clean. I also got my flat tummy back.

Best wishes, D.

I am a Yoga instructor and would highly recommend any DVD by Baron Baptiste, my favorite one is Journey into power BAPTISTE power vinaysa yoga, level 1 for beginners. Because it is only 30 minutes long and you get a really good work out. I had a really hard time finding it so I had to order it online. I am attaching a link to where you can buy it, & they have used ones for just over $3...


Good luck & have fun!

I have loved the Slim in 6 series of DVD's because it starts with a simple 24 min workout to learn the moves and build your stamina and strenth and works up to a 55 min routine that really is balanced and intense - you work at your own pace and only move on when you feel ready. I also liked the Widsor Pilates DVD's because they worked great at toning and lengthining my muscles - I loved it!!! I still use these DVD's weekly. Enjoy!!

I loved the cindy Crawford one from the 90s. They aren't boring and are strength training as I hate aerobics. I have VHS and want to see if I can get a DVD of them. Who knows. I also like Yoga Zone for Yoga.

I would definetly recommend the Jillian Michael's workout video...they are going to be tuff but you will see results. She has one called the 30 day shed and they say if you do it everyday for thirty days you will loose 30 pounds. I do it in my workout class and I try to do it at home once or twice a week. I've lost about 10 pounds but like I said I don't do it regularly.

Good luck N..

I love the Yoga Booty Ballet Live series. It's fun, funky, and works! As with any workout program, you get out what you put in. If you really work it, man will you feel it. Sometimes it's tough for me (I'm in average, but not great shape) and I have to modify the exercises.

I understand about not wanting to be too sore to take care of your kids, and that is more up to you rather than the workout. Monitor yourself. It's a hard line to find between working hard enough to receive benefits but not so hard that you'll be out of commission.

The YBB workouts are never boring, which helps keep me motivated. I get mine from netflix, or you can buy them from BeachBody's website or amazon.

I too love the Windsor Pilates, and a grouping put together by The Firm called "Total Body Trans'firm'ation". Between the two of those I was in amazing shape last year! I'm already looking forward to pulling them out a couple of weeks after this baby finally gets outta me in the next few days!

Lots of responses so I hope I'm not repeating. I loved TaiBo with Billy Blanks. I also found a fun ballet workout (think legs) a bellydance workout (abs & cardio), and pilates.
The key is to mix it up a lot. As soon as our muscles get accustomed to the workout (where you don't really have to pay as much attention because your body knows what to do) you start burning fewer calories and don't keep gaining benefits at the same rate. I would suggest going to the library - you keep the video for about a week and then you can get a new one. Its free too! When you find ones you relly like you can cycle back through them. Or you might want to check netflix - don't know if they have any excercise videos.

I have been doing Jari Love's "Ripped" videos for the past year. I think there are four or five in the series, and they are definitely challenging, but do-able. I have found a lot of cardio-type videos, but not a lot of weight lifting, so these are great for that. I would also suggest slowly building up your workout dvd library, because I don't know about you, but I get bored pretty fast. I'd love to go take some classes, but that just isn't an option right now, with my two little ones. :) Good luck! Hope that helps!

I really love the "Walk Away the Pounds" videos. (With Leslie Sansone) There's a one mile walk, two mile walk, and three mile walk. They are great to start off with, and then get increasingly harder. Plus, you can choose how long you want to work out! Good luck!

My new favorite is Zumba. It gets the cardio up, and really works. I'm sweatin' like crazy at the end of my workout, and it feels really good. It's a dance system. LOVE IT!

I love the Leslie Sansone series- there are great DVD's and awesome books to help support your new commitment. Best wishes to you!

My favorites are:

Cathe Friedrich
Tamilee Webb's Tight on Time
The 10 Minute Solution series
Most Kathy Smith DVDs
itrain mp3 workouts

You can find more information at the following:

And yes, Amazon sells a lot of these at great prices.


The Method Pilates Target Specifics (http://www.amazon.com/Method-Pilates-Target-Specifics/dp/.... I do my cardio outside either hiking or running. Before I started this little "pilates/yoga" routine which has 15 min segments, I always carried a few lbs I could never kick. This seriously improved my core to the point that I give it credit for improving some racing I did. I am 38 weeks pregnant, and can't wait to start the abs portion again to re-firm my core.

I love Windsor Pilates too. But that Zumba from your previous poster sounds fun! I want to find that one!

Turbo Jam, I bought it for my 16 year old and she has know lost 55 pounds, she LOVES it, would do it all day long if I let her. If you go to their site they have a great package deal.

I bought Turbo Jam after my last baby and I really like it. It is pretty fun and a really good work out. It works your abs a lot without having to be on the floor doing crunches the whole time, and it keeps you moving. I got a set that included several workouts that ranged from 15-45 minutes long so I can fit one in in whatever time I have. Its pretty dancy, but has a lot of kick boxing type stuff too. Its fun I think.

D. O

I have a 4 month old and I use Leslie Sansome. She has walking videos that vary from easy to heard. She also had streigth and streching plus wieght training as well with the walking. I lost 37 pound with it.
Good Luck..

I'm a fan of the Winsor Pilates series.

I know you've had a ton of advice, I just have a pilates DVD that I happen to love. Ana Caban's 'Beginner Mat Workout' from Gaiam has a 25 minute routine and a 12 minute Energy Burst workout. She has an assistant who does easier versions of the exercises so you can definitely work at your own level. The best part is that Pilates strengthens your core muscles that pull your back into place. Ana actually started Pilates after a severe back injury. She is easy and fun to watch, and the music keeps you going and I think would be enjoyable to most people. Sometimes I feel my back pop back into place as I am doing this.


Go out to: www.exercisetv.tv

it's a great website with all the popular fitness trainers and all their videos, there are free clips and workouts along with workouts you can purchase and access to buying your favorite videos to take with you when you travel. It's great if you ever start to get a bit tired of the same routine after you've purchased one or two videos.

I love the Billy Blanks Tabo Basic Training workout. It is pretty fast paced and is a 55 min workout. I got mine on ebay for less than $15.00. It came with 3 DVD's and the resistant bands. I haven't used them yet...I am working up to it. I do it every other day and have lost 5 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I also am able to go walking every morning before my husband goes to work for 2 miles and I am feeling great. I haven't had my body back for 4 years and I am starting to see signs of it! Also the Windsor Pilates is great for the in between days. Good luck!

I am an avid runner and like major cardio. Therefore, I enjoy The Advanced Tabo Billy Banks video. He does have a Beginning and Intermediate video as well. These are old, but good! During pregnancy I bought Yoga Booty Ballet, which was fun and it includes lots of dancing! I believe the Yoga Booty Ballet also came with a medicine ball and a few other items.

Good luck!

I don't know if anyone suggested this or not, but I like "The Firm" workout videos. You will have to get a step and some small dumbells to go with it but I have found that they are challenging enough that I couldn't really keep up at first but the more I did them the better I got at them. So that kept my interest. It also helped me gradually work up the intensity as I got better at following it. They do have a variety of different videos. Another suggestion would be to go to the public library and check out a new video each week--no need to spend money and it keeps it interesting! Good luck!

I would agree w/previous poster, I also like the "Firm" series of workouts, but some of those can be REALLY heavy on the leg and ab work, so if you aren't used to that beware! I've used some of those and then ended up feeling like I just climbed 50 flights of stairs and could barely walk the next day! I also really like the Leslie Sansone walking DVDs. Yes, she can be a little cheesy, but I like the workouts since I can't do anything too high impact. I like the 3 mile and 4 mile power walk workouts, but she also has shorter walks available. And, a lot of her DVD's have two or even three different workouts on them. I also like the yoga videos (and others) from crunch fitness. Those are nice on the days you don't have a lot of time, b/c most workouts are around 30 mins. and they are usually not too intricate with their dance steps and such so that it is difficult to keep up - I just hate workouts where I am lost halfway through b/c the steps are too much. If you like yoga, the AM/PM yoga DVD from Giam (sp?) is good. You can find some pretty great deals for workout DVD's on Amazon and free shipping if you spend $25 - at least, that used to be the deal, I haven't bought anything on Amazon in a while. Best of luck!

I really love Cindy Crawford's workout. You really feel it when you don't do it for a while, or when you're starting out. But you really get more fit as time goes by. My doctor told me I had a 6 pack and that made my day.

Anything from 'The Firm' is very, very awesome...and there is a large selection of them so you won't get bored.

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